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Spring Profits Review: Can You Really Earn More By Selling T-Shirts?

Welcome to my Spring Profits review!  This is a new ClickBank product has been the talk of the town for a while now. The creator claims this to be a huge profit-generating system that could help ordinary people with no previous experience in the field earn a 7- digit income. From the website and the details provided by the creator, Daniel Green, Spring Profits basically trains people to sell t-shirts on a site called Teespring.  So how good is this product and the claims? Is it really possible to make an income through this method? That’s exactly what we are going to uncover for you in this Spring Profits review.

Spring Profits Review: How Legit Is This Training Program?


From all the research we did to do this Spring Profits review, we can finally say that this product might actually have more than what meets the eye.  Initially, when I came across the Spring Profits guide, the title of the page that said, “ I made $3,912,383.11 Selling T-Shirts from the comfort of my own home. Now it’s YOUR turn!” grabbed my attention. As an internet marketing expert, I never thought much of the program, I thought it was just another fake Click Bank scam that promised to make millions online but delivered nothing. But as I went through the whole data I realized that the program’s claims effective to a certain extent but I wouldn’t guarantee the kind of results as claimed by the creator. There are people out there who make a lot of money selling products online.

Spring Profits Course

In the Spring Profits course, you will be given the required training to sell t-shirts online, on big merchandise called Teespring. This technology is not a bad idea at all if you know what to do and when. Keep reading the full Spring Profits review for more details.

Features Of Spring Profits Training

Here are some of the key features of this program I learned while doing my research for this Spring Profit review:

  • A Guide to selling t-shirts online
  • You can learn how to come up with your own t-shirt design and then you list it for sale on e-commerce platforms (that’s how this business usually works).
  • You wouldn’t need to order the stock at your home in advance.
  • When someone buys your product from the listing only then do you have to pay the t-shirt company and start the printing process? The product will then be directly be shipped to the customer.
  • You can earn from the difference between the cost of t-shirt production and the amount your customer pays.
  • Once you know when and how (which the am not sure if Spring Profits training will teach you) the scope of earning ion this field is high.
  • You do not require many sales to earn a decent amount of money every month.
  • You will also have a 60-day money-back guarantee if you are not happy with the product (Which after doing my Spring Profit review I cannot assure you).

How Does Spring Profit Work?

Well according to the faceless creator, Daniel Green (who I am sure is some fake person) you will learn to create custom t-shirts on the Teespring website to earn money. He claims that the program does not have a learning curve and is effective for anyone from around the world, which I clearly doubt. The Sprong Profit is supposed to teach it’s user tricks, tips, and techniques to obtain maximum efficiency and make about $25,000 by spending just 10 minutes of your time.  Well sounds great right but here is the real catch, while we logging into the Teespring website to test the product in-depth for this Spring Profit review, I wasn’t surprised with what I found…

We logged into the claimed website to do this Spring Profits review, once you are logged in you will be given access to their t-shirts and printing service, now you will have to work on creating your own custom logos and designs for the t-shirts, that’s not it, you will also have to find customers to sell your stuff on your own- well, that would definitely require more than just spending  10 minutes a day. Then again the kind of profit the creator claims, the person would need to be an expert in the field, even if you are fresh it would definitely take you months and years to earn that kind of money.

I have reviewed many products and what I learned from my experience is that no genuine product owners will make big claims as this.  While fake products usually come with fake analytics, they usually leave out the difficult parts such as how much it actually takes to create a good website and generate leads for your business. So, don’t expect to make any money with just 10 minutes of work that never works no matter what business you are in.

And definitely, creativity plays a key role in such businesses, as Daniel claims you cannot just putting letters on your t-shirt and expect that to sell like hotcakes, there are already many well established online stores selling t-shirts. You need to stand out unless you want to end up with nothing. Apart from all that to make a decent profit you will need to make bulk sales, that’s because you need to include the cost of printing, shipping, and packaging. Overall what am trying to say is that it takes a lot more than just 4 minutes a day.

Pros and Cons of Spring Profits


  • eCommerce is a legit business model even though it doesn’t work as easily as the creator of Spring Profits claims.


  • Fake creator.
  • Income claims that make no sense.
  • Fake testimonials – The persons in the video are Fiverr actors!

Spring Profits Reviews

Spring Profits Review

  • While I did my research for Spring Profits review, I never heard of Daniel Green nor his company.
  • Quite Pricey.
  • Fake ideology and claims don’t work in the real world.
  • No real user reviews.
  • Doesn’t talk about the added expense such as advertising etc.

Why You Should Get Spring Profits?

I would definitely not vote for the product and hence I have more reasons as to why you shouldn’t get Spring Profits. Here are my solid reasons, as a result of analyzing the product and also referring to various other Spring Profits reviews.

  • The video starts with the hype that you are one among the chosen few

The video begins with the claims,

“Congratulations your link has just been activated which means you now have the opportunity to access the profit-generating system that is turning ordinary people into millionaires. You are one of just a few lucky individuals who will ever hear this message so I suggest you listen very closely as the information I’m about to share could completely change your life.”

            How can a public video be one for a few chosen few?

  • 10 mins of hard work to set up the program and big money by spending just 4 min every day!!! The video claims as follows,

“This incredible system average Joes have been making in excess of $25,000 every single week and what’s even more surprising is that doing so requires no more than ten minutes of your time each day and you don’t need any special skills or experience to get started.”

  • Fake Testimonials by hired actors, why hire people to create testimonials if you have real success?

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Spring Profits Price and How to Buy it?

From our analysis of various Spring Profits reviews and their official website, we found that the product can be bought at $37. However, once you have bought the product and logged in you will be diverted to more upsells. It’s obvious because fake products like this are generated for creators the sole purpose of creating money. If you have heard of 1 click upsell you might be familiar with this kind of money-making scheme. If you click on those links, the money will be automatically deducted your registered credit or debit card.

Spring Profits Scam


If you have gone through this full Spring Profits review by now you might have already figured out that this product is a scam. But there is absolutely no way to get the results that the owner claims in the video. Through the concept of this business model is legit, the claims are overhyped.  Hence we would suggest that you buy the product at your own risk.

If you have some experience in marketing you must have already realized that things don’t work as easy as claimed. Also, most of the details provided such as testimonials are fake. The creator doesn’t show himself. Hoe can one know if Daniel Green even exists? Fro what the product may be able to actually do, i.e., provide some information on selling t-shirts online, I don’t think the product is worth your time and money.

As you all know, the t-shirt market is one of the biggest markets. People buy a t-shirt not only for covering their body but to show support to their team and to spread their thoughts. Spring profit basically gives training for people to sell t-shirts on a site called Teespring. I am sure that anyone who attended this training program didn’t recommend this for their loved ones. The details added in this program and even the creator is fake.

As you know the Internet Marketing industry is filled with a lot of scams and scammers but there are a handful of systems/programs that actually work. Do check our Recommended Programs page, where we have listed out the best IM courses/programs which are legit and works (tried and tested). Click below ↓

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Thank you for reading my Spring Profits review! If you have used the program and want to share the experience or if you have any inquiries, kindly share in the comment box below.


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