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Parallel Profits Review – Aidan And Steve Reliable? Honest Review [Recent Update]

So, this is going to be the most honest Parallel Profits review you are gonna see on the web! Created by the industry titans Aidan and Steve, Parallel Profits program is the most profitable Internet Marketing launch of 2019! Why? Well, there are a bunch of reasons for that, you should continue reading our unbiased and in depth Parallel Profits review.

If you are new to TecSmash, I’m Steve Coleman. I have been in the IM field for more than seven years and I and my team review programs/courses by actually trying and testing them. And this indisputable Parallel Profits review is written after a thorough research and learning the exact business model by Aidan and Steve. So shall we begin?

Parallel Profits Review – Worth Joining? Any Bonuses?


You might have already got emails regarding the program and all the hype must have confused you. Here in our complete Parallel Profits review, we are going to answer all you doubts as well as the below questions. So lets dive deep! You should also check our detailed Kibo Code Quantum review if interested in making money from creating e-commerce stores.

  • Why Parallel Profits business model is unlike anything we have seen before?
  • Why you will only need 7 sales to build a business that makes $100,000 in PROFITS every single year?
  • How Steve and Aidan will be doing most of the work for you?
  • Why literally ANYONE can and should purchase the Parallel Profit program with zero risks?
  • What makes the Parallel Profits business model so powerful and so different from any business model launches till day?

Parallel Profits Overview

Parallel Profits Review

Parallel Profits program is the most awaited Internet Marketing course of 2019 and it’s officially launched now. This program comes with a premium price so does its massive value. I think one should opt this if he/she is starting out the journey of their Make Money Online dream. Parallel Profits works on the very same principles of digital marketing agencies. The catch is, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get clients or set up a huge team to do the projects. It’s all automated and Aidan, Steve duo will be there to help you set up the whole system within a couple days. So basically, as the name suggests Parallel Profits is a program you can do as a side project but still rake in profits month after month.

Product NameParallel Profits
CreatorsSteve Clayton, Aidan Booth
Launch DateJanuary 29th 2019

Review in a Glance

Since I am in Affiliate marketing for the last seven years, I have seen a lot of fake coaching programs which claims to have many new secret methods, but repainting on some stone age bull shit.

We can’t add Parallel Profits to the list of those craps. The course is highly genuine and delivers the best results if you follow the coaching and put some minimum effort. I have also reviewed some previous programs by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton. They always value their profession and never make fake promises. As long as I checked the Parallel Profits program, I feel it as a genuine, fool proof opportunity for newbies as well as experienced guys. And I bet you won’t find any negative Parallel Profits review on the web.

Parallel Profits Dashboard

This is the Insider View of Parallel Profits Dashboard


Our Rating

What is Parallel Profits Program?

If you are someone new to this blog and haven’t heard about Parallel Profits program, let me take you through a small tour of the program. The Parallel Profits training program is a training manual that will teach you how to set up a successful online business and earn great wealth right by sitting at the comfort of your home.  It is undoubtedly the best business model that will allow you to generate a straight $100,000 annual income simple by making just 7 sales.

Is Parallel Profits a worth program?

From what has been revealed anyone who knows about online business would say the same, “ very simple yet smart business model “. What I ardor about Steve and Aidan is that they don’t just make programs for experts, like for instance- look at Parallel Profits (the details are given below), it will basically work for even the dumbest.

Before, we only knew that the Parallel Profits program basically teaches the user to sell services to local business “but” comes with “Three Big Twists” which will be only revealed on the day of launch (The details of the twists have been revealed and explained below).

If you missed all the pre-launch hype of Parallel Profits, here is a flashback:

The course promises the users the following benefits: “The Three Twist” revealed below.

The 3 Twists of Parallel Profits


First TwistCollaborate with Steve & Aidan

Anyone who plans on attending the training will have the opportunity to work as a franchise with Steve and Aidan’s company. The part of this twist is that we don’t have to worry about the heavy areas such as getting a domain, hosting, designing the site, branding, copywriting, marketing etc. All the hassles of starting from the scratch will be taken care by the company.  You can immediately start sales and secure your space as everything will be preset and handed out to you, but you can still be your boss. Isn’t that the coolest thing ever?. I have always hated working under someone, which is why I am doing what I am doing. I see the Parallel Profits system is something that a person like me would definitely need. And I gotta say I loved writing this Parallel Profits review.


Second TwistNewbie-Friendly Strategy

Why go for big tough clients when smaller business owners can pay you the same?

