If you are new to Blogging and Internet Marketing and you are looking for the best courses/programs/services to teach you how to do internet marketing, you’ve come to the right place. If you are new to IM, you’d be surprised to know the plenitude of programs and courses that are out there. Just like any other industry, IM filed is filled with scams and illegitimate programs where you might lose your money. It’s really hard to tell if a blogging course or an internet marketing program is fake or not, the ability to discern the legitimacy of a program comes with experience and if you are not careful you’d end up in a very bad spot. This is where we come in, we will provide you with the details of a few trusted, legitimate and working internet marketing courses, those have been on the limelight for a considerable amount of time and helped many newbies make their first bucks online. These are easy to understand, easy to use and provides the much-needed support, especially if you’re new and want to make some extra money online. Here in TecSmash.com, our only intention is to keep you away from scams and at the same time introduce you to a range of profit generating internet marketing programs.

Tecsmash recommended programs

TecSmash: Putting Scams in the Trash

It is harder than ever to distinguish a scam from a real one. The scams are made by professionals who do everything to make it almost like any other real internet marketing program for the fact that you never learn anything new or get any money out of the fake ones. There are some good methods to tell a fake from a real one. The first thing to do would be to look at their SSL certificate, it’s highly unlikely that a fake self-claimed internet marketing guru would spend on a costly certificate. Second, go on their website and seek the details, see what they offer, scams usually offer incomplete details. Third, look at their offers, is there a limited period offer with a lot of bonuses? It’s fake. Fourth, check the age of their domain on Alexa.com and see if it was started a short while back and when it expires etc. Stuff like this can tell you a lot about the program or course. This is where TecSmash can help you, we’ve been in the field for so long that we can tell when a program is fake or not and we bust them soon as we get substantive proof that their program is fake or is cheating people, this is the only way to save innocent people from losing their money in the future.

As we have mentioned, when there are hundreds of scams, only a 5-10 really good programs/courses exist which teaches you what promised and mold you to become profitable using the techniques they reveal. And you can’t trust these self-claimed internet marketing gurus who sell their programs and courses for big bucks saying you are gonna make millions using them, but we are not generalizing, there are a very few good people in the market too, who could become your mentor.

Trusted and Recommended IM Courses/Programs 

We listed out these internet marketing courses after thorough research and testing, and I’m (Steve) using all of them at this moment. You have my 100% assurance that these course/programs are of the highest value and you will learn a lot of new stuff and make your first thousands online using them.

We have reviewed all of these programs (links are below), you should check our unbiased reviews of each before deciding to get any. We just want to make it clear that TecSmash.com or Steve Coleman is not sponsored by any internet marketing company or person.

Price: $47/month or $497 one time 

CB Passive Income has been in the market for more than five years! Yes, 5!! ‘CB Passive Income’ also recognized as the CB Passive Income License Program works on the principles of Affiliate Marketing, selling digital products listed in ClickBank using the #1 internet marketing method, email marketing. Created by Patric Chan, who is a best-selling author and a worldwide speaker. He first introduced the program in August 2013 and over the course of time, Chan added more and more training, tools and resources to this program, and currently, it is in its 5.0 version! I first tried this program way back in 2014 when I was starting out and still use the same principles in my email marketing campaigns. Read more about this program in our in-depth CB Passive Income review. Click below to get the program with a bunch of super awesome bonuses! 

CB Passive Income Recommended

As we have mentioned there are more scams than good systems. Below is a list of programs we busted with solid proofs, stay away from them.

Hope this info and our TecSmash blog is helpful for you. Feel free to contact us anytime, we typically reply in 24 hours.

To your success!!