About TecSmash, Me- Steve Coleman and my team

Technology, health along with a little bit of inspo and so much more… Is what you’ll find on my site.

Our journey or as I call it “our quest”.

I am Steve Coleman, the current owner of TecSmash. I was born and bought up in Manhattan, New York City. Passion for blogging and technology has always been a part of me ever since I was a kid.  Nothing else, I did in life gave the kind of high as blogging. I worked in various fields, but I never gave up on my passion. My journey as a professional blogger started back in 2009, initially, I dedicated myself to learning all the pieces of SEO and later moved into gadget review blogging which I monetized with Google AdSense. This later lead to promoting Amazon products where is I realized the true power of affiliate marketing. I began by building an email list and leveraging its power. Then I got into e-commerce, now I can proudly say I own an email list of more than one million subscribers and two e com stores which are shipping digital goods and apparels around the world.

Later in 2017, I met this amazing guy from India – Sarath. He was then the owner and manager of hostingreviewnow.com and tecsmash.com. We started talking and found that our passion was more on the same path. We teamed up and thus decided to make TechSmash a complete and genuine  Internet Marketing blog. As we expanded, two more wonderful people Kate and Alex (from Canada) joined our little group. Kate is a software tester while Alex is our writer. As you can see we are a small but diverse team. And this is where I think we see opportunity and strength.



Tecsmash.com connects the marketers to its consumers, helping both parties with their requirements. We also keep checking on credible services and safe membership programs that are available in the market for customer care. TecSmash.com also provides honest and accurate information driven by credible sources. You will only find working tips, real solutions and transparent reviews here!

Our greatest strength

“Our diverse culture and the thirst to help people”.

We hail from different parts of the world and we have a variety of unique interests but we share the same core values. This helps us in bringing the best.  With us, family comes first. We are also pet lovers and they are a part of our family. We are all simple, health-conscious and tech-driven people who believe in doing things the smart way.

We trough our life struggles have come to realize the true value of money. Products need quality and not quantity, this is why we test the products ourselves before writing reviews. Every person needs to spend their money wisely and something that’s fake needs to be exposed. We help others to do the same by sharing and recommending the products that help people to grow financially and hence in their lives.

Join our journey…If you are a brand looking to partner with TecSmash, get started by reaching out to Steve at [email protected]. We can discuss your needs and goals, and if relevant I will connect you with one of the other contributors so you can partner with them.

Feel free to go through our blog articles, Internet Marketing tips, pieces of advice and authentic reviews. Please do share your thoughts using the commenting section available on all pages. If you have any questions, please go to the contact page, fill the form and submit, you will get a reply within 24 hours.

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