When you start off on the Parallel Profits training program, your clients will be local business owners who will be in need of the simple services your team will be offering them. The franchise platform and the particular strategy will already be on the flow,  you won’t have to worry about performing or outsourcing the services you’re selling or generate leads, the full team inside the Parallel Profits system will already be in place to carry out all the work. This is why Aidan and Steve keep saying that the program is for anyone and everyone! So if you are a newbie and thinking this program will not work for you, think again. This is once in a year opportunity!


Third TwistBuilt In Lead Generation System

Lead generation is a crazy task even for experts- therefore to get a built-in lead generation system offered inside the member’s area is not just compelling it’s fantastic. No more running meeting clients. Creating such a system required a big team and lots of smart work, which both Steve and Aidan have and are good at. This is what makes the Parallel Profits program unlike any other. The strength of well experienced and trusted creators, no wonder the demand for the program is so high!

What are the Parallel Profits Components?

Below are the seven components of Parallel profits Program.

Parallel Profits Components
Parallel Profits Free Trial

Behind Parallel Profits Course – Aidan & Steve

Again if you are new to the internet marketing and online business opportunities, chances that you know much about Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth are quite less. Now let’s do a background check on the famous mentos in this Parallel Profits review.

Steve Clayton Parallel Profits
  • Steve Clayton

Steve Clayton is a digital marketing expert who has been in the business for a long time now, he practically knows the industry inside out. He has worked in big fish companies such as CBS, Marriot, AIG, etc. He is also a graduate in Business, Accounting, Mathematics, and Computer Science.

Steve Clayton Parallel Profits Program

Previously Steve was the  CEO and Vice President of a company listed in Fortune 500. This is where he learned and studies the nooks and nicks of the digital marketing industry. He did not stop there he also worked as a  technology leader, executive manager and as director for corporate enterprises as mentioned above. He met with Aidan, now his partner, back in 2013, after the two met things are history in colors. They started off, came up with bigger and better strategies on digital marketing. Click here to connect with Steve through his Facebook page.

  • Aidan Booth

Aidan Booth grew up in a farm town in New Zealand. He met his now wife Carolina and settled in Argentina after marriage. Since Argentina was a new place he couldn’t find a job especially not knowing the native language. He dreamt of having a job that did not have a geographical limitation. That is when he began a looking for work online and led him into the world of opportunities. In 2005 Aidan build his first website and later on he recorded all his Internet Marketing journey in his personal blog,

Aidan Booth

The first website helped him make small earnings through paid advertisements but that did do much, which got him looking for more. This opened the path to more opportunities and more understanding of how the internet works. Soon he was developing e-commerce and affiliate websites. Though he did experience some down in the beginning when Google Mayday update was introduced, he fought his way back up. It was some were during this time he met with Steve and together they had a breakthrough in internet marketing business.

Steve Clayton Aidan Booth Parallel Profits Review

Together they have built not just one but many successful eCommerce stores, affiliate websites and coaching systems. The Parallel Profits Program is their latest and said to be the best thing that is waiting to happen – helping people to grow and find their success.

You should check the reactions we got on Twitter!

What is included in Parallel Profits Training?

So far Steve and Aidan have held 15 online training courses covering a multitude of areas and dealing with 100,000 students.  Many of them who are some of the successful entrepreneurs in the industry. The training program will give the students an opportunity to work alongside Steve and Aidan. Thats the best thing we find in researching for this Parallel Profits review.

  • The program will work as a simple model that provides “simple online services” to local online businesses.
  • These services include simple but very elementary and critical needs of the local business owners such as more search engine visibility, more social media exposure and more reliable web presence.
  • These are needs for every small or big business which is why they will come to us.
  • We (the team ) will be handling tasks like, Updating local listings on Google, Creating simple content for social media, Website development, Website hosting etc.

But the best aspect of this program is that all the above-said tasks will be handled by Aidan and Steve and their team.  So you can get a sold collection from $100,000 in net profit. The fact that we don’t personally have to provide any of the services mentioned is a cool thing because getting the basic sight is the most difficult part.

Also if you are an aspiring internet marketer, all the free but extremely helpful and priceless Parallel Profits bonuses from the creators would be a treasure chest to build local SEM business. We would not just be earning from Parallel Profits but all the training and material will also give you a clear idea on how you can also set up various other online business site to earn more money.


Who should try Parallel Profits?

