How To Make Money In Cyberpunk 2077

How To Make Money In Cyberpunk 2077?

How to make money is one of the most searched keywords on the internet.  People are always searching for the best ways to earn money in the world. As the requirements of people, there are many ways to make money easily and without any struggles. 

Cyberpunk 2077 – A Guide On How To Make Money Fast!


Money is the ultimate aim of people which leads their life. There is no other option to compensate for the role of money. There are many options to earn independently without any cost. People earn from their physical hard work and other activities. But all are benefitting the same because of the value of money. 

Cyberpunk 2077 A Guide On How To Make Money Fast

Playing online games for earning money will also be a new window that is opened wide in online platforms by the innovations of sophisticated technology. Let us see how the different platforms help to make money. 

What Is Cyberpunk 2077?

Cyberpunk is a video game played in action role-playing. The game set is in the cyberpunk universe, and the story takes place in an open-world night city.

The game goes with the first-person perspective. A mercenary in the name of V who was completely customizable can acquire skills in hacking and machinery.

The story progresses in the first-person perspective of V’s struggles with the mysterious cybernetics implants that are big threats to overwrite V’s body with the personality and the memories of a departed character that is only perceived by V. 

Like our real world, in cyberpunk 2077 everything has its own price and demand. This world is also big that allows you to earn in many ways. 

Cyberpunk 2077

Ways To Make Money Fast In Cyberpunk 2077

Here is the complete guide for making money on Cyberpunk 2077. The best ways to earn eddies will enable you to earn more from this.

But there is also bad news for those who are looking to buy new weapons, implants, and cars that money is hard to come by in night city.

Here are the best tips to make money at each stage of the game. 

1. Complete Missions And Gigs

It is the easiest way to make money from cyberpunk 2077. Play it like the missions offer rewards and each reward will come with a whack of cash with each task completed.

If you are waiting for some decent upgrades before you progress with the main quest line there will be a few fixers located on the map that will give you smaller gigs too.

Complete Missions And Gigs

Completing all the gigs offered by fixers will build your street cred that in turn gets you more work to do. It is a way to more work and cash flow that improves the standard of the game and rewards you with tangible assets.

In case you are losing this in tracking these gigs, there is also a section for them in your journal that is visible to you which you have completed and how much they pay. 

2. Sell Your Junk Items

After you enter the game, you want to pick up everything that you can find there. It will be easy to pilfer it if it is not unlocked.

Stealing directly from NPCs leaves them upset so it is better to nick the loot around night city. And it is also better to sell some junk items for $750. Sell items in bulk to a vendor.

Sell Your Junk Items

And be aware of the perks that you can acquire will automatically dissimulate your junk items and try don’t to use them will cause you to throw money down the drain. 

3. Join NCPD 

Here is another hack to earn more money by playing the cyberpunk 2077 video game. The game is about living our rebellious fantasies and sticking them to the acknowledged man.


But in some cases, you just be the enemy in order to earn some money. You can see your coffers swell after you complete the crimes reported by the NCPD. You must get paid for these jobs. 

4. Know Your Passive Perks

Ensure to use quick hacks often and get more points into your base intelligence.

Know Your Passive Perks

If you are at stage 5 you can unlock the advanced data mine perk in breach protocol. It allows you to grow the money that you take from access points. 

5. Loot Them All

The night city is very comprehensive. And there are many valuable places to loot. You just find out the places and pick up the pockets of the enemy you take down.

Search in every nook and corner of the night city to find out a source of income. Search in every box, container, and cabinet you can access. Each and everything can be sold in the night city.

Loot Them All

And the junk items you find also have value here. Particularly look out for the junk they can rack in 750 eddies each.

Clothes and guns are more valuable so you can take them from bodies if they contain bullet holes and blood stains and sell them for a high price always. 

6. Take On Side Jobs

There are also kinds of side jobs and activities. Fixers are the contacts in night city for taking the smaller side activities in cyberpunk 2077 in the name of gigs and contracts. There are so many fixers to meet.

Take On Side Jobs

Gun for hire is a gig that you should look into in the night city. It gives you tasks for hunting down a specific target in the night city and taking them alive. Must be prepared for some resistance because the target always has backup.

Another side job named Epistrophy involves doing jobs for night city’s AI taxi company called Delamain. You just locate and return various taxis scattered across the city. 

7. Hacking

Hacking is also a super effective activity in this game. It will help you to increase the amount that you earn for every access point you hack.


Leaving all the things unhacked is just like leaving money on the table, this perk makes the income get just for hacking them by 50%. 

8. Sell Weapons

Do not allow to disassemble your weapons. Instead of trying to sell those. It is a good source of income and always tries to keep the best weapon for you until you find a better one.

Sell Weapons

Sell the common weapons at the yellow stations that are common in the night city. 

How To Earn Eddies?

Earning eddies from street crimes in the night city is another easy way to earn more money from cyberpunk 2077. Always be alert about the enemies.

So always scan the perimeters and you can see a group of enemies with an identical yellow mark with a red skull on their heads. The red skull means they are way over your current level.

How To Earn Eddies

There are 2 options for you at that time, one is to escape from that place and another is to face the enemies with your weapons and loot them all.

Sell the rest of the things looted from the enemies. And keep the best quality weapons you collected from them. 

Bounty Hunting 

Bounty hunting is the easiest one in this game.  The most valuable thing about bounty hunting is that those are found all over the place.

Bounty Hunting 

You just need to complete your mission and the reward should appear in your inventory straight away.  

Final Take

Making money is not impossible. We can see there are some easiest ways to get money immediately without any struggles. But there was also some hard work behind the easiest way of making money.  

The above was a comprehensive study of the best ways to make money by playing cyberpunk video games. It also taught us about the risky elements and complicated stages that appear while we playing that game. 

The above-mentioned tips will help us to gain more money through this game it will also contribute to filling your pockets by playing a game. It is also interesting and sometimes needs to deal with wisely.


Q. Can I play cyberpunk for free?

 The answer is yes. You can play cyberpunk for free. Just do one thing, download the cyberpunk 2077 update on your Xbox and PS5. and you can just start playing cyberpunk.  

Q. What is the full form pf V in cyberpunk 2022 game?

The game goes with the first-person perspective.  A mercenary in the name of V who was completely customizable can acquire skills in hacking and machinery. V is a mercenary named Valerie or Vincent. Vis the player-controlled character in this game. And it is the main protagonist of Cyberpunk. 

Q. Is cyberpunk 2022 the only one ending in the name of secreting end?

 Cyberpunk 2022 has five endings. Each of these has different outcomes. The secret ending is also one in this.  These different ends are depending on the decisions you make as they play out. 

Q.  Can we access the full contents of cyberpunk 2077 through a trial?

 The trial will allow you to play the game for only five hours. 

Q.  What are the requirements of the system for playing cyberpunk 2077?

Here are the minimum requirements for your system to play cyberpunk 2077. 
CPU –  intel core i5-3570K or AMD FX-8310
RAM – 8 GB 
OS – Windows 7 or 10 64-bit
VIDEO CARD – NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 OR AMD Radeon RX 470

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