WP Optimiser Review

WP Optimiser Review :- Best WordPress Speed Optimising Plugin?

Welcome to my WP Optimiser Review. WordPress website optimization is a tricky part and a must do factor for better SEO. WP Optimiser plugin will do this tough part for you. According to new researchers, people tend to skip websites which took more than three seconds to load. This might be the reason, Google giving priority to the website has a good page load speed.

WP Optimiser Review – Is It a Good WordPress Speed Optimisation Plugin?


There are over 22% of aggregate sites on the planet is running on WordPress platform and a significant number of the sites are confronting the speed issue.  At the point when a new visitor comes to your site, you need to inspire him/her inside a couple of moments after he/she arrived on your site. If he isn’t awed with your page loading time, he has numerous different sites to stick around. When you lose a visitor along these lines, he will never swing back to your site

WP Optimiser Review

What are the Slowing Factors for WordPress Websites

There are numerous elements that might influence your website speed and some of them are,

  • Worst Web Hosting
  • Bad WordPress Configuration
  • Big Page Size
  • External Scripts

But making everything perfect is not practical. So, you should use some Optimisation plugin like WP Optimiser plugin to do these tasks.

WP Optimiser Plugin- An Overview

  • Product Vendor:   Chris Hitman et al
  • Product:                 WP Optimiser Plugin
  • Niche:                     WordPress Plugin
  • Front-End Price:    $37 to $47
  • Official Website:   Click Here
  • Launch Date:         Feb-10-2018
  • Launch Time:        10.00 EST
  • Bonus Offer:         Click Here
  • Refund Period:     30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Support:                Technical Support Available
  • Skill Required:      Basic computer knowledge
  • Our Opinion:         Highly Recommended

What is WP Optimiser WordPress Plugin?

WP Optimise software is an entirely new plugin which allows you to make your website much faster than earlier. It’s not like a caching plugin which everyone usually uses for speeding up WordPress website. WP Optimiser plugin is way more than just a caching plugin. So, let me describe the jobs which this awesome WordPress plugin can do for you.

  • Distinguish themes and plugin issues
  • Distinguish site and server issues
  • Delete Cache and Junk files
  • Worldwide connectivity testing
  • Batch and auto enhance designs and Graphics
  • Day by day site performance monitor
  • Full Instructional Tutorial

It’s very important to diagnose the issues and solve it for better Google ranking.  But, these hard technical works can be done by using WP Optimiser WordPress Plugin

WP Optimiser Bonuses

WP Optimiser Software Features

  • Web Connectivity Tests

The WP Optimiser plugin will test your website’s connection with servers across continents. It will perform tests on servers from Asia, Europe, Middle East and the USA. It will test the uptime status and downtime duration to give you the information about bad servers.

  • Live Web Hosting Tests

WP Optimiser plugin will run a considerable measure of keeps an eye on RAM memory, PHP settings, Webhost set, PHP memory and in addition the plugin will also test data drive power to suggest you take a few changes if necessary.

  • Theme and Plugin Tests

Plugins and theme have a very important role in website speed. If your plugins or theme has an error, it will affect the website speed very badly. The WP Optimise plugin will check for errors and inform you if it found anything vulnerable.

  • Website Graphics Optimisation

The image and graphics optimization is the best part of WP Optimiser Plugin. You can easily optimize it using Tinypng API.

  • Database Scrubbing

This factor helps users to get the best speed along with other advantages like;

  • Higher Google Ranking
  • Advertisement cost Reduction
  • Increase Visitors count, Conversion rate
  • Decrease Bounce rate and increase time on site

WP Optimiser Coupon

Why Should You Use WP Optimiser Speed Booster?

When there are a lot of website optimization plugins available in the market, why should you prefer WP Optimiser plugin above all others to speed up your WordPress site? Here are the reasons.

  • WP Optimiser makes your Sites Up to 378% Faster and With 70% Less Bloat
  • Helps to rank your website higher in google
  • Improving Your User Experience and Time spending on website
  • Help Reduce Bandwidth and Hosting Costs. So you will never go out of permissible limits
  • Help Reduce Your Ad Spend
  • Compatible with almost all themes and Plugins
  • Increase your CTR and Conversion
  • Minimise Bounce Rates.

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WP Optimiser Price, Plans, and Bonuses

You can get the WP Optimiser application for $37 – $47. The key takeaway from this WP Optimiser Review is you ought to dependably focus on your site’s functionality, a great many people disregard this, including your rivals. Focusing on things like this will bring your business ventures in front of others. What’s more, utilizing WP Optimiser might be one of your ways.

As I mentioned earlier in this WP Optimiser Review, WP Optimiser application has 1 Front-End and 3 OTOs:

  • Front-End (WP Optimiser – $37-$47)
  • OTO 1 (Viper Cache – $37/Agency)

Viper Cache is a super quick cache keeping pace with the best cache plugins available in the market. it adjusts fast caching with reliability. With other cache plugins, you can play around with unsafe settings that may break your site for an additional few % speed change. What a user need is the convenience, item security, max similarity, and reliability. The Viper cache plugin provides it all.

  • OTO 2 (WP Easy Pages – $39/Agency) (See Details)

Due to some heavy frameworks, WordPress websites are comparatively slow. This is the reason why WordPress platform is not widely used for making Landing pages. The greatest issue is that any landing page worked in WordPress needs to stack both the theme and the plugin’s CSS influencing it to slow from the beginning.

So the WP Optimiser team created the first regularly landing page developer for WordPress that sidesteps the theme and the modules CSS making it up to 16 to times faster!

  • OTO 3 (WP Conversion Boost – $27/Agency) (See Details)

The WP Conversion Boost permit you to change any page on the go just by editing the URL – must-have tool for any pro-Internet marketer

WP Optimiser Download

Conclusion – The WP Optimiser Results are Appreciably Good for WordPress Websites!

You may have discovered numerous different tips on the web and it might be confusing to use long codings to boost website speed. The WP Optimiser plugin is extremely helpful and tried on several websites. Many WordPress users expanded the stacking velocity of their website by this techniques and I am offering it to my blogger companions. You can try it and test it for one month. If you are not impressed with its performance, you will get your money back into your bank account. So, there is nothing to lose. Let me know your thoughts and comments about this WP Optimiser Review by entering it in the comment box below


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