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EB Formula Review – Dan Wright’s Fake EB Formula Scam Exposed!

Hello there! Welcome to my EB Formula review or shall I call it EB Formula scam. You are either here because you want to know about EB Formula or the promise of making around $500,000 per year with this new system has grabbed your attention. Here is an unbiased EB Formula review, that will break down the scam one by one.

EB Formula Review – Dan Wright’s Fake Dropshipping System Exposed!


Those who are reading this EB Formula review here, we are happy that you are actually doing the research before going ahead and swiping your card on the product.  And yes! The Internet has lots of scam products that promise easy money. If you have no idea what the whole hype on the new product listened on the Clickbank is about, you are going to be surprised as to what we have found.

EB Formula Reviews

What is EB Formula?

According to whats give on the EB Formula scam system sales page, with the system you are presumably going to learn to make money easily online with zero experience in the field via selling products on eBay. Is that true? My EB Formula review has an answer.

The dropshipping mechanism on eBay is given in 3 steps:

Step 1: Sign up/Fill in the form

Once your registration is accepted you will automatically become a full member of the EB Formula scam program

Step 2: Activate your account

Once you are a full member of the formula you will be shown how to easily activate your account.

Step 3: “Watch your profits grow”

Read the instructions and follow them, you are set to earn up to $3,624 per day.
EB Formula Customer reviews

Yes! That it. Oh, how I wish money-making was this easy – if that was so,  every online business person would be rich with this one scheme. The sales page says;

“ Start Today With Zero Investment Required…”. “You can start even if you have less than $50 in your account”

Wow! The EB Formula……That’s like living a dream- automate your online sales- money begins to flow in and you relax on your pushback comfy chair while everything just falls into place.  

As ridiculous as that sound, the scheme is just too good to be true. So what does the product do? It teaches the users to make money online by down shipping products on eBay. Ok, Let’s dig a bit deeper, One look at the sales page and the claims – As my EB Formula review already exposed, any expert can know that it screams fake.

To anyone who is already established in online money making, this does sound like a  typical get-rich-quickly scam with the usual attraction scheme used in most of the fake online products.

As to what we have found out- this scheme could be the quickest way through which you can actually say goodbye to your hard-earned money.

The creator of the EB Formula scam system, one Mr. Dan Wright, makes such amazing and tempting promise when he says that the user does not require any experience or skills to start making quick money. He has also further stated that members are already earning $40,000 a month without doing much work. He also claims that the user just needs to set up a \nd wait a few minutes till the cash comes rolling in.

It seems one of Mr. Dan Wright’s buddy seems to have already earned $1,000,000 every year. How legit are these friends? Watch while we break down everything for you.

If you watch the video on the sales page one thing you will notice is that the creator repeating how much money you can make with this system but it does not mention anything about how the system actually works and what’s worse if you want to know anything more you must pay for the product.

Let my EB Formula review get this straight- Any product that is real and actually works will give the user exact information of the product and have clear-cut strategies and ideas on how the money is made. The members will also be provided training and trial membership.

Who is Behind EB Formula Program?

It would is better to put it as, who is behind the EB Formula scam. We have no clue as to who the real creator is but the spokesperson claims to be some Dan Wright and… Well, nothing, that’s it,  there is no personal information or contact page. While doing this EB Formula review we did our research but could come up with nothing.

Is obvious right here that Dan Wright and his EB Formula scam are both obviously not real. We couldn’t find him anywhere on the internet. The sole hidden identity is a trick most of the makers of scar systems do so that they don’t get in trouble later.

This itself is a real red flag for those who wish to get the program- a real program always has a real face and real reviews. If the testimonials are real, then an artist who created such a program must be quiet famous over the internet.  But there it’s a total no-show.

Then comes the fake testimonials and fake EB Formula reviews,  Clickbank products usually hire people to do testimonials. Most of these are people hired from Fiverr. The proof is right here if you check out the testimonials of EB formula scam, the man who is in the testimony has a Fiverr gig where you can hire him for similar services.  The other testimonials too are done by people from Fiverr as well. These people are those who make money by doing testimonials and not actual testers of the program.

