Acura Bets review

Acura Bets Review – Does This Betting System Deliver 100% Profit?

Having so much to say, hope will stuff all the required facts in this Acura Bets review. We generally come across many statements saying that, “Get ready to change your life” and so on like this. Indeed, we get a lot more excited when we heard the chance to get rid of debts.

Acura Bets Review – Is It A Recommended Betting System To Earn Money?


Then exactly you are at the right place to claim your chance by this Acura Bets betting system. Alright, let’s get straight to the point and look at whether the Acura betting system is a scam or not. There may be lots of Acura Bets reviews but hopefully, this will give you all the facts.

Acura Bets review

Program Title Acura Bets
Language English
Author Julian Bradshaw
Category Betting System
Price £19.99 ($26.21)
Official Website Click here

About Acura Bets

Julian Bradshaw, CEO of the Acura Bets network is operating the Acura Bets which is new to the market of horse racing tipster service. Julian states that his mission in life is to help people like us and his goal is to transform our life by betting the odds to make us a winner. He assures that he will triple our income and also to get rid of debts. When coming to the betting system, there is a lot more to share with you people. Julian Bradshaw is offering Acura Bets, but effectively, you are getting access to his teams’ daily selections. Despite the rather grandiose overtones and implications that surround the service, this is a pretty standard affair as far as tipster services go.

Julian Bradshaw

What comes with Acura Bets?

So, what do we get? Selections are issued daily and the logistics are almost exactly what you would expect. Tips were sent directly to me via email, usually the morning of the days racing. All that I had to do is, place those bet online or at my bookies. Interestingly, given that the Acura Bets Network is supposedly a substantial betting operation, there isn’t a whole lot of information that is provided with these emails. With this in mind, the case with these kinds of tipster service, Odds checker will serve you well. Acura Bets is just incredible. Julian Bradshaw and his team exclusively provided me with the straight win bets.

There are typically just a small handful of bets on a given day, and these are at a range of odds. Typically speaking, I was looking at a little over evens going up to middling odds. There don’t seem to be any big bets from what I have seen. Now, this isn’t a whole lot to say, but honestly, Acura Bets looks like a wholly unremarkable tipster service. Whether or not you think that this is a good thing is subjective, but given everything that is supposedly involved with the service, I will say in the Acura Bets Review, that I expected more from Julian Bradshaw, presuming of course that this is all genuine.

In terms of a staking plan, it probably shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to learn that there isn’t a whole lot of information that is provided. This is particularly concerning to me as there is a massive amount of disparity in terms of the claimed incomes. As well as this, the headlining figure has little to no context without any details of how much Julian Bradshaw and his teams have been betting to produce this kind of profit. If I am honest, it is just one of several problems that I have with Acura Bets; despite their “testimonials” claiming that they are “honest”, “trustworthy”, and not surprisingly “real”. What they are more than happy to discuss however the claimed strike rate for the service is. Julian Bradshaw says that the Acura Bets Network of tipsters has a historic strike rate of 82%.

That is an incredible number that is much more in line with what you would expect from a lay betting tipster service than one that backs horses to win. In keeping with the strike rate, I am not at all surprised to learn that there is no evidence to back this claim up. Julian Bradshaw provides absolutely no proofing for Acura Bets which is hugely disappointing. It is also yet another area for concern.

There is no reason that any large scale horse racing betting operation wouldn’t keep a record of their bets. The fact that they aren’t provided only really suggests one thing to me and… Well, it doesn’t bode well. I think that the distinct lack of proofing suggests that these results are likely fabricated, however, as always; I would love to be proven wrong. In the sales material, we are introduced to a number of these experts which include the following people

  • James Tattum

A trainer who says that Acura Bets is a “network that listens and allows showing his knowledge”.

  • Juliette Morgan

A statistical analyst who has supposedly spent the last 8 years working as a corporate investigator.

