Genie Bets Reviews UK

Genie Bets Reviews UK – Is It Effective To Help Win UK Horse Races And Football Matches?

Genie Bets is a betting app that has been designed with the latest features that function with a suite of innovative tools. According to the developers, the software makes betting easier and more reliable with its creative tools by which users can make informed decisions and play smart. Genie Bets UK is exclusively available in the land of literature and culture, the united kingdom.

Genie Bets Reviews UK – A Suite Of Tools To Help You Bet On UK Horse Races And Football!


This betting system has gained much hype among the users of the betting community. Many tech enthusiasts have used it and claimed it as imaginative and ingenious. However, it is necessary to crosscheck whether the app is worth the hype or not.

In this Genie Bets UK review, I will collect all the details and information of the app and carefully analyze it for you to decide its legitimacy and whether to consider buying it.

Genie Bets Review UK
Product NameGenie Bets
CreatorJohn Sinclair
PurposeHelps you bet on UK horse races and football
PriceGenie Bets Basic – £29
Genie Bets PRO – £160
Inclusions In Genie Bets BasicOdds Comparison
Form Analysis
Bet Tracker
Odds Converter
Basic Support
Inclusions In Genie Bets ProOdds Comparison
Form Analysis
Bet Tracker
Odds Converter
Basic Support
Priority Support
Tip Suggestions
Early Access to new features
Money-Back Guarantee30 days
AvailabilityOfficial Website
Official WebsiteCLICK HERE

First Off… Let’s See What Genie Bets Is? 

Genie Bets UK is a betting tips app developed by a software developer who has been in the field for almost 30 years. The Genie Bets system has innovative tools that help manage betting more easily and efficiently.

According to the Genie Bets software creator, it has the ultimate suite of tools that helps you make careful and informed decisions rather than blind bets which are not at all reliable. You may be able to bet on UK horse races and football matches on Genie Bets.

Genie Bets UK gives you its smart betting strategies with powerful features like form analysis and odds comparison tool. 

The prices of the Genie Bets app are lower than its competitors in the market. Furthermore, it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can use the app for 30 days and decide if it is for you. If not, you can request a refund for the amount you paid.    

Genie Bets Betting Tool

How Does Genie Bets System Work To Help You Succeed In Bets? 

This brilliant betting app makes sure that you don’t lose your money with its innovative measures. The users can bet on horse races and football matches in the UK.

It is a user-friendly and straightforward app that doesn’t contain any technical errors. Genie Bets provides a platform where users can convert their hobby into a profitable venture using this app.

Genie Bets UK platform is greater in terms of quality and accuracy which increase the winnings of the users each passing day. It has tools like odds comparison, form analysis, profit and loss tracker, bet tracker, and odds converter which perform the best to produce good attractive results.  

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What Is Involved In Genie Bets UK?

Genie Bets betting app has some promising tools which make you forget the blind bets and greet the newest and smartest betting technologies.

  • The Genie Bets UK includes an odds comparison tool that gives you the best odds available which is a great advantage for you over other bettors.
  • Another one which is the form analysis tool helps the better for making better predictions and decisions by comparing past performance and key factors related to it. 
  • In addition, the profit and loss tracker monitors the performance and instantly identifies areas for improvement, and does the needful.
  • There is an upgraded version of the app called Genie Bets Pro which has the latest features. The upgraded app will get daily suggestions from machine-generated algorithms which makes the betting more professional.    
Genie Bets App

Benefits Of Genie Bets Betting Tool

Genie Bets betting app has a brilliant set of tools that helps the bettor to perform one step ahead and increase winnings. It provides smart strategies that save the time and effort of the bettor and eventually pave the way for successful bets.

Genie Bets UK has tools such as the odds comparison tool, form analysis, and profit and loss tracker which efficiently help the user to compare, analyze, and monitor past performance and promote high results.

This app comes at a lower price for people to afford it and on top of that, it has a 30-day money-back guarantee as well that ensures your money won’t go to waste.    

