How To Make Money On OnlyFans Without Showing Your Face

How To Make Money On OnlyFans Without Showing Your Face? Easy Tips

Are you a content creator who is planning to join OnlyFans, the raging social platform? With the annual payout to creators crossing a massive $5,000,000,000, OnlyFans undoubtedly offers an irresistible proposition. However, as a content creator, you might be reluctant to reveal your identity on OnlyFans.

Like you, there are many creators out there who just don’t want their family members, friends, or colleagues to know that they have a profile on this platform. Some content creators just don’t want to be judged whereas others cannot go through the pain of nasty comments. Irrespective of the reason, is it really possible to make money on OnlyFans, without showing your face? In the upcoming sections, we provide answers to that question and much more.

Make Money On OnlyFans Without Showing Your Face: How To be Successful?

The answer is yes. There is absolutely no need to show your face for making money on OnlyFans. As long as you come up with killer content consistently, you can still attract followers and rake in money.

There are many creators on OnlyFans who sell pictures of their body parts, without showing their face. Having said that, it may be difficult compared to those who create content by revealing their faces.

Keep in mind that the decision to not show your face also depends on the niche you are focusing on.

Make Money On OnlyFans Without Shwing Face

For example, assume that you are into creating Not safe for work (NSFW) content or adult content. Here, the viewers are more interested in watching your body parts and not your face. Hence, it doesn’t really matter whether you show your face or not.

On the other hand, assume that your content is centered on workouts, physical fitness, or personal care products. In such a scenario, it doesn’t make any sense to create content without revealing your face.

In short, you have to take your audience into consideration before deciding whether to reveal your face or not.

How To Start An OnlyFans Account Anonymously?

Let’s check out how you can join OnlyFans as a creator by staying anonymous.

1. Create an anonymous email account

The first step is to set up an anonymous email account. For this purpose, choose an email service provider that doesn’t want you to disclose any personal information for signing up.

Also, make sure that you use an alias while signing up. Never make the mistake of using your name or personally identifiable information anywhere while creating an e-mail id with an email service provider.

Create An Anonymous Email Account
Source: AlwaysVPN

2. Sign up as an OnlyFans creator

To sign up as a creator on OnlyFans, it is mandatory to provide your legal name and bank account details. Also, you have to furnish your identity verification documents such as a government-issued ID and a selfie holding your ID.

There is no way you can get away from disclosing these details. However, there is nothing to worry about as this information will remain confidential with OnlyFans authorities.

Having said that, if you are too privacy conscious, stay away from signing in on OnlyFans using your Twitter account as you have to grant access to several permissions.

3. Use only anonymous usernames

While creating your OnlyFans username, never use your own name or date of birth. This is to ensure that you don’t leave any clue for others to make even a wild guess about your identity.

Also, use a strong password so that your account is secure. Make sure that the password is different from the passwords used on other social media platforms.

Anonymous Usernames
Source: Lifewire

4. Set up a two-factor authentication

To make it more secure, go for two-factor authentication. For this purpose, while being logged in to your OnlyFans account, choose ‘Account’ and click ‘Two-Step Verification’. From the options, click either ‘Authenticator App’ or ‘ Verification via SMS’. Now your two-factor authentication is set up.     

In order to activate the two-factor authentication, a phone number, a Microsoft account, or a Google account is required.

To keep it confidential, buy a prepaid SIM card and get a new number so that your identity remains completely hidden.

Two-Factor Authentication
Source: Malwarebytes

5. Make changes to privacy settings

There are some other tips to follow to add secrecy to your identity. It includes staying away from displaying your active status, hiding your media count, keeping your friends list confidential, and hiding your tips sum.     

Apart from the points discussed above, be careful while posting content. Never make your face visible in any of the photos and also keep in mind that the background is unique and does not contain skyscrapers, landscapes, or road signs near your location that can be easily guessed.

Make Changes To Privacy Settings
Source: Medium

Eight Tips To Make Money On OnlyFans Without Showing Your Face

There are various ways to make money online quickly.

Onlyfans is one easy and effective way. It can help you make money with or without showing your face.

Start An OnlyFans Account Anonymously
Source: Insider

Let’s check out the 8 effective tips that will help you make money on OnlyFans.

1. Use a stage name

To start with, create a ‘stage name’ on OnlyFans. A stage name is nothing but a fake name or an alias name. Since you prefer to remain anonymous, there are certain things to keep in mind while creating your stage name.

