Shockwave Torch Reviews

Shockwave Torch Reviews – Highly Recommended Personal Protective Equipment?

For people who are looking for more details about the Shockwave Torch, this Shockwave Torch review is a must-read. Created by the Patriot Wholesale Club in the US, Shockwave Torch combines advanced technology, reliability, and downright utility to present an escape route from agents who intend to cause harm. This way, people will be able to safely defend themselves from attackers such as thieves, molesters, bullies, etc. They can go on to live a productive, fulfilling, and fearless life with the Shockwave Torch protection system. 

Shockwave Torch Reviews – An Innovative Self-Defense Weapon?


So, the Shockwave Torch review will delve deeper into the features of this device. It will look at the innovation and technology of this product, as well as how it works. The review will see if this device has any complaints or problems from its customer reviews. Decide whether to get a Shockwave Torch or not after reading the Shockwave Torch review. 

Shockwave Torch Reviews
Product NameShockwave Torch
Main BenefitsHelp people defend themselves against attacks, violent situations, etc
ManufacturePatriot Wholesale Club
Price $29.97
Money-Back Guarantee 90 days
Official WebsiteClick Here

What is Shockwave Torch?

Shockwave Torch is a self-defense device created to help people stand up to violent situations in life. This Shockwave Torch device offers a discreet yet powerful method for men and women to thwart human or animal agents that could cause harm.

This Shockwave Torch device requires no certification or training and is legal to use in most countries and states. This sophisticated technology allows for multiple levels of protection to suit the situation and the user’s ability. And it offers varied defense capabilities to address various levels of threats, agents, etc. 

Nowadays, it is clear that society is on a downward spiral in terms of violence and crime. So, it is necessary to have a personal defense system at hand for scenarios where one has to tend to him or herself.

But the intricacies of gun regulation and the ineffectiveness of other methods make these unsuitable for the common man or woman. This is why the Shockwave Torch personal protection device was created. 

The manufacturer of the Shockwave Torch device is the Patriot Wholesale Club, known for its selection of tactical, and personal protective equipment, etc. They say the Shockwave Torch is a compact yet powerful package to protect oneself against the worsening social situations as well as the soaring crime rates.

With the Shockwave Torch, common people can go on living a happy, productive, successful life, free of fear or intimidation. 

Creator of the Shockwave Torch

As mentioned, Shockwave Torch is designed and manufactured in the US by Patriot Wholesale Club. It is a supplier of high-quality tactical and personal protective equipment. They have stuck to the basic principles of utility and effectiveness to make the Shockwave Torch very easy to use, yet very powerful.

They carry out stringent quality protocols and tests to ensure that each of the devices manufactured lives up to their promises. Some other great aspects of this manufacturer are their experience in the industry and their unmatched customer support. 

Patriot Wholesale Club

Features of the Shockwave Torch

Shockwave Torch is packed with advanced and powerful features that can help people get away from any kind of difficult or violent situation. Be it a robber on the city streets or a bully or molester at school or work, this device works against all of them.

This Shockwave Torch device gives people an effective or even superior solution to the hassles of getting a gun, as well as the moral dilemma of using it on others. Shockwave Torch device will help people immobilize or completely thwart various threats ranging from thieves, rapists, or other criminals, or even animals in some cases.

Some of the major features of the Shockwave Torch tool are given below:

➡️ Tactical Flashlight

The flashlight of the Shockwave Torch is made using durable materials and technology making it a powerful torch for self-defense, as bright as a nuclear blast. 

➡️ Reliable In Close Combat

Made from ultra-rugged, industry-grade aluminum, the Shockwave Torch torch has a sharp cutting crenulated bezel for fighting attackers who are close. 

➡️ Powerful Immobilization Device 

Packs a powerful punch with its enclosed stun gun which delivers up to 4.5 million volts to stop any human or animal in their tracks. 

➡️ Sturdy Build

Built using the best in class technology, industry-grade aluminum alloys, as well as careful design features, making it durable and nearly indestructible.

➡️ Failsafe Technology

Technological features that have undergone rigorous testing and proven safe, reliable, and easy to use. 

➡️ Small EDC Device

A highly portable device that can even be an everyday carry (EDC) torch with uses besides self-defense

There are many more features included in the Shockwave Torch device to make it perfect for people to use in case of any sort of attack or violence. This will ensure that they can protect themselves in situations when law enforcement and other authorities are incapable of this duty. 

Shockwave Torch

Check The Availability Of The Shockwave Torch

How does Shockwave Torch work?

Shockwave Torch is said to be a powerful self-defense system because of its technological capabilities, and the ingenuity and innovation in its design. First and foremost, Shockwave Torch is a torch.

And it is a torch that can project light as intense as nuclear blasts, which range in the tens of thousands of lumens. Besides showing the way, this light can be used to temporarily blind an attacker or criminal. This will give the users precious time to get away, seek help, or even detain the criminal. 

