Secret Ways To Improve Adsense CTR

10 Highly Effective Ways To Increase Adsense CTR in 2020

This article is on 10 Highly effective ways to increase Adsense CTR in 2020. In a world were entertainment platforms are raising to its peak with the younger generations as well as the older generations streaming into social media and are earning through vlogging or video blogging on various platforms such as mobile phones, social networking sites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. It’s your chance to start and build your own carrier. If you haven’t started yet and dream of earning big, then now is the best time to start.

10 Highly Effective Ways To Increase Adsense CTR – The Pro Tips


We already know that making videos regularly, publishing, sharing, engaging, etc,  is what most people are doing for fun and to make loads of money. Well for those of who are new here, this alone doesn’t help one in making money via these platforms. This is where Google Adsense CPC rates come. Everyone who makes money online would know the tricks to increase Adsense revenue.

Secret Ways To Improve Adsense CTR

What is Google Adsense?

Google AdSense is advertising programs administered, sorted, and maintained by Google. This allows the publishers of Google network to serve automatic text, image, video, or interactive media advertisements which are usually targeted based on the site of an audience. Do you have any questions regarding this? You can also visit the secret important tips to know more about this. 

What Is Google Adsense CTR?

Click-Through Rate is the percentage of people clicking Google Adsense ads on our website. For example, imagine that your average CPC is $0.2 and you get about 12,500  clicks on an average, you should be receiving about $5,000. Now for the same case if your CPC had been $0.3 with an average as same as above you could generate $7,500. Now you know what a small difference such as  $0.1 increase is enough for you to generate about $2,500 extra. A major reason why you should be improving your CTR. Here are 10 Secret ways to increase Adsense CTR in 2020.

1. Always remember and follow Google Adsense guidelines.

It’s very important that once strictly follow the rules, regulations, and instructions as provided by Google in their  Adsense privacy and terms and conditions.

2. Check your template HTML

Always make sure that your website is responsive, people tend to get fed up with slow loading websites. A fast responding site doesn’t just attract users and make their navigation easy but also helps you in retaining your visitors as they tend to come back.

3. Test Your Mobile Design.

Since the mobile platform is the most used platform today it is very important that one creates and frequent updates as well as tests, their site on the mobile platform.  Regularly check your mobile platform using google analytics and keep improving and updating. This will definitely help in generating more traffic.

4. Follow Adsense Heat Map with an Optimized Ad Unit

To get as well as maintain a good and appealing website one needs to check the Google Adsense heat map and place the recommended ad units as per the structure of your website. The ads need to be displayed in a proper way to get the necessary impact. This is one the most common trick used to increase Adsense CTR. Make a note of it

5. Always Pick the Most Popular Ad Places on the Page.

To make a higher revenue using Google Adsense, one needs to position and place the Ads in such a way that it goes with the design as well as falls at the right places.

10 Secret ways to improve Adsense CTR

6. Make use of both Text and Image Ads

Merge your ad color with your theme and include both texts as well as image ads, this one of the best ways to give more chance for advertisers to place high CPC ads on your site.

7. Avoid too Much Internal Linking

Limit the number of internal links when you plan on showing all the details on a single page. You must fix any broken link from any of your pages and not another page as this can hurt your   SEO and thereby will also cause a drop in overall revenue.

8. Display Google Search box.

The search page includes extra ads, which helps the visitor to find exactly what he wants from your sitemap. This will also help you to improve your earnings.

9. No Ticks, Please

Avoid any click generating campaign or a paid traffic generating tool that will mislead your visitors. Also, do not align ads with your images. This can affect the overall feel of your site and also affect the appeal of your images.

10. Monitor Ad-blocking

The adblocking option is provided by Adsense ad review for quality control (QC) purpose.  If you plan on using it as an optimization tool, then make sure that you monitor all the results that are executed by the ad performance & measure them on a regular basis.

Bonus Tip: How to Protect Your Adsense Account from High CTR Fraud?

One big mistake most people do is that they never know how to protect the account after getting Google Adsense. It just takes 3 days to get started on Google Adsense. Hence one needs to regularly monitor your increase Adsense CTR.

Here are some  tips on how to detect high CTR Ad Units in AdSense

  • Log In to your Google Adsense Account
  • Click on the Performance reports
  • Set the Fixed date range to the current date
  • Click on Ad units from the left panel
  • Come down to check the Ad request CTR
  • Click twice on the Ad request CTR to set the records ascending
  • Now make sure the CTR is below 3% to  5% on each of your channels
  • Remove ads from Home Page if the CTR is more 10% per each Ad unit.
  • Next, click on Countries on the left panel and check if the CTR is 10% from the US and Germany.
  • If you find the CTR to be more than 20% on any day end statistic, then do try and keep up with it.

Hope the tips provided in 10 Highly Effective Ways To Increase Adsense CTR in 2020 helped you generate more revenue from your existing traffic. Let us know your valuable thoughts and suggestions via our comment box.

Click-through rate measures the amount of traffic that drives into your website for the particular ad. You have to keep updated and check multiple things for improving the ad quality. Experiment with the above-given tips on your site.

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