The China Secret Scam – Robert Walters’ Messenger Marketing Program Busted!

Welcome to The China Secret review. You much probably be checking out this review because you have thoughts about making money online and the promise here was worth checking out. Let me take you through The China Secret program or can I call it “The China Secret Scam Program ”?

The China Secret Review – Robert Walter & Scam Program Busted!


Let me set this straight if you are someone trying to make a living via online business, I think you have a lot of things to consider before jumping into a program that is promising you not just hundreds but thousands of dollars every day. And The China Secret system creator Robert Walter??? Who is that??. Exactly.

China Secrets Review

What is China Secret?

According to what has been up on The China Secret website sales page, it’s supposed to be an overnight big-time money-making system via Facebook messenger. The person claims that the ad marketing done via WeChat has been a huge success in China and claims to bring the same globally via Facebook messenger.

An unexplored or can I say less explored (due to uncertainty) area when it comes to online, money-making. The owner straight up will help the user make money online, The China Secret program is not a learning program, it’s straight-up money.

Well, as I already said in The China Secret review, an expert in the field will know there is no legit way to make money overnight via the internet, especially not through ads. Hence there is nothing new about The China Secret scam program.

The China Secret Messenger marketing is not a new marketing program. Here is the big secret that Mr. Walter is claiming, it is not a big secret at all. Messenger marketing is just an alternative with only very few marketers suggesting it because it’s not so effective or it is a proven way to get money rolling.

So if you think it will help you make those dollars overnight, NO!  also, any form of marketing requires basic knowledge so definitely without any online expertise, this method won’t give you any big promises like the claims on The China Secret scam sales page

Who is Robert Walter?

Well, that is a big question I ask myself. Were are his success stories? So far there has been no real identification or success story of this person. Well, just think the creator is someone who is earning  $28,432.22 per day and he does not reveal his real name. Where are the authenticity and trust here?

Also on the disclaimer of The China Secret page, it mentions that he uses a pen name. Why does he need a pen name if the program is genuine?

How do China Secrets work?

Speaking about his claim, where is the secret here? Messenger marketing is no secret and definitely not a secret from China.

Half of The China Secret scam is out here, the program is not legit, and the creator is not real. Anyone with a real product would not need to use pen names. The major part of selling any product online is building trust among its users.

Just check China Secret reviews on Google or Just his name. You couldn’t find any traces of this man anywhere on the Internet. How could this happen? Even while he is making billions every month. 

As for the product itself, the creator makes three huge claims from his personal experience:

  • The product has helped The China Secret creator make$28,432.22 per DAY,
  • Easy to use and claims the user can earn money even while asleep.
  • Claims to have bought his dream home with the money.
  • Also states basically any newbie can earn without any online knowledge or training.

Note:  Yet he hides behind a pen name as part of privacy concerns and has not provided any proof of his claimed earnings.

The spots to enter The China Secret program is unlimited. This means anyone can enter, clearly a promotional marketing scam. Any program with real claims will offer limited seats and a limited-time offer and will cost a fortune. Because, yes, getting started on your online business is the most difficult part and anyone with a real method will not sell it out for $9.

From this, it’s understandable that the creator does not make money with Facebook messager itself but makes money by getting users to buy The China Secret program.  It is also understandable that the creator sells products online via Clickbank which is an affiliate network. This is actually a product that he is trying to sell with some affiliate marketers.

He is offering a commission to write positive China Secret reviews and sell that crap. This may be a method the creator has used before but as he wished to stay under a pen name we cannot be sure. But it’s definitely sure that, the program makes no money for its users but way get you money if you promote and sell it.

How much does China Secret cost?

The China Secret system offers its first 100 members a limited-time offer of $9. And then for the next 500-1000 members will have to pay $299.

China Secrets Reviews

Money-Back Guarantee

The 60-day money-back guarantee does sound reassuring.  If you do not like the product may be the anonymous seller will give you a refund but what about all the upsells and extra fees?

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How to make money using The China Secret?

Maybe The China Secret marketing does work with various trials and errors but definitely not overnight and that too such as a huge amount as promised by the creator.

Usually, products with claims like this have nothing valuable inside, all it could do is maybe help you generate leads to some other company or business and get paid for bringing them traffic. I don’t see any other opportunity to grow here.

Is China Secret a Scam?

Yes! The product is not complete, it does not have a proper owner or proof that it works just like the Weed Millionaire scam. All we get is very slim basic information that practically does nothing. The China Secret pricing initially did surprise me because it’s so affordable.

But looking closely this is an issue as well. If you really have to learn about messenger marketing you could just get valuable information via various sites on the internet.  After I checked on The China Secret Clickbank I could find three upsells for the program’s member area.

Do not try and follow the full that will cost you hundreds of dollars. Also here you can see the owner promoting various cheap online products through his links.

My Final Thoughts

For someone who claims to have made  $146,228.39 from the comfort of his wheelchair, this definitely does not seem like a real person.

Until I am publishing this China Secret review, None of the claims made in the sales page have proof nor support to prove them genuine.

The only secret part I could find is that this program brings you money by busing a product and upselling them.

The product itself is promoted as a money-generating system, where is the system? I believe singing up would bring you nothing but as I said upsells and maybe a little money if this actually works.

The China Secret pricing seems to be low at first. Low price attracts people, and that’s exactly when the creator needs to get you into the funnel. Once you enter this funnel the creator can make more upsells.

I would definitely not risk buying The China Secret scam program. If you consult will any expert digital marketing person, it’s understandable that even the most popular working programs that will bring you money still need hard work and training.

This ready-to-use system will only bring money to the creator and not the user as it would just practically bring them the funnels they are looking for.

If you want to enter the online business, take your time, learn various methods and figure out what works best for you. There is no shortcut and even if there is one it would not work forever and at some point, you would need to put in your own effort.

As we have discussed the Internet Marketing industry is filled with a lot of scams and scammers but there are a handful of systems/programs that actually work. Do check our Recommended Programs page, where we have listed out the best IM courses/programs which are legit and work (tried and tested). Click below ↓

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Hope this exposing China Secrets review was helpful and do share your thoughts below in the commenting section. Have a great day.


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