Novawave Antenna Reviews

Novawave Antenna Reviews – Does This Device Stream HDTV Channels?

Hello friends, You Guys mostly might have come across the Novawave Antenna already, or at least read Novawave Antenna reviews online. Because the product is getting more mass attention there are so many discussions going around, and most of them are fakes. This Novawave Antenna review reveals everything about the Novawave Antenna from my own personal experience.

Novawave Antenna Reviews – Is This Device A Good Choice For Portable TV Options?


With the advancement of technology, there are many products and services coming into the market. These products want to make people’s lives easier and better. There are many people around the world that are using cable TV, but these days modern antennas are getting huge popularity due to their convenience. Cable TV can create so many problems for the viewers, and the cost of it is comparatively high for the new technology. 

Additionally, cable TV is not portable, which is one of its biggest disadvantages. But with rapid modernization, people are opting for a better solution. Advanced antennas offer so many advantages to the viewers and offer a smooth experience to them. There are many options available in the market that can give HDTV channels without using a cable, but this Novawave Antenna review will cover a detailed overview of Novawave Antenna.

Novawave Antenna Reviews
Product nameNovawave Antenna
Item FormTv Antenna
Main FeatureHigh-quality, portable antenna for TV
BenefitsNo subscription fees
ProsIt is compatible with any modern TV set
ConsOnly available online mode and one website
Money back30 Days
MultipacksAvailable in 2s, 3s, & 4s offer combo packs
Price $49.99
AvailabilityOfficial Website
Official websiteClick Here

What is Novawave Antenna?

Novawave Antenna is a portable and lightweight device that allows users to watch HDTV channels without paying for cable.

This device is designed to make the connectivity better and to be an alternative to cable TV that can help people save money. Novawave Antenna is easy to use, and it doesn’t get affected by the weather or any other situation. The sound and video quality of Novawave Antenna is great.

Novawave Antenna is one of the few portable TV options in the market that provides video in HD quality. It gives high resolution, and the HD option of 720p to 1080p is easily adaptable.

There are many Novawave Antenna reviews that say that this antenna provides many popular television networks such as FOX News, CNN, and MSNBC. Novawave Antenna works with all the standard and modern television.

The next section of the Novawave Antenna review covers the main features of this device.

Novawave Antenna features

There are more than 90 channels broadcast free over the air, and Novawave Antenna allows users to get free access to their favorite broadcast HDTV shows, local news, and sports channels.

  • High definition

The Novawave Antenna device allows the user to receive channels in whatever quality they were broadcast, such as 720p and 1080p. It receives signals easily and provides high quality. Both the video and audio quality are great to make the streaming experience high-quality.

  • It can be kept in any place

Unlike the cable TVs that come with big antennas and are hung on the roof. But Novawave Antenna is not very big, and the user can place it anywhere. It can be placed beside the TV and still offer high-quality audio and video without any interruption. It is sleek, portable and compact, and very lightweight,

  • One cable

Novawave Antenna has a coaxial cable that can be attached to the TV easily. There is no need for further installation, and the cable fits perfectly.

  • Receive UHF, FM, and VHF signals

Novawave Antenna receives UHF, FM, and VHF signals which make the display in full 1080p and ensure full video and audio quality.

Novawave Antenna benefits

How does Novawave Antenna work?

  • First, the user has to attach this device to any wall or window
  • After the attachment, it is time to connect the Novawave Antenna to the television with a coaxial cable.
  • Then the device is connected automatically, and the user can operate it by using the TV remote.

Novawave Antenna works through the method called OTA transmission or over-the-air. This means the user gets free access to HDTV shows, movies, and channels. People don’t have to use cable TV because the Novawave Antenna captures signals which are transmitted to OTA television networks.

Here customers can watch their shows without paying a monthly fee. 90 out of 100 channels are broadcast free over the air, and Novawave Antenna allows customers to see those channels free of cost.

Novawave Antenna working

Novawave Antenna benefits

All of the Novawave Antenna reviews are positive because it offers a wide range of benefits to users.

  • Free of cost

With Novawave Antenna, there is no need to subscribe to channels that are already available free of cost on air. Users don’t have to purchase an HD TV which will save them money.

