Affiliate Bots Review

Affiliate Bots Review | 17 Affiliate Bots = $3k Per Day! Another Scam?

The most awaited Affiliate Bots review is here. Affiliate Bots software system is an eagerly anticipated affiliate marketing tool of the year 2019 and I have managed to acquire the pre-released version of this money-making tool. Lucky enough! I would say. If you are trying hard to collect as much information on Affiliate Bots tools as possible, then read this section. Is it worth procuring it? Can you part with your hard-earned cash to avail of this tool? I will give you honest opinion here in the section.

Yes! It is true. You can get Affiliate Bots review from other portals as well, but are they genuine? In my opinion, they are all crap as they fail to give comprehensive information. What you need to do is follow this section to know about it. For the first time visitors to this blog, I’m Steve, and I’m an Internet Marketer and here in TecSmash, I share my tips and tricks on how to make money online and my team review products, programs and services in the IM field by doing a thorough research and testing it. I have actually bought Affiliate Bots by Chris and found it really useful and newbie-friendly. Read further to know my findings.

You may have heard stories regarding people making $3000 a day through affiliate marketing. Is it easy? Have you ever wondered? Or are you tempted to get Affiliate Bots affiliate marketing tools without even knowing it? Before we start this Affiliate Bots review let me quote Bo Bennett. Affiliate marketing has made businesses millions and ordinary people millionaires.

Affiliate Bots Review: 17 Exclusive Affiliate Software’s By Chris


Using the tool is easy for you, just find a good affiliate program which is making huge sums of money on any of the big portals like ClickBank, Amazon, JVZoo, and others. What you need to do is promote the affiliate program with a single click and note the traffic you are getting. If you follow the instructions very carefully from the videos inside, you will see yourself profiting from Google, YouTube and from several other sources. In the Affiliate Bots database, there are nearly 6000 affiliate programs to be promoted across Amazon, WarriorPlus, JVZoo, and ClickBank, I’m not kidding and these are actually genuine and 100% profit-generating. There is a lot to discuss. Grab a cup of coffee and start reading my unbiased Affiliate Bots review.

Affiliate Bots Review

Can you believe Chris making nearly $2million from affiliate marketing? He shares his ideas and knowledge in the videos to help you make your first big bucks online! So, let’s find out everything about Affiliate Bots system and how it can grow your online marketing business.

What is Affiliate Bots?

Are you curious to know how the affiliate marketers make more than $3000 a day? They do it by finding out an affiliate program. These may be running across Amazon, JVZoo or ClickBank. They use the ‘Single Click Web Builder’ to promote the program and collect free views, commissions on websites like YouTube and Google. Watch the video below created by none other than but the creator of Affiliate Bots software for mac.

Chris’s automated software is solely on affiliate marketing. The best part about affiliate marketing is that it is ‘Zero Cost’ business. I have been doing it for years and so does many. Just from one sale, you may get a $5-$500 commission. The main focus is on Amazon, ClickBank, and JVZoo. People have already earned millions from these sites and Chris is teaching you the exact same thing that has been done by all super successful affiliates, and I bet a thousand bucks that you won’t find any negative Affiliate Bots reviews online! Cause people who already bought it might have started to see some good results.

Simply put, Affiliate Bots tool is a money-making internet marketing product which has 17 software tools priced at $17 (this is an introductory offer, the price will go high in a couple of days for sure). In the 17 tools, 8 are affiliate marketing tools for the various portals and then there are website building tools, video-making tools. Such tools help you create engaging content, attract traffic and generate commissions for you!

Creator of Affiliate Bots System

Affiliate Bots software, launched on 13th November in 2018, was created by Chris X. He is an internet marketer who came in the limelight in 2006. He claims that he has already made $2 million from affiliate marketing last year using sites like Google, Facebook,  and YouTube in a very different manner to attract traffic. Chris followed the exact same steps every time to promote ClickBank, JVZoo and Amazon products and eventually automated them and recommended it to friends, ones they found success, he decided to sell it and that’s how Affiliate Bots came into the market. Affiliate gurus (not naming any) have already given raving reviews on Affiliate Bots and so does the early buyers including me.