This program is for people who want to become financially independent with no geographical restrictions to earn and live a good life. The Parallel Profits program is 100% foolproof because in the current market- The profit margins are very high, we will have a small group of customers which mostly your present team will be handling, the results hence will be rapid and ongoing, the competition in this field is very low, we can easily sell our business because it works as a recurring revenue system, the system is easily outsourceable and last but not the least we won’t be doing a nameless job- providing service to local business is not only a reputable job to proudly admit but also earn a lot.  Aidan and Steve clearly breaks some of the myths and fake assumptions that came on the parallel profits program before the launch such as,

  • MYTH #1: The user  would need to personally do a lot of selling

This is completely baseless because they will be proving a service to the businesses based on what they need hence they would be coming to us and not vice versa. The leads are driven to us through an automated process set by Steve and Aidan.

  • MYTH #2: Meet face to face with customers

Project updates, monthly reports, and communication etc will happen virtually.

  • MYTH #3: The user needs to be technically skilled and be an expert in Online Marketing

If the basic part is set up in the right way by people who are pros in the business, all you would need is basic knowledge to drive the work. Therefore an understanding of general concepts is all you would need to know.

  • MYTH #4: Requirement of a lot of start-up capital

With Parallel Profits, you will only pay certain people after you get paid for the job done.

Here is an  example explained by Steve and Aidan

  1. Your customer pays you $1,000 for one month worth of services,
  2. You then pay $300 to get certain services fulfilled,
  3. You bank $700 in profit.

Now you know how the profit actually comes. This is the most fascinating thing we found while doing the extensive research for this Parallel Profits review.

  • MYTH #5: Employees are required

Anything and everything such as doing outer work will be handled by the creators and their team. This makes sure that we don’t have to personally hire in house employees. Another uniqueness of Parallel Profits system.

  • MYTH #6: You Need An Office

An internet connection is basically all you need for any online business and the same applies to the Parallel Profits program too.

Parallel Profits Cost

Parallel Profits work from home training is definitely not cheap. Anything you get for cheap will have its issues. Also, a program that works created by famous owners would definitely not come cheap. But compared to the kind of revenue you can generate Parallel Profits is a reasonable business model for $2497. But if you cannot pay the amount as a whole there are options to pay in three instalments of $997 each.

==> Click Here To Check The Parallel Profits Price From Their Official Website

Parallel Profits Launch Date

Parallel Profits is launching on January 29th. And the whole program will be open only for less than ten days. The demand is high, thats why this come as a limited time offer.

Parallel Profits JV

Is Parallel Profits a Scam?

With a history of creating successful programs such as the 100k Factory and 7 Figure Cycle programs that have already helped thousands of people online, work-from-home business. We totally vote for the program as we already got a detailed insider view making The Parallel Profits 100% foolproof and a solid way to earn from home. Our Parallel Profits review is positive and we don’t even have no major negative thing to say about it.

Pros and Cons of Parallel Profits Program


  • Parallel Profits program is created by the most successful online marketing veterans, which means that it is worth every penny you invest.
  • The program comes with a very hard part preset, that all one has to do is get started on the cycle.
  • The buyer also gets several bonus materials for free, making it a great deal.
  • Hardly requires any investment from the individual.
  • Do not require any expertise as the team of people you will work with will be in place.
  • Anyone who is unsatisfied with the program can get their money back as the program comes with a  60-day money-back guarantee.
  • Instalment option is available if you can’t pay the Parallel Profits cost full amount in onetime.


  • The Launch period is only two weeks.
  • Though the program is newbie friendly, minimum knowledge in Internet Marketing can take better advantage of the program.

Parallel Profits Results – Former Students of Aidan & Steve

Parallel Profits Real Reviews
Parallel Profits Results
Parallel Profits User Reviews

Parallel Profits Bonuses

The Parallel Profits program doesn’t come alone; buyers will get 3 exclusive bonuses worth $10,000.

Bonus #1Secret Mastermind:

Parallel Profits First Bonus

Advanced workshop with additional tactics, formulas and strategies. Value – $2997

Bonus #2 – Parallel Profits Live:

Parallel Profits Second Bonus

Parallel Profits online live event with guest speakers and inner circle secrets. Value – $4997

Bonus #3 – 7 Figure Scaling Secrets:

Parallel Profits Third bonus

Exclusive video series revealing how to scale your business. Value – $2997

Is Parallel Profits worth buying?

The Parallel Profits is one of the best and most reliable programs on the internet that is worth spending your money on. All the programs by Steve and Aidan been proven their quality over the years by thousands of passionate, business-driven individuals. The method is well researched and set up smartly so that none of the users would be unsatisfied. With a lot of beneficial Parallel Profits bonuses and the massive value of this system, it’s a great deal.

