Best PPC Campaign Tricks

7 Tips to Make Your PPC Campaign Skyrocket At Low Budget

To come up with an effective PPC strategy you don’t need a large budget. Here I will give you 7 Tips to make your PPC Campaign skyrocket at low budget.  The performance of a PPC campaign will depend on the budget of that particular campaign. But without proper planning, this cannot guarantee any successful results despite the kind of budget you invest in it.

7 Tips to Make your PPC Campaign Skyrocket at Low Budget.


Hence let me burst that bubble for you, people commonly believe that the more money you invest in PPC campaign the better will be the results- this might work for some but if you are a small business or don’t have enough resources to allocate to PPC may not always see better results with an increased budget.

Best PPC Campaign Tricks

Does that mean you can never be successful with PPC?

Of course not! You can utilize the PPC Campaign in the best way with the few resources you have and still succeed. This article is not targeted for those with a specific budget nor am I  trying to ask you to invest. I am here just you help you get the maximum out of what you already have. This I will tell you through a few tips. Size doesn’t matter. Let’s get started.

Set Clear Goals

Predefined clear goals are very important when getting started on your PPC campaigns.  This will ensure that you don’t over-spend and pay unexpected extra costs.

Set a Budget Estimate

Once you have set the goals, the next step is to decide on the budget you would like to campaigns. While setting the goals, you need to fix the number of leads that you expect to generate through PPC. It’s always important to keep short goals and not unrealistic goals, start small and then build up. Once your goal is set, the next step is to define what counts as a lead for your business before you actually start calculating cost-per-action (CPA).

Here is an example, For example, if your client goal is to achieve  250 new leads per month and your current close rate is 15 %, that would cost you $25/lead and then will need a budget of $41,666 per month if you want to generate 1,667 PPC leads. In such a case it is recommended to use most of your budgets in campaigns that have lower CPA, this will give you a higher chance of success.

Strategic Budget Allocation

A cost-efficient CPA will help you become more strategic with your PPC campaign. This will also help the user determine the most cost-effective ads that can be applied to your budget. If you are targeting to lower your CPA, then there are two things that you need to do: Increase your conversion rate (CVR) and Decrease your cost per click (CPC). The best way to reduce the budget is to focus on the ads that perform well and lower the CPA.

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Perform Keyword Research

Carrying out in-depth keyword research and prepare a keyword list that is both relevant and dynamic. Your lists must carry popular keywords that are relevant to your target audience, this allows the user to carry out more specific targeting.

Best tips to run a ppc campaign

Improve Your Quality Score

Adwords and their quality affect both the conversation as well as cost per click. Google gives high priority to the quality score and your CPA will depend on the same.  If you are planning to achieve a lower cost per action then you must improve your quality score. Also by improving your quality score, you can also save money on keyword bids

Here are some best ways through which you can improve your quality score:

  • Focus on the right keywords
  • Improve CTR by focusing on  ad copy
  • Keep your ad groups organized
  • Refine your landing pages
  • Create ads that are relevant to the target audience.

Search Impression Share

The percentage of the total number of times your ad could have been shown when compared to the actual number of times it was shown is known as Search Impression Share. This will also illustrate the aspect with which percentage of searches that the budget was lost. If the score is too poor this could have a negative impact on the performance of the PCC campaign.

Mobile Advertising

Mobile marketing is something that has seen a significant rise and will be continuing to rise significantly in the coming years.  Because of the popularity fo this type of marketing, it’s important to make use of any opportunity you can get to boost both your mobile and PPC campaigns. You should work harder till your PPC campaign is completely compactable with your mobile phone. Until you are unsure that you are utilizing your mobile campaign technique to its maximum work as hard as you can to integrate your campaigns with your mobiles.

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