Pressnio Review

Pressnio Review :- Best WordPress Theme For Better Conversions?

Welcome to my ASTROBLU Pressnio Review. This Pressnio Theme Review examines why I prefer the use of this WordPress themes for any blog or website design and why it is one of the best SEO WordPress templates out there. I will let you know about my first-hand experience, features, installation procedures and its pros and cons.

Pressnio Review – Is This WordPress Theme By ASTROBLU Really Good?


A Good theme is very important for any WordPress websites. You need to be very careful while adding a theme to your website since a bad theme can ruin your entire hard work in a fraction of seconds. Your WordPress theme should respect and compliment the content of your website. If you are starting a Blog kind of website, you should give Importance to a WP theme that improving your website readability, but if you are starting an e-commerce website, you should choose a theme which can convert your visitor into the customer. These are the other factors, you should consider while purchasing a WP theme. Have a look at it before we going deep into the ASTROBLU Pressnio Review.

  • Look for Simplicity. Avoid Colourfull themes
  • Should be Responsive to different devices and Screen size
  • Should be all browser Compatible
  • It should support Plugins
  • It should support Multi-Lingual websites
  • It should have the best customer support
  • SEO Friendliness
  • It should support different Monetization techniques if needed

So, does ASTROBLU Pressnio WordPress theme have all the above advantages? Let’s find out through this Pressnio Review.

Pressnio Review

ASTROBLU Pressnio WP Theme – A Quick Overview

  • Product Vendor:  Fachrul Stream
  • Product:                WordPress Theme
  • Niche:                    WordPress Theme
  • Front-End Price:   $37
  • Official Website:  Click Here
  • Launch Date:        Feb-16-2018
  • Launch Time:00 EST
  • Bonus Offer:        Click Here
  • Refund Period:    30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Support:               Technical Support Available
  • Skill Required:     Basic WordPress knowledge
  • Our Opinion:        Highly Recommended
  • Best for: Business Owners, Web consultants, Webmasters, Affiliates, Local Consultants, and Bloggers

Pressnio Theme – What is it Really?

Pressnio WordPress theme is a product by ASTROBLU Company, who is famous for their contribution in the WordPress theme market. The Pressnio theme is specially built for Business websites using the latest technologies and focusing on the best performance. The websites built with Pressnio WP Theme will give you the ability to rule the market and it will work with any niche.

As I mentioned earlier in this ASTROBLU Pressnio Review, The Pressnio theme is using Instant Live editor Technology. Their latest Live Drag n Drop Technologies will ensure you to create any business website pages without hassles and you can save a lot of time and money by avoiding lengthy coding things.

Pressnio Theme Review

Features of ASTROBLU Pressnio WordPress Theme

  • Responsive Design and Mobile friendly layout

You can go beyond the old web design culture of generic designs. The Pressnio WP theme gives more freedom to its users by providing more control over various page sections. It will give your website a custom built websites-like look and feel. The Pressnio theme gives you extra options like Section Width and height adjustment, Column and Content position adjustment, Column gap adjustments, padding and margin adjustments.

As you know, mobile users are increasing day by day and you should make your website mobile friendly to get more visitors. ASTROBLU Pressnio WordPress theme is very much friendly towards any screen size. You don’t need to worry about mobile optimization later.

  • Unlimited ColourScheme

The Pressnio review theme allows you to choose from its wide variety of colors. You can choose any color and the website will automatically set to the color scheme. You can even customize any area to make a different look on your website

  • Header Option

This is not a new feature but it is an essential feature of a good theme. The Pressnio WP Theme by ASTROBLU allows you to customize Header without much hassle.

  • Blog and Archives

Both Blog and Archive is best to improve the bounce rate of your website. You can encourage your visitors to roam around your website by providing them a nice blog page to read and Pressnio Themes Archives option will help them to find your old blog posts easily.

  • Speedy and SEO Optimized Website

SEO is a tough part of many website owners. If you choose a non-SEO Friendly theme, it will be even worse. Pressnio WordPress theme is pre-optimized for better ranking. So, you don’t need to worry about it.

  • Major Browser Compatibility

According to Pressnio user Reviews The Pressnio theme is highly compatible with all available browsers which include, Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Opera and a lot more

  • Translation and RTL Ready

The Pressnio WP theme is built with Translation and RTL Option. This allows you to use any language on your website. Those who don’t know, RTL is the writing system known as Right-to-Left (RTL) in which website script runs from the right-hand side of a page and ends on the left-hand side, such as in Arabic, Urdu, and Hebrew.

These are the main features of ASTROBLU Pressnio WordPress plugin. But the list is very long since there are many other features too.