  • No installation problem

Unlike cable TV, Novawave Antenna doesn’t require installation. The operating process of the Novawave Antenna is easy as it only requires connecting the coaxial cable to the TV.

  • Channel range

It comes with a wide range of channels such as sports, entertainment, news, movies, etc., and all of them are free of cost.

  • No interruption

There are no interruptions of the signal while streaming. The antenna can be kept at home and offer great signal quality and connection results.

  • Portable

It can be fixed anywhere in the home. It is lightweight and very sleek that making it easier to install and portable.

  • Consume less energy

This device doesn’t consume a high amount of energy which saves them money on electricity bills. The low-energy consumption amplifier consumes less energy.

  • Great quality

The signal quality of the Novawave Antenna is very strong that making the video and audio quality top-notch.

Novawave Antenna features

Novawave Antenna pros and cons


  • It is compatible with any modern TV set.
  • Offers free access to the movies, sports, and events to the user
  • It has an easy-to-use and easy-to-install feature that allows people to set up at their home without causing any problem.
  • It can receive local HD broadcasts from 70+ miles and performs better than the traditional antenna.
  • Provides high-quality audio and video quality
  • It consumes less energy and helps save money on monthly electricity bills.


  • Only available online mode and one website.
  • Users who live far away from the broadcasting area may not get all the channels.

Is Novawave Antenna legit or not?

Novawave Antenna seems legit because many people have given positive Novawave Antenna reviews. The main goal of this device is to provide free channels to their customers. 90 out of 100 channels are available free on-air, but most people pay on a monthly basis to watch those channels.

But the Novawave Antenna makes it possible for users to stream those channels free of cost. The over-the-air transmission process of this antenna provides free access to the channels to people. Novawave Antenna easily captures the signal that is transmitted through the OTA networks so that people can enjoy their favorite shows and sports.

Novawave Antenna customer reviews and complaints

Novawave Antenna gas gained massive popularity, and there are positive Novawave Antenna reviews from the customer side. Many users found Novawave Antenna to be extremely cost-saving and easy-to-use.

They all are happy with the quality of signal they get from the Novawave Antenna. There are no complaints at all. The customers are very happy with the compact and sleek design of this antenna and the video & audio quality they get from it. It covers a wide range of channels that meet the requirements of all people.

Novawave Antenna customer reviews

Novawave Antenna pricing and availability

There are different package options available for Novawave Antenna with different pricing,

  • The first package comes with 1 Novawave Antenna, and the cost of the package is $49.99.
  • The cost of the second package is $99.99, and the buyer will get two Novawave Antennas.
  • The next package option comes with three Novawave Antennas, and the cost of it is $111.99.
  • The last option offers four Novawave Antennas at a cost of $136.99. it provides an opportunity to save money if the user is purchasing more.

The Novawave Antenna is only available on the official website. The buyers can’t find this product in any retail store or eCommerce platform. Due to the high demand for this product, some sellers are selling fake products on various websites. So, interested buyers have to be very careful while buying.

Final verdict on Novawave Antenna Reviews

As stated in the Novawave Antenna reviews, the Novawave Antenna is a great device for people who want to save money on their TV bills. This device captures on-air signals and broadcasts various channels in high-quality audio and video format.

So, people who are searching for an affordable, high-quality antenna that will let them watch their favorite TV channels whenever they want should opt for this device. 

The installation process is very easy as the user only has to plug in the cable to the TV. Novawave Antenna can be fixed on a wall or any place in the home, and the streaming quality won’t get disrupted by weather conditions or other factors. It consumes less power so it will reduce the monthly electricity bills.


1. How to use Novawave Antenna?

Fix the portable Novawave Antenna in a wall, and connect the antenna to the TV with the help of a coaxial cable. The easy setup feature makes it a high-demand product.

2. Is there any money-back policy?

If the users don’t like the product, then they can return it within 30 days after the purchase has been made.

3. Where can someone buy Novawave Antenna?

The Novawave Antenna is only available on the official website and not in any retail shops or eCommerce platform.

4. Can the Novawave Antenna be used with all TVs?

Yes. Novawave Antenna can be used with all TVs, and it is highly convenient.

5. Are the channels free of cost with Novawave Antenna?

Yes, all the channels are free of cost with Novawave Antenna. All of the channels are of high-definition and have great audio quality.


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