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Wood Profits Review: A Program You Should Stay Away From

Hello guys, welcome back to Tecsmash, today I bring you an in-depth and detailed Wood Profits review or shall I call it  Wood Profits scam. Since unemployment and recession are raising concern, to combat the same, people from across the globe have been coming up with various methods to earn money from home. People fall for any program that promises some extra cash. Taking advantage of this case, there are also various fake programs in the internet market that make big promises. Nobody can become rich overnight unless you hit a jackpot.

Wood Profits Review: A Program You Should Stay Away From.


So is the Wood Profits program by Jim Morgan a legit one or just another scam, can this program work or is it just another void book and CD program which is nothing but a waste of money?. Here are some of the shocking facts we found out while doing this Wood Profits review.

Wood profits review

What is Wood Profits?

The Wood Profits Program is a 53-page ebook and audiobook combo which has been available since 2012.  This program claims to teach it’s a user how to start a successful woodworking business which is turnkey (a program that promises income within two weeks or less). The program is claimed to be great and just perfect for anyone who just wants to find freedom from their daily job and earn big from home.

The Wood Profits website, promises to help one make about $90,000 to $150,000 per year by running your own woodworking business at the comfort of your home. And that’s not it the creator also states that you don’t need to have any previous experience in the field and you can start the business under $1,000 investment. Though this might sound cool in theory, keep reading the full Wood Profits review to know why this program is completely useless and fake.

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Who is behind Wood Profits?

Jim Morgan

Jim Morgan the creator, whose were about have no authority surprisingly claims that he started off his woodworks business back in 1995. On the official site, he states that he lost his job and the lack of employment led him to start his own wood workshop in just a 10×20 feet area. He began this in hopes of supporting his family and two kids financially. He began by creating furniture extends and started selling them out in the market. He claims that this season picked up and today he owns a 1400 feet area workshop.  Jim states that since he knows the basics and has been through the initial struggles of starting a business from the scratch he will be able to successfully back up a newbie with no experience in the field to successfully set up a woodworking business.

Apart from his claims on the website, there has been no authorized proof that Jim Morgan actually exists. Doing our research for the Wood Profits reviews, we could find any details about this man on the internet. Also, the earning claims that he mentioned on his site seems quite ridiculous, I don’t think earning $150,000 in such a short time makes sense to anyone. Keep reading the Wood Profits review to know the scan complete scam game that’s going on with this product.

How does Wood Profits Program work?

To be honest with you guys, this program doesn’t work. Once you have logged into the suite, spend your money on the program you will be taken to a download link. The 53-page book along with the audio CD cannot teach you to become a millionaire. Through you might find some information regarding carpentry. You can also listen to the audiobook while you are on the go to get a few tips on doing woodwork. Though the Wood Profits price is just $37, I wouldn’t recommend one paying the same for a few tips, that too the kind of information which is available for free online. Well, basically this is all these Wood Profits reviews is going to offer you.

If you are someone who is really struggling to make some money then this product is something you have to stay away from Apart from the mysterious owner of this product who is hiding behind fake name and photos there you also be a huge number of marketers who would what you to log in to the program to earn their commission. Always remember legitimate programs don’t give such high-income promises because we all know making money is not that easy and the results at the end vary for different people and how they utilize the program.

What is Wood Profits

Why Wood Profits is a scam?

Here are some the Wood Profits scam schemes of the program exposed:

  • Fake creator

This is the classic identification when the authenticity of a program is considered. The image of Jim Morgan is photo the fake creator downloaded from istockphoto.com. Also if you do further down the website you will also notice that the rest of the three images of the creator are also stock images and the person in those images that claim to be the creator are three different people.

  • Fake Testimonials

If you go through the website you with see a lot of testimonials which for those who don’t know might find to be real. If you take a closer look and do a little bit of background check you will find that the testimonials are fake the images of the users are Shutterstock image which can be downloaded and used by anyone. There are no Wood Profits real reviews.

  • Fake proof of authority

If you scroll down to the bottom of the sales page you will see that the creator has claimed that this program has been featured on authority platforms like Entrepreneur Magazine, CNN, USA Today, etc. we did thorough research for this Wood Profits review and found that there is no evidence supporting this claim. If the program was as famous as the claims find it online wouldn’t be that difficult.

Wood Profits scam

The reality behind Wood Profits

Wood Profits scam is just a 53-page eBook which costs $37 upfront. Once you are done with that there will be multiple down sells and upsells waiting as you enter their sales funnel. Also if you try to exit the page you will be given an option to purchase the Wood Profits website for a 10% discount that gets the whole program for $27. This is their first downsell. Once you are done with that there are 3 more single click upsells which cost  $29.97, $39 and $49.97 respectively. Once you reject the second and third upset then you will be promoted to the downsell option which cost $29 and $39.97 respectively. This is like a maze where you will have no option to get them since they are all an additional guide that will again promise to teach you advanced skills to get your business running and make the maximum profit. You can google Wood Profits complaints about more details on the same.

Is Wood Profits worth Trying?

Definitely not!  Why should someone buy a product that has a Hyped-up Sales Page which gives nothing? Everything that is given on the page including the creator, as well as the testimonials, is FAKE! As given on the sales page if Wood Profits review has really been featured on platforms like CNN and Entrepreneur Magazine then why does the program not have the BBB Accreditation.

As we have discussed the Internet Marketing industry is filled with a lot of scams and scammers but there are a handful of systems/programs that actually work. Do check our Recommended Programs page, where we have listed out the best IM courses/programs which are legit and works (tried and tested). Click below ↓


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After doing this in-depth Wood Profits review, I would like to put in my personal opinion, I would save that $37 for doing something else. Some of them might disagree as this book does give some bits of information, but it is nothing more than what you can find on the internet for free.  Analyzing the product in detail one thing is for your you are never going to make $150k a year with this void program. This product has been on the web since 2012, if the program was as successful as the stated then the Wood Profits real reviews would have become a world wild sensational program with 100s of happy customers. The only people making money out of Wood Profits is the Wood Profits owner, whom we know nothing about and those who promote this product.

I hope you found this Wood Profits review useful, now it’s up to you to decide if you want to try the product or stay away from this scam. See you guys soon with another interesting review.


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