Conclusion – Parallel Profits is a 100% Recommended Program

The  Parallel Profits program is a boon for people like you and me who are trying to start or build what we already have. Visit the official Parallel Profits sign up page now and get registered to experience the real money making powers of online business. You can also partner with the legends or acquire the success tricks and tips book by Steve and Aidan themselves! Hope this comprehensive Parallel Profits review was helpful, do share your thoughts below in the comments sections. You can click the below button to check the official product website. You should also check our Recommended Programs.

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  1. Appreciating the time and energy you put into your website and in depth information you present about Parallel Profits. It’s nice to come across a blog every once
    in a while, that isn’t the same unwanted rehashed material.
    Wonderful read! Waiting for the Launch. Please update the Parallel Profits review soon.

  2. Salut Steve,

    I’ve Never heard of this before. Thanks for the interesting and detailed information. The money is a lot though, but, thanks for informing about the installment option. I just wonder how far that will take me.

  3. Hi Jerry, very nice website you have here. I am glad to see someone is honestly helping people move forward in their online business adventures. I agree with you Parallel Profits does not sound like a scam.

    I have never been involved with any Internet marketing programs by Aidan, but, I have been involved with a few high ticket companies. As long as I know about Aidan Booth, His coaching and mentoring were great and I really wish to try Parallel Profits this time.

  4. Wow, it looks like you have a lot of money to spend on such expensive training, Steve! Great for you! For me, I’ll pass for now. but maybe later.

    I know this man, Aidan. I was there when he visited Mexico last year and there were so many people who attended his seminar. So, I think.. if someone can really afford it, then why not?

  5. Hey I am so delighted I found your blog, I really found you by mistake, while I
    was looking on Digg for something else, Anyways I am here now and would just like to say kudos for a marvelous blog and a all round review of parallel profits. I’m a follower both Aidan and Steve and have bought their last product. This training will be something great for sure. Please let me know once it has launched also if there are any discounts. [email protected]

  6. First of all thank you for the detailed review. I have been getting emails about this program and thought would do a research, ended up here. Is this really that profitable? 7 sales to $100k profit in a year seem a bogus claim to me..

    Second I couldn’t find any negative reviews or comments on parallel profits, are all these reviews sponsored?

    I would buy this program if you honestly answer these questions


    1. Thanks, Venessa. Now to your questions,

      1 – 7 sales to $100k profit in a year seem a bogus claim to me..

      If you haven’t noticed the success stories of Steve and Aidan’s students have been clearly mentioned on the sales page, its a fact that they are banking more than $100k per year. ‘7 sales to $100k profit in a year’ is definitely possible with this program (I got a chance to get a sneak peek of the system, and I have to say, this stuff is going to sell like hotcakes), but then it still depends on how you are going to make use of it.

      2 – Why no negative reviews, are the reviews sponsored

      Maybe there could be some sponsored reviews (at least I know that mine is not), but as far my understanding of the program and its potential, there is nothing negative to be mentioned. With so many internet marketing scam courses in the market, a program like Parallel Profits is something that could genuinely help a large number of people. Then again, I would like to repeat that, your results with the program will depend on how you make use of the opportunity.

  7. The business model of this program is quite simple but why it has this premium price? When one can do all of the work then why need steve and aidan? Seems the promises are too good to be true

    1. You have the answer right there in your question. Steve and Aidan are two of the biggest and most reliable names in the industry, obviously, a program created by them (and one that really works) will come at a premium price.

      ‘When one can do all of the work then why need Steve and Aidan?’ If one could do all the work by themselves, wouldn’t everyone be an internet millionaire? When it comes to internet marketing, the most difficult part is to find a spot for yourself among so much competition, wouldn’t it be so much easier with marketing legends like Steve and Aidan by your side?

      Since we have already tested the program, I could assure you that Parallel Profits is actually a program whose promises are too good and true.

  8. Steve is this really newbie friendly? Don’t know SEO from CEO well not that bad but you get the point. I’m 69 and old school. Would it be above my learning curve?

    1. Hi Randy!

      Yes, it is newbie friendly, and you don’t have to know everything about SEO. Its more like you acquire the customers, hand them over to Steve and Aidan and they will do rest of all the stuff. To be honest, this kind of courses/programs come only once in two-three years and its closing very soon, I would suggest you give it a try since there is a 60 days money back guarantee, it’s totally safe.

  9. There is definately a great deal to know about this subject.
    I really like all of the points you made.

  10. Your style is so unique compared to other people I’ve read stuff from.
    Many thanks for posting when you’ve got the opportunity,
    Guess I will just booklmark this web site.

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