Never make the mistake of using your first or second name in your stage name. Also, don’t use the nicknames by which people call you in person.

In short, your stage name should be entirely different from your actual name or nickname so that the OnlyFans crowd is absolutely clueless about your original identity.

2. Hide your tattoos and scars

Have you inked a body tattoo by which people easily identify you? It’s not just tattooed, but sometimes birthmarks also act as an easy way to identify people.

Make sure that you hide those tattoos, birthmarks, burn marks, and scars while posting photos. For this purpose, pose at such an angle that your tattoos or scars are not visible.

Hide Your Tattoos And Scars

If it just doesn’t work out, then make use of photo editing apps to remove them. They come with features such as blemish, blending, cropping, and deleting tools that help you easily mask those identification marks.

3. Choose a niche

Niche is the area or domain in which you create content around. Thus, focus on a niche you are really strong at. Come up with compelling content so that it helps you get a lot of followers.

As you prefer to remain anonymous, choose a niche such as exposing your body parts. For your information, one of the hottest niches on OnlyFans without revealing the face is fit girls or girls who like to go to the gym.

4. Be interactive

As you don’t plan to show your face, some people may feel a kind of detachment. To overcome that problem, interaction is the key.

Be Interactive
Source: Raccoon Gang

Be friendly with people and respond to chats and queries on time. It will help develop a good rapport with your audience.

5. Make use of social media platforms

To help people find you easily on OnlyFans, promote your content on social media platforms. It can be Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter, and forums such as Reddit.

Make Use Of Social Media Platforms
Source: Informi

There are pre-existing forums on Reddit for several niches on OnlyFans. Make use of such forums for promoting your content.

However, while creating social media profiles, never use your actual name or email ID so that your identity remains unknown.

6. Use OnlyFans Geo blocking feature

Are you aware of the geo-blocking feature on OnlyFans?

With this feature, you can block people belonging to a particular area from viewing your content, especially the area where you reside. There is also the option to block specific users if you know their IP addresses.

OnlyFans Geo Blocking Feature
Source: OnlyFans Blog

To utilize this feature, follow the below steps.

1. Go to the settings page

2. Click on ‘Security’

3. Keep scrolling till you see “geoblocking”

4. Select the countries you want to block

5. Click “save changes” 

7. Offer a subscription service

The best method to make money on OnlyFans is by providing a subscription service for your content. It can be either a monthly or annual subscription service for availing your content.

Many celebrities make use of this technique even for behind-the-scenes or exclusive content.

8. Hide your voice with a voice changer

There are chances that people may easily identify you while listening to your voice messages, video, or audio clips. It may end up with followers asking embarrassing questions to you.

To prevent this, mask your voice using a voice changer. Another alternative is to stay away from talking in your videos.

Hide Your Voice With A Voice Changer
Source: njkhanh

Final Take

Not everyone may be comfortable showing their face on online platforms. However, OnlyFans offers a lucrative option for content creators like you.

As discussed above, staying anonymous doesn’t mean that it is impossible to make money on OnlyFans. It’s just that you have to act smart.

By following the above 8 tips, it is very much possible to create a massive fan following and make big bucks.

Ultimately, content is king, and coming up with killer content will undoubtedly help carve your own niche on OnlyFans.

Frequently Asked Questions About OnlyFans

Q. How to start an anonymous account on Onlyfans

A. The first step is to create an anonymous email account without your personal details. Sign up in the only fans as a creator not a user. Use anonymous names only and set up two-factor authentication. And the last step is to make changes in privacy settings. 

Q. Can everyone create an account on Onlyfans?

A. Obviously. There are no restrictions on creating an account on Onlyfans. If you are a content creator planning to post your content on Onlyfans can easily create an account. But it restricted the entry of minors under the age limit of 18.

Q. Is there any rules and regulations in Onlyfans?

A. Onlyfans users are not allowed to share their accounts with others. And they are not permitted to post or share illegal contents that are strictly banned by the website. Defamatory content, fraud, and child exploitation through the website are restricted. 

Q. Is there any age limit to create an account on Onlyfans?

A. The user must be 18 or over. And a selfie alongside a photo ID and registered address was asked for during the account creation process.  

Q. Is there any way to hide my natives from my contents? 
A. Onlyfans provides a Geo blocking feature that helps you to block people in a specific area from viewing your content according to your choice. And there is also an option to block a specific user from your account if you know their IP address.

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