EB Formula Scam

Scam alert! A real program, that works would not need testimonials by fake people. If they have the kind of success rate they claim they can easily get screenshots and feedback from real people.

How does EB Formula Work?

There is no EB Formula drop shipping course. This formula certainly does not help you make money overnight.  And certainly, the creator is trying hard to make u believe that EB Formula scam is the complete solution to all your financial problems. He claims that just the three steps will change the life of the user. The actual working of the program has never been revealed but the steps itself show us that the whole program is hollow.

Can you make money using EB Formula?

Definitely no! But money making through eBay dropshipping certainly not the fastest or the easiest way to make money online. If drop shipping is a new work for you, let me explain- through drop shipping you sell physical products owned by other people. The only good part of this type of e-commerce is that you need not buy the products or keep inventory.  As I already mentioned in this EB Formula review, The basic procedure is the go to an online store and finds products that are not available in the special region and then list them on eBay or any similar platform for a higher price. Once to get a deal you can ask the supplier to deliver the product to the client. But in case the customer asks for a refund, then you will have to pay them. Here the client will be unaware that the product you are selling is not yours. As you see there is no way you can make money through this type of e-commerce overnight.

This system does work but it requires a lot of dedication, time and hard work as well as investments.

Why EB Formula is a Scam?

My EB Formula review will not be completed without telling you the reason why I call it as a scam (I have also exposed the Private Cash Sites and The China Secrets).

  • The first reason is that,
  • This not an easy way to make money as I have explained above.
  • This scheme requires experience
  • Loats of research, hard work, and patience
  • You cannot start this business with nil balance in our account, you need fund to makes sales arrangements and sometimes give a refund.
  • The profit from the easy product is not that much, to earn about 1000$ a day you may need to sell a lot of products a day- which is quite impractical and unstable.
  • Also the more product you sell the more funds you will need to make arrangements.
  • Will have to maintain good customer relation to build trust, hence this required full-time dedication and hard work.
  • Above all this, you need to take note that, the EB Formula scam doesn’t give it’s users any sort of training, this kind of e-commerce definitely needs a lot of understanding.

EB Formula Moneyback policy

Don’t even consider this? If there is no information on the creator, who is going to pay you back your money? Also once you are logged into such a scheme you need to be extra careful on what links an option you click. You might even end up losing all your money.

It’s clearly understood from the sales page that, there is clearly not going to be any after support. The email id provided will be as hollow as the products. All you will be doing is waiting for ages that too if you are even going to get a reply.

The Real Cost of EB Formula Scam

According to “Dan”, this system only costs $37. How fake is that? This simple trick misleads so many innocent people. The answer is sim[ple, in order to learn and understand dropshipping e-commerce technique you will need to spend more than just $37.

As soon as you are logged into the scheme you will be overloaded with so many upsells requests which will cost you another hundred dollars.

Our Proof About EB Formula Program

Take a look at their so-called affiliates page, according to the claims each affiliate makes about $228 per sale. Just think- what product are they ever going to sell for just $37.  That would indeed be a very cheap product. Which you may even have to pay the customer refund- you lose your money again.

As you know the Internet Marketing industry is filled with a lot of scams and scammers but there are a handful of systems/programs that actually work. Do check our Recommended Programs page, where we have listed out the best IM courses/programs which are legit and works (tried and tested). Click below ↓

Recommended Programs


The product is void. Their products claim a lot but deliver zero. If you wish to make money by dropshipping on eBay you can simply learn things better just googling and not spending a penny. There are actually better resources out there with tutorials, blogs, quality programs, training sessions etc.

If the creator was actually real, so evidence of that would be now out there on the internet. The EB Formula reviews and testimonials are fake, the creator is fake obviously the product to is fake.

Drop shipping can make you money but the EB Formula is a scam where the creator is trying to make money selling you some useless program.


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