8 Useful Tools To Craft Beautiful Graphics For Social Media

There are many useful tools to craft beautiful graphics for social media, many are free or cheap to license, and several come with an assortment of preset crops for diverse podiums, along with templates to craft the design procedure much easier.

8 Useful Tools To Craft Beautiful Graphics For Social Media


Creating images that increase engagement with your brand and traffic to your website is vital, and for this, you need a good design tool. Below we have listed some for you:


  1. Pablo

Pablo is the best tool that helps to make drop-dead easy to insert a nice-looking, customized graphic to your social posts. Its keyword search is speedy and accurate, so you can choose the perfect image for your post. You can choose among various sizes easily which can effortlessly fit for various social media platforms.

  1. Canva

Canva is said to be the easiest way to create unique, high-quality images that are great for sharing on social media. It has hundreds of templates, image as well as picture assets, along with numerous fonts and text styling. It contains about 10 million+ users, and has several free layouts, fonts, backgrounds, in addition to elements to work with. This lets you craft professional-quality images at minimal cost, and the best part is that it’s extremely easy to use, also for beginners. You only have to choose a design that you desire, add text by means of a font that you like, and you’re good to go.

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  1. Skitch

Skitch is an Evernote product that offers the entire tools essential to adjoin visual commentary to any image. In it, you can make use of arrows, text, stickers, and a handful of additional tools to get your message crosswise on a screenshot or any image of choice. It is a free plus supportive app for the holdup or community teams, in it, you can easily circle things, blur things, as well as add text with just a pair of quick clicks. It is a product of Evernote which lets you save and store up all screengrabs within an Evernote folder of which is very helpful for your choosing.

  1. Easel.ly

Easel.ly is the best tool that helps users to create many stunning graphics to engage the audience further. It is just very simple as after signing up for an account, you can choose from numerous templates and after that edit your work to customize it further. Subsequently, you can share it as a link, in the browser or else as embed code for websites. You can easily select from a slide of ready to use templates or else you can also create your own. The authentic value is in the drag and drop line and the easiness of plugging in your own data. It is one of the best as it offers two pricing plans, free as well as a pro. It also comes with a massive number of icons, shapes, along with objects which you can drag and drop easily into your editor.

  1. Gravit

Gravit is an image editor that works by optimizing graphics for social media. It has quite a lot of sizes prepared for specific uses and comes with a collection of editing tools. It offers Cloud support also so that you can save your creations online and also contains feature-rich interface too with several pre-defined layouts. You can effortlessly make Facebook cover art by means of precise dimensions for the social site. It is considered a powerful podium and is very popular owing to professional designers; however, it is not limited to users with design experience only.

  1. Pixlr

Pixlr performs editor look and is the same as Photoshop, however, the Express app is remarkable for adding more blaze to social images. It comes with a wide range of borders, layouts, overlays, effects as well as adding to create eye-catching pieces. You can easily upload a graphic or else also acquire pictures by means of your webcam. On the other hand, the system also uses flash so you may have to approve it to use your camera.

  1. Abode Stock

Adobe Stock encompasses more than 90 million high-quality inventive assets that you can employ in your social campaigns. It is very easy to work with it as that means once you’ve found the ideal image, you can instantly download it and also attach it to your posts, in addition, to share it crosswise all your social channels and just all from one place.

  1. Over

Over is considered as one of the best-known tools for adding text to images and offers much more than what you can imagine. .It works for blending, adding image overlays, taking color samples, as well as offers outstanding ready to use the artwork. The Over app for iOS as well as Android allows you to choose whichever image on your device and then help you to customize with fonts, text, colors, along with type sizes of your choosing.

Social media graphics have the potential to increase visitor engagement and that too in a quick manner.  All it takes is the precise message along with an eye-pleasing picture. Above is the extensive list of some of the best 8 Useful Tools to Craft Beautiful Graphics for Social Media With the help of these tools, you can convey your messages, and can easily and effectively share your ideas in a more creative, as well as in a captivating manner.

Social media consists of a lot of new information for you. But you don’t really remember 95% of them after reading. Here comes the importance of graphic designs. Poor-quality videos or images are unlikely to get noticed and the catchy designs and pictures you see on social media are hard to forget. You also have a temptation to share it or like it. Due to the advent of technology, now we have amazing editing tools and apps to create such stunning graphics. People judge your product or services through visual appearance, even without reading the content. So graphic designs in social media have become a good tool for marketing too.

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