  • Ravi Ahuja

A professional gambler who says that by combining his skill set with Acura Bets’s connections “make us an unstoppable betting system”.

  • Ryan Corbett

As a former bookmaker who joined the service after a friend supposedly enjoyed success.

Wendy Hodgson, a horse racing blogger who reviews “all the top betting systems”. This time spent allows her to “delve deep into the betting world”.

  • Alan Entwistle

Another former bookie with a claimed 20 years of experience working for many top European companies. He says there is nothing he doesn’t know when it comes to systems and stats.

  • Kam Chu Yung

Another professional gambler who claims that “luck will only be helped with knowledge and that is what thing that this system provides”.

  • Christopher White

A stable owner who claims to have worked with Julian Bradshaw in the past, as well as having trained winning horses.

Main features of Acura Bets

Initial Investment

There is just one option if you want to subscribe to Acura Bets; this is a one-off payment of £29.99 (plus VAT). We aren’t told by Julian Bradshaw how long this will buy you a subscription for. Having a lot of familiarity with produces like this, I would presume that this would be for a lifetime, however, how long this ultimately turns out to be will likely be disappointing.

One of the better things that I can say about Acura Bets is that it does come with a 60-day money-back guarantee. It is said in the Acura Bets network Review, this is because Julian Bradshaw is selling the service through ClickBank which means that you shouldn’t have problems getting a refund.

Rate of Return

Now, there are a large number of different claims in terms of how much you can expect to make through Acura Bets. The headlining number is £185,784.54, a mind-blowing figure that is only backed up by a hugely questionable screenshot of a William Hill betting account. Elsewhere, Julian Bradshaw tells us that on average, Acura Bets members make more than £35,000 per year. A massively questionable testimonial is in line with this showing a claimed profit of £36,734, or £37,843 depending on what part of the sales page you are looking at. This represents a significant discrepancy in my book.

On top of all of this, there is the fact that there is no information on what kind of stakes have been placed in either case. As such, these numbers have little context and could be anything. This is all very off-putting to me.

Acura Bets network review

Pros and cons of Acura Bets


  • You can claim more cash by easily betting and racing.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • You are guided by experts as per Acura Bets Reviews.


  • Much clear information is not given to you via email
  • You also need to be very conscious of your betting.

Acura Bets Price and How to Access Acura Bets?

For now, you can join this betting elite for £29.99. And people in the Acura Bets are currently earning £35,000 per year on an average in betting by the guidance of the experts in horse racing. When coming to the accessing process there are only just three simple steps you need to know

  • Every morning, I received the verified picks for the day.
  • I just placed my Bets online or in my bookies.
  • And that’s it, I claimed the cash.

Acura Bets reviews

Are there any Acura Bets bonuses?

Sadly there are no bonuses available in the Acura Bets as they have all the required features in the betting system itself. They have a lot more advantages and guidance that are provided to you.


Finally, concluding this Acura Bets review 2020 I would personally recommend you to try this betting system to earn money and also to have fun. They are provided with all the requirements and with expert guidance. This gave me an additional income to overcome some debts and made me completely free. Why has a second thought? When you get an incredible outcome? I guess my Acura Bets review would have helped you to know the information. So now it’s your lucky time to take a chance.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Does this help us to earn cash?

Yes, of course, it will when you follow the guided instructions properly. And there are also people earning more than £35000 per year. So definitely you can try this out to claim your luck.

  • How to place the Bets?

Acura Bets betting system sends you the best picks of the day every day. And you can place your bet online or in your newbies.

  • Do I get any bonuses?

No, you don’t get any bonus instead you will have all the required things in the betting system. You have also had experts’ guidance so this is much enough for you to hit big amounts.

  • Do Acura Bets come with a money-back guarantee?

Yes, Acura Bets does come with a 60-day money-back guarantee. This is because Julian Bradshaw is selling the service through ClickBank which means that you shouldn’t have problems getting a refund.

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