How To Win The Lottery

How To Win The Lottery? Richard Lustig, A 7-Time Lottery Winner, Shares His Secret!

If you watch the news regularly, you might have already come across the name Richard Lustig. He has been featured on CNN Money, ABC News, MS NBC, Fox, TLC, and a host of other TV networks. Even Ripley’s Believe It Or Not has featured him at their Orlando Museum recognizing him as the only 7-time lottery game Grand Prize winner in the world!

And we’re not talking about small amounts of money here. Lustig’s winnings total over $1 million. As a matter of fact, Richard Lustig won a total of $1,047.060.50 over the course of just a few years.

Strategies For Increasing Your Chances Of Winning The Lottery: Tips From An Expert Lottery Winner!


But not too long ago, Richard Lustig was buried deep in debt. However, thanks to his astonishing lottery win, today he lives a life far beyond what he had ever expected.

Win The Lottery

Now, if you are wondering how a single person could become a serial lottery winner,  winning the lottery, again and again, here’s what Lustig has to say:

“If you play the game properly, you have a better than normal chance of winning most of the time.”

So according to Richard, if you ever thought that winning the lottery had everything to do with luck, you couldn’t be more wrong. 

You just need to listen to Richard Lustig’s story to see that he really isn’t any luckier than the rest of us. The only difference is, he used strategies to put the odds in his favor and he never gave up! 

Now, these strategies are not too complicated. Because Richard Lustig did not create what he calls the “winning lottery method” as he was a mathematician or a statistician. In fact, he is just a former singer and drummer from Florida. 

So How Did He Win The Lottery Again And Again? More Importantly, How Can YOU Win The Grand Prize Lottery? 

Well, in Richard Lustig’s words,

“ If you are going to play lottery games, try to use some common sense.”

That’s right. One crucial thing he did to win those 7 lottery grand prizes was use his common sense. Of course, he had to put in a lot of work too. Nonetheless, the key virtues you need to have if you want to win the Lottery Grand Prize, according to Lustig are common sense and patience.

You see, Richard Lustig didn’t start winning as soon as he started playing the lottery games. He too began dreaming of winning the grand prize like any one of us. And he too had to face misfortune every single time.

But he didn’t get disappointed. Rather than settling for losing every time, he began to experiment to find ways to change what others would call his “fate” or “ bad luck”. 

He constantly studied every lottery game possible and found the games that had the best odds. He tested different strategies to approach each game. For him, It was almost like a full-time job; a daily process that involved dedicating hours to the game. And slowly but steadily, he began to see results.

His first breakthrough came when he won his first lottery game grand prize of $10,000. This money came in at the most opportune time, with the hospital bills coming in from the birth of his son.

Soon he won his second, third, and fourth lottery game grand prize within a short span of time. That is when Richard Lustig realized that he had developed a method that really worked!

But he didn’t stop there. He didn’t want to settle for small wins, and this is a crucial part of his “winning lottery method” according to Richard.

“Most people buy a $1 ticket and win $10 and they put the $10 in their pocket,” he says.

According to Lustig, this is an erroneous approach and people are playing the game wrong. Instead, these small-time winners should be using that $10 to buy $11 worth of tickets. This increases the odds of winning the grand prize. And even if you do lose, you are actually only losing $1.

That’s right. Richard Lustig doesn’t look at small lottery wins as “money earned”. Rather he treats them as “investments” to win the Grand Prize.

According to Lustig, playing the lotto “is like any investment. You have to invest money to get something out of it.”

This mentality allowed him to win his biggest lottery, a whopping $842, 152.90, hitting the Florida Mega Money Grand Prize.

Here is a snapshot of Richard Lustig’s big 7 wins:

  1. $10,000 from Scratch-off ticket
  2. $13,696.03 in Florida Fantasy 5
  3. Holiday to Los Angeles, amounting to $3,594.66 from scratch-off ticket 2nd chance draw
  4. Holiday to Memphis, around $4,966 from scratch-off ticket 2nd chance draw
  5. $842,152.91 from Florida Mega Money
  6. $73,658.06 in Florida Fantasy 5
  7. $98,992.92 from Florida Fantasy 5

You can clearly see that Richard Lustig didn’t settle even after winning his biggest haul!

His winning-lottery method and his never-give-up attitude are the reason why Richard Lustig today lives in a $350,000 mansion with a custom-designed library and owns a $25,000 Harley Davidson and an $80, 000 Jaguar!

And although Richard is never satisfied when it comes to winning lottery games, he was never a greedy and selfish snob. Perhaps that’s why he was not met with tragedy and misfortune as many grand prize lottery winners do.

In fact, he has spent the last 10 years of his life teaching lottery players all over the world how to increase their chances of winning. He even authored multiple books on the topic including “Learn How To Increase Your Chances OF Winning The Lottery”, a top-seller in Amazon’s self-help book lists. In this book, he shares tips and tricks from his “winning lottery method”.

But if you are not good at reading books, Richard Lustig has now come up with an easier way to increase your chances of winning the lottery – a downloadable software called the Lottery Maximizer!

That’s why news organizations all over the world look at Richard Lustig as their “go-to” guy for lottery tips, tricks, and strategies. Even popular personalities like Mike Tyson, Rachel Ray, and Robin Roberts have become his friends.

But before I tell you about the Lottery Maximizer, here are nine helpful tips shared by Richard Lustig that can lead you in the direction of your first jackpot:

Nine Tips On How To Win The Lottery Again And Again

1. Purchasing many tickets increases your chances of winning

Or in his own words “It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand the more you play the better chances you have a winning.” However, you have to read this tip for what it is.

