SkyQuad Drone Reviews

SkyQuad Drone Reviews 2023 – Does It Come With Foldable And Flexible Blades? [Updated]

Hey readers, if you are in search of an authentic SkyQuad Drone review, you have landed on the right page to read one. Here, you will find every important detail of this quadcopter, so that you can see how it became useful for vloggers and others who appreciate bird-eye view photography. 

SkyQuad Drone Reviews – A High-Tech Portable Device With In-Built Camera!


To tell you about this SkyQuad Drone independent review, I promise that it is written after comprehensively evaluating every feature and facet of the SkyQuad Drone. So that it can help you see if this device can be your ideal choice to upgrade your photographic skills and improve the quality of your videos and snaps or not. 

As such, just stick with me till the end of this SkyQuad Drone review to get clear-cut ideas about the SkyQuad Drone features, its functioning, drawbacks, customer feedback, pricing, and much more. 

SkyQuad Drone Reviews
Device NameSkyQuad Drone
Designed AsA high-end drone that helps you capture pictures and videos in good quality.
Control TypeRemote Controller And App Controller
  • Highly foldable
  • Gravity Sensor
  • 1080p Photos and Videos
  • Slo-mo Mode
  • Increased Flying Time
  • Panorama Mode
Camera Quality12 Megapixels [Photos]
Shot speed1080p at 120 frames per second [Video]
Operating AltitudeOver 3,000 feet
SkyQuad Drone Features
  • 3D flip function
  • 360-degree 4k wifi camera
  • Altitude Holding
  • Video Capturing
  • Trajectory Flight
  • Longer Battery Life
Age LimitAbove 10 Years
Speed19 meters per second with a top transmission distance of 4km
Battery500mAH battery
SkyQuad Drone Package Includes
  • 1 x SkyQuad camera drone 
  • 1x Transmitter/Controller 
  • 1 x Rechargeable Drone Batteries 
  • 1 x Charging cable 
  • 1 * User Manuals 
Money Back Guarantee60 Days
Multi boxesAvailable in:


  • 1 SkyQuad Drone Package
  • 2 SkyQuad Drones Package, And
  • 4 SkyQuad Drones Package
AvailabilityOnly through the official website
Official websiteClick Here

What Is SkyQuad Drone?

The SkyQuad Drone is a lightweight and foldable quadcopter that is made to capture action shots and bird’s eye view pictures on the go. It is a portable drone that can be carried while traveling and used wherever to capture HD-quality footage.

At the same time, SkyQuad mini drone claims to offer limitless exploration as being equipped with high-end flight performance and functionality. This mini drone can be controlled with a SkyQuad Drone remote control or a smartphone and comes with app control and various modes of flight. 

The SkyQuad Drone is manufactured in the USA, added with an HD 1080p Camera, and is seen as less expensive when compared to other brands. Besides, it has a transmission distance of 4km, with a flying speed of 19 meters per second. 

SkyQuad Drone Features

Looking into the SkyQuad Drone features, it is said to have better durability. At the same time, SkyQuad Drone is found easy to handle, unlike other drones that are available on the current market. Moreover, there is also a cluster of features that you can find with this drone

Some of them are;

Foldable body:The SkyQuad robotic aircraft is foldable and this feature makes it even smaller and easy to store. Besides, the SkyQuad Drone device is also lightweight and compact, allowing you to handle it easier.
1080p camera quality:One of the important features of the SkyQuad Drone camera is its HD picture quality, the SkyQuad Drone has a 1080p resolution camera. So, you can create videos and take pictures with better and clear-cut quality.
Better flying time:As the SkyQuad Drone device has a better battery capacity, it can allow you to shoot videos for up to 15 minutes once it is fully charged. 
Gravity sensor attached:Since the device comes with Electronic Image Stabilization and the Altitude Holding feature, it will be quite easier to fill and fly like professionals. This means, that even if you are a beginner, or it’s for the very first time you are using it, the pictures and videos can come out with a professional touch.  
Slo-mo mode:With this facility, you can capture immersive footage of moving objects. This way you can make your videos even more appealing and cooler. 
Panorama mode:As the SkyQuad Drone camera is included with panorama mode, it will give extra room for things and balance them in your frame. And, the SkyQuad Drone comes with a range of 3,000 feet.

Continue reading this SkyQuad Drone review to know more about the high-tech SkyQuad Drone.

SkyQuad Drone Working

SkyQuad Drone works by allowing you to capture HD-quality pictures and videos during its flight path and providing good bird-eye view footage. It is said to be convenient for all types of users and it can be set to flight within seconds.

You can either use the SkyQuad Drone remote control or connect it with your smartphone through the SkyQuad Drone app to regulate its flight path and functions at the desirable speed. So, you can view whatever it covers on your phone screen and take pictures at any angle according to your preference. The remote control of the device is added with switches to take off and land SkyQuad Drone safely on the ground.

As SkyQuad Drone is also included with gravity sensors and antennas, you can also use and control it easily for both video and audio coverage.  

