Arlo Vs Ring

Arlo Vs Ring: Which Smart Home Security System Reigns Supreme?

The importance of security and safety is rising with the increasing instances of crimes. It is essential to be attentive at every point in time and monitor your home and office on a real-time basis.

Which Home Security System Is Best For You, Arlo Or Ring?


Wireless security systems are becoming very advantageous in order to fulfill this role. The demand for these security systems is rising in order to keep the surroundings under control and prevent the happening of anything unfortunate. There are different types of wireless security systems available in the market. 

In this article, an attempt would be made to analyze and compare Arlo and Ring, which are the two most competent security systems in the market. Let us compare them one by one. 

Which Home Security System Is Best For You, Arlo Or Ring

Comparing The Features Of Arlo And Ring

There are different features against which the two security systems have to be compared to each other. The list of the same basically goes as follows in the following way. 

Comparing The Features Of Arlo And Ring

1. Age And Influence

It was in the year 2013 that the company of Ring came into being. The first product of the company was a ring alarm.

This product was groundbreaking for the company as in the first year of the launch, around 10,000 units were successfully sold off. Today the company has more than 13,000 employees and it has diversified the range of the products it has been producing. 

When it comes to Arlo, the company has been able to perform sufficiently well. Since its inception in 2014, the company has launched 5 categories of products and at the same time, it has been able to connect with itself around 2.3 million active users.

However, the bandwidth of the company has not been as promising as that of Ring. However, it has been trying to modernize itself with the passage of time. 

2. Technology

Technology is one of the most important premises on which the very product of security systems has been based. Ring is a leader in this category as it tries to focus on the incorporation of technology in sensor windows, door alarms, sensitive cameras, and doorbells.

These products come with motion detectors, sensors, optional monitoring, seamless cellular backup, environmental monitoring, remote control through the watch app, and an integrator automation mechanism

The Ring security system has probably got the best camera of all time. There are three types of variations in the camera. Stick-up, spotlight, and floodlight cameras are the most important products. They offer high-definition recordings for indoor and outdoor spots. They are powered by infrared vision.

It records the voice as well. These cameras are motion-activated and have the mechanism to record the entire history. They are weather resistant and are very easy to install in the first place. 

On the other hand, Arlo also focuses on Improving technology. However, there is a limitation to the maximum number of features offered. The company only has indoor and outdoor cameras and does not offer any window and door sensors.

The quality of the cameras is however pretty amazing and they are extremely clear when they record the video. They record at 720 pixels and are very easy to install. These cameras are resistant to weather and record under every circumstance. 

The security devices can be connected remotely and offer real-time access to information. These devices even deliver the information provided by the visitors. The exchange of data takes place at a very reduced speed.

It helps to protect the household and office easily. However, not many products come in the security kit. It reduces the overall efficiency of the system to protect the surroundings in which it has been installed. 

3. Monitoring Options

One of the most important purposes of security systems is to monitor the surroundings on a real-time basis. This feature is offered at a very affordable cost by Ring. The products can be self-monitored by the users themselves and they can also avail of the basic Monitoring Plan at the minimum cost of 3 dollars per month.

If one wants better access to information such as video and audio recordings then one can even avail of the Protect Plus plan for USD 10 per month. This plan is helpful for professionally monitoring the surroundings. 

Arlo on the other hand is not able to compete with Ring under this head. Arlo basically focuses on three types of plans and none of the plans can provide a 24/7 recording. The basic plan includes access to the recording of five cameras four times in a month at no cost.

The smart plan provides the facility of AI to detect and allows the users to get a 30-day history of recording. This is available for USD 3 dollars for each of the five cameras for a month.

Next comes the Smart premier and Smart elite plans that offer the recordings of 10 and 20 cameras at a cost of USD 9.9 and USD 14.56 per camera respectively. 

4. Response Time Under Emergency Situations

The most important objective of installing a security system is to receive alerts during an emergency situation so that mishappenings can be avoided. The responsiveness of the security system is something that has to be analyzed before choosing any product.

Ring offers some promising features with respect to response timings. It can easily connect to any cellular network. It has the potential to transmit the responses within 30 seconds. Even the basic plan can process a command within 45 seconds.

Arlo on the other hand does not provide a prompt response. These cameras do not offer any kind of monitoring services due to which they do not respond back to the operator under any circumstances. 

5. Quality Of The Equipment

The quality of the security cameras is a very important factor that has to be evaluated in the first step itself. If the quality of the equipment is up to the mark then it will definitely offer better durability.

When compared in terms of the quality of the equipment, Ring offers a seamless quality of products. As the user unboxes the kit, they come across finished and good quality products within an adequate warranty period. 

But Arlo disappoints the users in terms of the quality of the equipment used. No doubt the cameras are weather resistant and any amount of dust, dirt, sun, and heat cannot really affect their functioning.

But, they are covered with a glossy back which is fragile and can break down easily. Even if a single device breaks down then the entire network comes to a halt. The replacement of the product is not easily available. 

6. Home Automation

Automation has been one of the most recent developments in the field of security systems. They are powered with A.I undertake many manual tasks all by myself with an error-free tendency.

When we talk about Ring, it has successfully incorporated automation by developing smart rings, smart doorbells, and smart cameras with automatic monitoring and motion detection sensors.

These cameras also integrate with smart Home Solutions such as Alexa and Google Home. They easily respond to voice commands. 

Similarly, Arlo also offers smart home solutions. It can be linked with third-party applications. One can upgrade the programming to surveillance 3.0 in order to activate total home surveillance and monitoring.

It can also integrate with Alexa and google home and receive voice commands. It can automate the doors, corridors, and garage gates. However, it fails to activate monitoring in the cameras on an all-time basis. 

7. Ease Of Installation

The security systems must be very easy to install so that any person can install them without the need for expert assistance. Both of the security systems are based on the Do-it-yourself model. It does not take more than 30 minutes to install the entire system within the premises.

Both of the security systems contain appropriate guides and tools with the help of which the entire system can be linked together with each other. You don’t even need any kind of drill machines or other equipment for a successful installation. 

8. Customer Service

All the technical devices are prone to wear and tear and hence require timely repairs. In such a situation, there is a need to pick up the security system that is able to offer customer care services. Both of the brands offer adequate and requisite customer services. 

They both upload videos and articles that educate the users about the way in which they can draw the maximum amount of utility from these security systems.

Both of them take the least amount of time to get back to their queries. They take the charge of the repairs if any and also offer support services by phone. 

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Out of the two products, one can easily choose Ring.

It is basically a category leader in almost all the points of distinction which has been enumerated above.

Ring is definitely a strong contender and has got many advantages to offer. 

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