Secondly, this is a sturdy piece of equipment made using advanced materials and manufacturing processes. And it has an ingenious design feature, which is a super-sharp crenulated bezel. This sharp edge can be used just like a knife in case of close combat.

The Shockwave Torch in and by itself is a defensive tool akin to a baton or punching ring. So, this way people will always have a defensive tool at hand, should the matter come to such a juncture. 

However, there is another hidden yet powerful feature that differentiates this device. It has a powerful stun gun packed within its body. To use it, flip the switch on the top left of the device to on, and press the circular button.

The Shockwave Torch delivers a jolt of up to 4.5 million volts at 2 amps. This is enough to immobilize and paralyze the criminal for the precious minutes needed to defend oneself. This way, people will always have an advantage over such attackers, criminals, and thieves, etc, with the Shockwave Torch. 

Shockwave Torch Features

Pros and Cons of Shockwave Torch


  • Superior build quality
  • Advanced technological features
  • Powerful, yet easy to use
  • Highly portable and discreet
  • Safe, and simple design


  • Exclusively available on the official website
  • Prohibition of usage in a few states and countries

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Does the Shockwave Torch really work?

Unlike most self-defense devices in the market, the Shockwave Torch packs several features into a simple and efficient device. This is to account for the high variability of violent or volatile situations, attacks, etc.

Shockwave Torch device works as tactical self-defense from distance, as well as in close combat scenarios. Its design and features allow for multiple levels of protective capabilities. In the worst-case scenario, the Shockwave Torch in itself could be used as a defensive weapon of some force due to the materials used to make it. 

Is Shockwave Torch legit?

Any questions on the legitimacy and effectiveness of the Shockwave Torch are answered by the positive feedback it has received. People ranging from men, women, elderly or young, are using the Shockwave Torch today to protect themselves from attackers and criminals.

This vast user base includes soldiers, shopkeepers, working women, and more. The creator of the Shockwave Torch device is a renowned tactical equipment company named Patriot Wholesale Club from the US.

They have taken great care that each device works up to the quality standards, or even beyond, to ensure absolute reliability and durability. So, the Shockwave Torch is a legitimate self-defense system. 

Shockwave Torch complaints and customer reviews

As mentioned in the Shockwave Torch reviews, there are many thousands of users of the Shockwave Torch from all walks of life. None of them raise any complaint or concern about Shockwave Torch or its usage. The Shockwave Torch reviews by customers also add that this device is powerful, efficient, and durable. 

Shockwave Torch Price and Availability

Shockwave Torch can be purchased today at very affordable prices as part of an ongoing promotion. However, this device is exclusively available on the official website of the manufacturer.

This will help people purchase only the authentic Shockwave Torch with all its features, and at lower prices since there are no middlemen involved. The promotional price of the Shockwave Torch today is just $29.97, one-time. 

There are several factors they recommend taking into consideration as the use of such devices may be prohibited or restricted in several US states. Kindly check with the local law enforcement for more details. Also, this device may be used only by adults above the age of 18. 

The manufacturers are offering a 100% money-back guarantee. This can be used for up to 90 days from the date of purchase, to claim a full refund if the Shockwave Torch does not give the promised results.

Final Verdict On Shockwave Torch Reviews

Shockwave Torch is powerful and capable tactical equipment to help people defend themselves against attacks, violent situations, etc. This torch was designed and manufactured in the US by the Patriot Wholesale Club, which is known to produce some of the most advanced tactical and self-defense equipment.

They have used innovative technology, durable materials, as well as years of market experience to create the Shockwave Torch. This makes this Shockwave Torch device highly reliable as well as durable in demanding situations. 

The powerful flashlight can blind an attacker or enemy, temporarily to enable escape, as can be seen from the Shockwave Torch review. The crenulated bezel and sturdy body make it highly suitable for close combat.

And finally, in extreme cases, the included stun gun can be used to immobilize and paralyze the attacker to evade or capture them. So, the Shockwave Torch offers multiple methods of self-defense in a portable, and discreet EDC device. 

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1. How long does it take to be delivered?

Shipping within the US takes up to 7 working days, on average. For international orders, this could be up to 15 working days. There could be slight delays in shipping due to the ongoing pandemic. 

2. Are there any complaints about the Shockwave Torch?

No. Despite being used by soldiers and experts who know about weapons and tactical equipment, none of them have raised a complaint or concern about Shockwave Torch. 

3. How to find out if it’s legal in my state?

The official website of Shockwave Torch has a list of US states which have a restriction or prohibition in its usage, at the time of publishing. For more precise information, it is best to consult the local legislative body or law enforcement. 

4. What if the product is not satisfactory?

If the Shockwave Torch device or its capabilities are not up to its promises, a 100% refund could be requested under their risk-free money-back guarantee. This is valid for up to 90 days from the date of purchase. 

5. How to reach out to customer support?

They have both an email address as well as a dedicated customer support number to help people reach them. Either can be used to clarify queries, initiate refunds, etc.

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