SkyQuad Drone Working

SkyQuad Drone | What To Like And What Not To Like

Have a look at both the SkyQuad Drone pros and cons. These will help you see the noted things about the drone that you have to know before choosing it. 

SkyQuad Drone Pros

SkyQuad Drone Cons

  • Lightweight
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Beginner friendly operation 
  • 30-day easy refund policy
  • Convenient use and function
  • Irresistible to wind and rain
  • Only bought through the official website

SkyQuad Drone Customer Reviews And Complaints

Here are a few SkyQuad Drone customer reviews that have appeared on popular health forums. 

SkyQuad Drone Customer Reviews
Jeff Adams


“Even though I am quite good at using remote control vehicles, and operating electronic devices, it was like drone cameras were not made for me. However, it is for the first time with the SkyQuad Drone that I could easily handle and operate drone cameras. It is simple, convenient, and performs well to capture high-quality images. Even if you are new to using drone cameras, the SkyQuad Drone is the best, to begin with.”

Tom Hector 


“The SkyQuad Drone is easy to set up and fly. Besides, it can also give HD-quality images and videos with less effort from your side. But still, I wish it had better connectivity as I often lose control over the device on high flights. At the same time, I don’t think it can resist much wind since it is lightweight. So I never use it in windy climates and during rain.”

Ava Richards


“Being a vlogger, I was always very well aware of the reach I could get through bird eye footage. This is also why I had been searching online for the ideal drone camera for my videos. Most recently I happened to see the SkyQuad Drone which one of my cousins brought to my home during a visit. She offered me a demo and everything regarding its working mechanism seemed quite simple. This is how I decided to buy one for myself, but never regret my choice of SkyQuad Drone even after a couple of months. It truly has transformed my videos with no boring normal stuff or detailing, which even my viewers also have appreciated.”

SkyQuad Drone Pricing And Availability

As per the SkyQuad Drone reviews and the official website, there are 4 available pricing plans from which you can choose and place your order. 

Here is the list of SkyQuad Drone price details as per the official website.

Buy 1 SkyQuad Drone at $99.00 (+ $7.95 Shipping charge )

Buy 2 SkyQuad Drone at $69.00/each + Free US Shipping 

Buy 4 SkyQuad Drone at $59/each + Free US Shipping

Along with every SkyQuad quadcopter drone, the SkyQuad Drone user manual will be included additionally. However, if you are planning to purchase the device, ensure to proceed only through the SkyQuad Drone official website, as it is where you can get the original SkyQuad Drone device.

As the device currently has higher market demand, you can see its duplicates on several other sources with similar appearances and promises. But, it is sure that they cannot provide you with the exact quality or the assurance of safety and money back included with the original device. So, it will always be ideal to ensure that you are on the right page to place your order. 

SkyQuad Drone Money Back Guarantee

The SkyQuad Drone manufacturer offers complete satisfaction with its performance and your experience after choosing it. Besides, every order on the SkyQuad Drone device is also protected by a 30-day, no questions asked money-back guarantee. So, for any reason you are not happy with your choice of SkyQuad Drone, you can approach the consumer support team for a full and hassle-free refund. 

SkyQuad Drone Reviews – Our Final Take

Based on the details received through this SkyQuad Drone review, SkyQuad Drone appears to be a legit and reliable device that can help you take HD quality videos and pictures. Since it is added with multiple features, it can be a suitable option for a variety of users including tiktokers, vloggers, and social media influencers.

SkyQuad micro drone can help you add more interesting elements to your videos and photos as it is available with slo-mo mode, and panorama mode and help you capture things with an interesting bird’s eye view. 

Thousands of SkyQuad Drone customers have suggested that the SkyQuad Drone camera is an effective device that has helped them add more meaning to their images and videos. The device can also help anyone take pictures up to 4 km above with a flight speed of 19 meters per second. As the SkyQuad portable drone comes with a lasting battery, it allows the users to cover videos continuously for up to 15 minutes. 

Apart from all these, every SkyQuad Drone purchase is also added with a 30-day, no questions asked money-back guarantee. As such, if you want a refund for its poor performance or the device fails to meet your expectations, this policy will allow you to get a complete refund hassle-free.

Counting all these features, SkyQuad Drone turns out to be a risk-free choice that is truly worth a shot. 

SkyQuad Drone | Most Common Questions Asked:

1. Does this device have a long-lasting battery?

The SkyQuad Drone comes with longer battery life. This mini drone device can let you capture up to 15 minutes of video on a flight. 

2. How much is the maximum speed with which I can fly this drone?

The SkyQuad Drone can fly at a speed of up to 19 meters per second. Besides, it has a top transmission distance of 4 km as well.

3. How can I control this device and its flight?

You can either use the remote control or the app control(smartphone), as it comes with wireless connectivity.

4. How long will it take to deliver my order once it is placed?

It normally takes 5-9 business days for safe delivery at your doorsteps.

5. Can I expect better camera quality with this device?

The SkyQuad Drone is added with a built-in 1080p Camera, which can provide HD quality footage anywhere.


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