Affiliate Bots Features

Affiliate Bots Scam

As I mentioned in this indisputable Affiliate Bots review, The Affiliate Bots affiliate marketing bundle have the following to offer:

  • The Christmas affiliate Bot displays the top-selling Christmas products.
  • HostingAffiliate Bot displays the best affiliate programs in the realm of monster hosting.
  • IMAAffiliate Bot displays profitable and worth considering affiliate marketing programs in the internet marketing.
  • Affiliate Ads help to find and create the various banner ads for nearly 200 ClickBank affiliate programs.
  • Warrior250 helps to find out the top 250 affiliate programs on the WarriorPlus.
  • To find out the new and top 200 hottest and brand new products on Amazon, there is King of the Zon tool.
  • Launch Pulse displays the product launches on ClickBank, JV, and WarriorPlus in the coming 30 days.
  • CB250 gives you the names of the top 250 affiliate programs on ClickBank.
  • To find profitable and worth considering affiliate programs, use the King of the Zoo that makes thousands of dollars for affiliate marketers.
  • 1 Click Affiliate creates profitable affiliate sites and the various landing pages for products and different niches in just 60 seconds.
  • 1 Click Video Pages help to create profitable video sites with 10 proven and time-tested templates.
  • The Rapid Video Creator Tool auto-creates YouTube videos for a buyer keyword in 1 minute.
  • The Resell Database Software is pre-loaded and carries thousands of software or other products you may license in just a few minutes.
  • AutoMail Software is that autoresponder that allows you to build and send unlimited emails (this is my favorite :D).
  • Domainaveli helps to find premium domain names.
  • Flip DB is the database of hundreds of websites making more than $25k each month for the affiliate marketer.

Not finished yet. There are some amazing Affiliate Bots bonuses available too.

Affiliate Bots Results

Pros and Cons of Affiliate Bots


From my personal experience with Affiliate Bots 17 tools, let me highlight the advantages and disadvantages.

  • By using this affiliate marketing tool, anyone might become an affiliate marketer. It doesn’t need any qualification, any diploma and it will not even consider your age.
  • Even if you don’t have your own products, you may make money online. This is done by promoting the products of other businesses. If you get conversion and visitors to the products and websites, the business will pay you a commission. It will automatically reflect on your account.
  • There is no need to worry about the shipping of Affiliate Bots products. Procure the item online by making the payment.
  • When you are effecting transactions for the products, you don’t have to work on the payment processes for it is the responsibility of the business at large.


There are no such cons of Affiliate Bots program, but still, there are certain things to overwhelm you. Too many choices are available with regards to affiliate marketing programs. Secondly, when you send visitors to the website or make them purchase the products, you don’t know them personally. Then, in the process, you don’t have your own customer base.

For a newbie the bundle may be a lot, you know the problems of information overload. But if you concentrate on one network first and follow Chris’s steps carefully you will see the result in a couple of days.

In my experience, I have sold many ClickBank, Amazon and Warrior Plus products but never a JVZoo one (I thought they pay a very less commission per sale), I took one of the recently launched items recommended by the Launch Pulse bot and used the video creation tools, send some traffic to it and bam, earned my first commission in 2 days! Below is the proof.

jvzoo proof

Click below to get the Affiliate Bots from their Official Website for $17! (introductory offer)

buy affiliate bots

How to Use Affiliate Bots Effectively?

Apart from 17 software tools to help an affiliate marketer, there are also 37 pages guide to show you how to use these bots effectively. This gives complete information on Affiliate Bots system. In the package, there are also hidden or secret videos stating the tips on using the Affiliate Bots step by step. There are also newbie-friendly features that attract positive Affiliate Bots system review. They are as stated below:

  • Affiliate Bots bonuses on how to profit from Affiliate Marketing using YouTube, +Google, Amazon, Clickbank, and JVZoo.
  • PDF training on how to profit from affiliate marketing. The documents are complete and the information is given beautifully.
  • There are training videos at the start to train you how to use Affiliate Bots app.
  • Plus, there are training materials and future Upgrades.

A section talks about how to profit from FB Ads and TeeSpring while you also gain access to TeeSpring ‘T-Shirt Titan System’. This has about 4 software tools. FYI the T-Shirt Titan System has more than 3000 happy customers already. I wrote this Affiliate Bots review after going through the bonus tools and guidance. Below are my findings.

  • There is this TEE Searcher to find the best and the most trending T-Shirt designs on Zazzle, eBay, and Facebook.
  • The Auto Designer generates the PNG design ready-to-upload.
  • The Idea Maker auto-generates hundreds of design ideas in a few seconds.
  • Training videos of almost 8-hour duration cover every subject from finding designs, niche selection to ads management on FaceBook.
  • The Auto Model tool automatically creates FaceBook ad images attracting a lot of clicks.
  • A start guide is there for the beginners to showcase how to get started with the tool.