Richard is not asking you to use all your money to buy tickets. That way your winnings will not be fully compensated because of the large investment you may have to put in unless you hit the jackpot quickly.

2. Create a lottery syndicate to increase investment

Forming a syndicate, according to Richard, will help you get more money to buy more tickets. By doing this, your chances of winning the jackpot will increase.

The downside is that you may have to share the winnings with your fellow syndicate members. However, if you win a large amount, say $100 million or above, it shouldn’t be a concern. So, forming a syndicate will help you target larger jackpots.

3. Don’t choose consecutive numbers

Although this seems obvious, he says he regularly sees people doing this. According to Richard, choosing consecutive numbers isn’t a good strategy.

Rather, when you are playing a game like Fantasy 5, where you have to choose 5 winning numbers that fall below 55, the best strategy is to choose 5 numbers whose sum will fall between 104 and 176.

4. Don’t choose numbers that fall in the same number group

According to studies, the majority of lottery jackpots fall between these ranges in terms of their overall amounts.

It is easy to choose a number that falls within the same number group or those that end with the same digits. Richard says he has seen many people choosing numbers that end in the same digit just because they think it is their “lucky number”. According to him, this isn’t very smart. Although there is a small chance you may win something, the probability of hitting the jackpot is very low.

5. Look for games that are not commonly played at odd hours

This is a strategy that Richard says he always uses. Most people according to him tend to choose games that always have a winner as they believe these are more genuine. However, the same thinking means that more people will play those popular games, thereby decreasing your odds of winning considerably.

The smart way according to him is to go for unpopular games, but genuine games nonetheless, where lesser people play and consequently the odds of winning are higher.

6. Do not go with “gut feelings”

This is by far the biggest mistake players make according to Richard Lustig. Sure, once in a decade some people do win this way. The odds of that happening to you is quite slim unless you are in a movie.

There is a difference between going with “gut feelings” and taking a chance with a certain combination because you know your numbers. Going with “gut feelings” never involves any research and leaves everything to chance. 99.99% of the time, this won’t work.

7. Do not keep any favorite numbers

A lot of people tend to play lotto based on birthdays, anniversary dates, and such favorite numbers. If you are serious about hitting the jackpot, you shouldn’t be doing this according to Lustig.

If you choose dates, you are not only limiting the numbers you can play to just 31, you are also decreasing your odds of winning due to competition. Since a lot of people tend to play based on dates, playing numbers that fall outside this bracket will decrease competition and increase the odds.

8. Target uncommon numbers

Every number has an equal probability of being picked when it comes to the lottery. No one can accurately predict what the exact combination will be. That’s why it is called a game of chance.

But it is not a game of sheer dumb luck as many think it is. Chance can be increased with research and strategy. After all, it has to do with mathematics and probability, unlike luck because it is purely belief.

9. Reinvest your winnings

This is a strategy that Richard himself follows. Instead of being satisfied with smaller wins, reinvesting the winnings to play the bigger game will increase the possibility of hitting the jackpot. However, Richard also advises you to never invest your life savings and to never invest more than you can afford.

Advice From 25 Years Of Experience Playing The Lottery Game

Richard Lustig has been playing the lottery game for more than 25 years now. He is a self-described “gambler”, but one that doesn’t believe in dumb luck. He believes you have to make your own luck.

In his younger years, he used to play the lottery every sing day, but without any success. But through his struggle, he never once thought of giving up. Instead, he was always devising methods that could increase his odds of winning.

Tips On How To Win The Lottery Again And Again

He spent his days and nights, over months and years, trying to figure out the best strategy. It took Richard 20 painstaking years to come up with his “winning lottery method” and hit the bumper jackpot.

Today, however, his days and nights are spent helping fellow players from all over the world who trust his method to increase their odds of winning through his books and the Lottery Maximizer. He has created more verified winners than it is possible to list.

Here is the advice he regularly gives to new players of the game:

  1. Do the homework

Before you start playing the game conduct some research and learn the numbers. Always remember that every number has an equal chance of winning, but look out for uncommon numbers.

  1. Don’t go for quick-picks

Don’t trust machines to pick your numbers. They always have a vested self-interest and this will work against you. So the odds will not be in your favor if you go for the quick picks.

  1. Stick to your numbers

Always trust the numbers you have researched and found out. Just because you discovered the numbers with the best odds, it won’t guarantee you a win the very next time you play it. Instead, you will have to keep playing those numbers a couple of times before you hit a jackpot.

  1. Don’t get infected with lotto fever

Lottery businesses are designed to lure in more and more thoughtless players. That’s how they make money. Most people tend to spend a lot of money if the jackpot prize is a large sum of hundreds of millions of dollars. But with everyone swarming to buy tickets, the odds will go downhill.

  1. Don’t go all-in

Don’t ever play your entire savings including your rent and grocery money. That’s how you get yourself into big trouble. If there is only one winner a day, that also means that a million people will be losers and the higher probability is that you could be one of them. So always keep some backup. Keeping a maximum spending budget will also help.


Click here to watch a video featuring Richard Lustig’s insights and achievements

The Probability Of Winning The Lottery: Do You Have A Shot?

Everyone has the same probability of winning the lottery. But you can always increase the odds in your favor if you are aware and willing to put in the time and effort. No matter how random the lottery may seem, there are always patterns that become visible.

Richard Lustig was able to see the patterns because he was willing to put in the effort. He created strategies and continued little by little until the odds fell in his favor and he was able to crack the code. That’s why he was able to win, again and again, seven times. Of course, it took him a few years, but he’s not complaining!

Now you may not have that kind of time to wait. In that case, you can read Richard Lustig’s best-selling books or use his Lottery Maximizer software. Just don’t wait for the goddess of luck. Do something to bring the odds in your favor!

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