How To Sell From Your Sofa With Livestream Shopping Events

How To Sell From Your Sofa With Livestream Shopping Events?

What about sitting on your sofa, kitchen table, or living room with a cup of coffee and making an extra income? Are you interested in live stream shopping events?

Live-streaming shopping shows are gaining popularity day by day. Earlier celebrities or popular figures were doing live shopping shows. Now, anyone with a presentable personality can do it. It is a deal between a host and the audience. It is completely live.

Live Stream Shopping Events – Business From Your Sofa!


Market, finance, and survival strategies are ever-changing. Live stream shopping events are the new normal. It is a wide opening for anyone who is enthusiastic about business.

Goodbye to all the complexities of running a business.

Live Stream Shopping Events Business From Your Sofa

Here, what you need is a pleasant face to present and sell your product and a good platform to learn and broadcast. Then you are successful! You can sit back on your sofa and earn.  

The first destination for live shopping was China which has the largest group of online shoppers in the world. Products will be introduced and described by a celebrity or a presenter who is called an influencer.

The availability of the product will be restricted to a limited time which will provide the audience with a sense of being left out and rushed to shop.  The host will also be equipped with entertainment programs and question-answer sessions to address the queries of the customers.

Comparison Between Live Stream Shopping And Traditional Online Shopping

Live stream shopping is actually the old wine that is in a new bottle. It is more content-oriented when compared to online shopping. The host considers entertaining the audience as very important.

Comparison Between Live Stream Shopping And Traditional Online Shopping

Commonly, it is popular personalities who are hosting the shows. It can be done by anyone with an innovative idea. It cannot be a cliché performance that causes boredom.

The content can be interviews, game shows, puzzles, or there should be something to hook the audience. The lives team version is edited and technically more advanced. 

Where To Launch A Live Shopping Event?

Live stream shopping events are usually streamed at e-commerce apps like Amazon, Walmart, and Fetch. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are also common platforms where you will find live-streaming shopping events.

Where To Launch A Live Shopping Event

Now we have Amazon Live which is exclusively designed for the US. There are many popular YouTube events too with a similar label. 

Live Streaming Video – Know The Features 

Here are a few features of a good live-streaming video that are necessary for the successful running of live-streaming video events. 

Live Streaming Video
  • The smartness, clarity, and enthusiasm of the host are essential for the success of a live-streaming video. Being a host is not everybody’s cup of tea. Influencers and celebrities can increase your reach. People will also trust them. Dressing, accent, and presentation should suit the product.
  • The psychologist suggested the duration of the show is 20 to 30 minutes. We should make sure that each and every second is fruitfully utilized to get maximum benefits.
  • You should utilize and exploit the man’s desire for getting rewarded. We should focus on promotional aspects such as gifts, price waivers, giveaways, and offers to keep the audience attentive. Curiosity-creating elements will also do a good job.
  • Live-streaming shopping can bring you better opportunities as most e-commerce platforms are looking for live-streaming video events to develop their reach. If you are established in the field, the sky is the limit.
  • The online market is invaded by cosmetics and clothing. Kitchen wares and food comes to the next position. Your choice of product should match the platform and content to accomplish maximum sales. 

The video should have creative content. It needs groundwork and preparation. Only high-quality, creative content can get viewers’ attraction. The presentation, video clarity, sound effects, and technical expertise determine the quality of the video. 

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