Affiliate Bots Bonuses

How to Actually Make Money From Affiliate Bots Software Bundle? 

Thanks to the internet that makes it easy to make money in a legal manner. As I mentioned in detailed Affiliate Bots review (bored of this long review? well, when you find a genuine program like this one or Parallel Profits after reviewing tens of scams, one is supposed to get excited right?), affiliate marketing is an outstanding way to make money online. But, you need to track your competitors online, use the best affiliate marketing tools. Performance-based affiliate marketing is the way of earning money where the businesses award the affiliate marketers for promoting certain products and services. If you can attract more customers to the marketing effort, you earn huge commissions. Affiliate Bots website talk about exactly the same kind of online marketing. All the 17 tools in Affiliate Bots software bundle are extremely useful. With the use of such software tools and that too from the comfort of your home, you can make some extra money. If you are an affiliate marketer, it is highly recommended that you buy Affiliate Bots tools. I don’t know whether it will make you thousands per day though there is a possibility with time, from my experience this stuff is powerful and it does have a lot of potentials to make you some good money online and the guides are so easy to follow that even a newbie can start profiting from the first week. 

Steps you need to follow

My Affiliate Bots review will not be completed without explaining these steps. To effectively use Affiliate Bots Software, you can follow the steps stated in this section. I have myself used the following steps to make money:

  • The first step is FINDING AN AFFILIATE PROGRAM. There are more than 5000 affiliate programs available in the Affiliate Bots website to be promoted. You need to choose the best one. These programs are all the way from Amazon, WarriorPlus, JVZoo, and ClickBank

Affiliate Bots program

  • Using the tool, you can create a website in just a minute. There is two software to do this, namely, 1 Click Affiliate Software and 1 Click Video Pages Software. The first software has hundreds of already done templates while the next software helps to create several videos in just 60 seconds. I recommend the video creation tool for newbies which is very easy to use.

Affiliate Bots System

  • The third step is all about getting traffic to the website with the Rapid Rank Video Software. It is easy to get buyer traffic on YouTube and Google. To get the traffic, you need to import the script you have created with 1 Click Affiliate. Upload the video on the YouTube and let it rank on the buyer’s keyword on the YouTube and Google

Affiliate Bots Price and Discounts

Affiliate Bots tools work on PCs, Mac, tablet-phones, and even on smartphones. At present, the price of Affiliate Bots software bundle is $17. You will have to buy the subscription once the Affiliate Bots discount ends, which will cost you $147 each month. To get more information about making money online programs you can also check here.

Is Affiliate Bots a Scam?

Unlike other software tools on affiliate marketing, Affiliate Bots software does not make false promises. I have bought myself, tested and found it very useful and it could possibly become the nest breakout Internet Marketing software bundle for affiliates. The one who buys Affiliate Bots system today will enjoy time-limited and high-value Affiliate Bots bonuses. Plus, there is 60-Day complete money-back guarantee also available. As I stated in this Affiliate Bots review before, it 100% safe to buy.

How to Download Affiliate Bots?

Chris is using ClickBank as the market place to sell Affiliate Bots, which is the safest and secure way. Below is a screenshot of the purchase page where you pay $17 and once payment is done you will be redirected to the login page, all details will be mailed to the email you used to while purchasing.

==> You can click here to get the sign-up page or click on the below image. (I get a small commission when you buy through this Affiliate Bots review)

Affiliate Bots Download

Conclusion: Affiliate Bots is 100% Recommended

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online, it been there for years and many people including Chris made their fortune using the right tools and guides. Affiliate Bots bundle is a no-brainier-buy for both experienced IMs and newbies. If you go through my previous posts you might see me busting scams, when it comes to this program I’m more than happy to recommend it, cause this is pure gold considering the price it is selling at this moment.

Affiliate bots are a suite of artificial intelligence bots that are created to make the process easier for affiliated marketing aspires. This tool is a series of 37 different software programs that are designed to enhance your business. To frame this review, I had gone through several testimonials and reviews of the Affiliate bot users. They revealed that this product is 100% legit, useful and user-friendly.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope my Affiliate Bots review covered everything regarding the software bundle. Let me know your thoughts in the comments sections.

Cheers to our success! 🍻

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