Astroblu Pressnio Review

Pressnio Theme Review – Which Kind of Website can Use it?

Pressnio template is built for wide usage over any niche. The theme can be used for any niche websites but it will be more suitable for

  1. Company Websites
  2. Mobile App websites
  3. Fashion Websites
  4. Restaurant websites/ Food blogs
  5. Charity
  6. Wedding
  7. Travel, Tech, Affiliate, e-Commerce, Health niche blogs, and websites.

If you have a different kind of website and if you confused whether you can use Pressnio theme or not, shoot your question in the comment box below this ASTROBLU Pressnio Review.

Pros and Cons of ASTROBLU Pressnio WordPress Theme

After using the Pressnio Demo version, here are the pros and cons of Pressnio free theme that I have identified so far.


  • Easy to Customize
  • No Heavy CSS or Javascript
  • Save Time and Money
  • Newbie friendly
  • Premium Bonuses
  • Fast loading and Search Engine Optimized


  • Till now I couldn’t find a negative but I am little worried about the price hike after early bird offer ends.

How to Install Pressnio Theme in WordPress?

Actually, Installing Pressnio theme on your WordPress website is a very simple task and you don’t need a big step by step guide to do that process. My ASTROBLU Pressnio Review has explained it in simple points below;

  • Just download Pressnio theme by completing the payment procedure
  • Go to Themes section of WordPress Dashboard
  • Click “Add New Theme”
  • Choose “Upload Theme” Option and Upload Pressnio theme file which you downloaded before.
  • After uploading Just Activate it by Clicking on “Activate” button.
  • Customize ASTROBLU Pressnio Template according to your needs

Is Pressnio Download Worth it?

If you are very serious about your website and more than just a passion, if you really wish to make some money from your website, The Pressnio Theme will help to boost your website performance. In my opinion, for the premium features it is providing, the price is very less.

The pressnio website theme is a worth buy product since its creators took more than one year to develop the theme, it is very clear that there are worth features in it. To make it simple and clear, Pressnio WP Theme is a worth buy product.

How to Buy and Download Pressnio WordPress Theme?

As I mentioned in this Pressnio review before, You can directly download Pressnio WordPress theme from its official website itself. The early bird offer is available now and it will be available for $37 after the early bird offer ends. There are four additional Bonuses available with Pressnio Download and they are;

  • Free Graphix Club Membership- This Includes access to 1200+ Graphics Tools
  • MockUp Mars- Portfolio Enhancing and Marketing Tool
  • ASTROBLU VIP Membership- Minimum 4 Free Graphic/Internet Tools Every Month
  • Free Access to Training Centre

Other than these extra bonuses you can also add up the benefits by purchasing some One time Offers that ASTROBLU Pressnio download provides with the package. They are;

OTO-1:  Pro Addon- $27

OTO-2:  Templates Pack- $27

OTO-3:  Developer License- $27

OTO- 4: DFY Services- $47

OTO- 5: Reseller Rights- $97

For each and every product, they offer a 100% money back if you don’t like the product within 30 days of usage. The refund period is 30 days and you can cancel their product and just request a money back. Your money will get credited back to your bank account within next 7 Bank working days.

Pressnio Free Download

ASTROBLU Pressnio Review – Conclusion

You might have already taken a decision by now. Hope I have given every detail about the theme through this Pressnio Review. It is your call now. The Pressnio WP theme is more than just an Awesome theme. There are numerous WordPress themes are available but, only a few can give your website a stunning look along with features and security. Pressnio theme is safe and has features that can run with any kind of website. If you are interested to purchase it, make it before the early-bird offer ends. If you have anything to share with us about this ASTROBLU Pressnio Review, please make use of the comment box below.


  1. Hi Steve,
    I am Really Thankful for this Pressnio Review. But, can you tell me more about the payment process. How can I buy this theme?

    1. Hello Nicolas,
      You can Download Pressnio Theme Directly from their official website and here is the payment process: you will be taken through Paypal Secure Payment and will end up on Pressnio website. They will send you an email informing your login details. You can Login to the Pressnio member’s area and access your purchase.

  2. Cheers for the detailed look into Pressnio Themes. It seems like the package has a lot to offer and I did see it come up more often than other themes in my research.

    I was steering away from paid themes due to the inability to pay the cost during my initial blogging days. My tendency was to look for free themes that offer great features and later, one of my website got hacked since I used a cracked theme.
    Pressnio Themes is something to consider for the future, and it will be interesting to see how their popularity fairs over time!

    1. Usually, Free WordPress Themes looks really good for beginners, but you can’t say it is safe. Other negatives of Free WordPress Themes are Limited support, no obligation, and no Uniqueness. So, I Do not prefer a Free WP theme ever.

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