Expected Drawbacks Of Genie Bets

The Genie Bets UK has been developed by the software developer John Sinclair who has many years of experience in the field. The app is designed in such a way that it is user-friendly and straightforward. 

One major drawback is that it is only available in the United Kingdom, nowhere else. It cannot be purchased from other parts of the world marking it as a limitation. Another drawback is that the Genie Bets system will be available only on the Genie Bets official website and can be purchased through it only.  

Advantages Of Upgrading From Genie Bets Basic To Genie Bets Pro

Genie Bets Basic is a primary plan that has some features in it to improve your betting such as the odds comparison tool, form analysis, etc.

When you upgrade from the basic app to the Genie Bets Pro, you can unlock many other features including, tip suggestions from machine-learned algorithms, daily suggestions, and early access to new features. The upgraded version of the app would give you much more data and analytics than the basic one.

The Genie Bets Pro allows users to get up-to-date information which enables them to take informed and wise decisions. Improved betting and results would be possible from both versions. But the upgraded one weighs more in terms of systematic information that would help in the success of betting performance.      

Comparison Of Genie Bets Basic And Genie Bets Pro  

Genie Bets Pro has all the features in the Genie Bets Basic. Odds comparison tool, form analysis, bet tracker, odds converter, and basic support are the ones. But the genie bets pro has some new features that make it special. It includes priority support, tip suggestions, and early access to new features.

Genie Bets Reviews

The Genie Bets Pro gives its users suggestions from machine-generated algorithms. It means that the bettors will receive the most comprehensive and advanced suggestions from the pro app for better betting. The developers ensure you that it will bring good results on bets. 

Furthermore, the Genie Bet Basic’s price is around £29, and the Genie Bets Pro’s price is £160

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Customer Reviews On Genie Bets Betting Tool

Genie Bets UK has a strong customer base that strongly recommends the app to anyone for betting. Many customers have tried the app and have given genuine and positive Genie Bets reviews.

Customers were able to regain the money that they have lost through blind bets. The Genie Bets UK app has allowed them to have a significant increase in their winnings. The customers are all impressed with the quality and accuracy of the app when performing betting. The improved strategies are notable. 

Additionally, Genie Bets customers think that the system comes at a good price which makes it affordable for them.  

Pricing And Availability Of Genie Bets UK

The Genie Bets UK app is available on the official website with a discount. Both the genie bets basic and genie bets pro are available with special discounts but with different features. The app has been made available for UK residents only.

Here is the detailed information about the deals:

Genie bets basic – £29 with a discount of £31

  • Odds comparison tool
  • Form analysis
  • Bet tracker 
  • Odds converter
  • Basic support

Genie Bets pro – £160 with a discount of £20

  • Odds comparison tool
  • Form analysis
  • Bet tracker
  • Odds converter
  • Basic support
  • Priority support 
  • Tip suggestions
  • Early access to new features 

Does Genie Bets System Have A Money-Back Guarantee 

Genie Bets manufacturer offers a money-back guarantee for 30 days.

After purchasing the app, if you feel that it isn’t giving you the results you wanted or if you change your mind, the developers of Genie Bets UK will give you a full refund of the amount you have paid. This feature ensures that your money is safe and secure. 

Genie Bets Reviews – Is It Worth Investing In?

After reading through this Genie Bets review we can conclude that Genie Bets UK is a systematic and innovative app that allows users to perform betting far more efficiently than blind bets. The app enables its users to save and make more money with its smart strategies and techniques.

The innovative tools of the Genie Bets app such as the odds comparison tool, form analysis, and profit and loss tracker have helped the bettors analyze past performance and perform better. 

The customers have reviewed the app and have claimed that the app is safe and trustworthy to use. The Genie Bets Pro has more features than the Genie Bets Basic which will make the customers in a state of chaos.

Anyhow, you can buy Genie Bets betting tools according to your requirements. The developers of the app offer a 30-day money-back policy which guarantees you a refund of the full amount you have paid.

Considering all these factors and elements, it seems that the Genie Bets UK app is effective and safe and that you might wanna give it a try.    

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1. Is the app really helpful?

Yes, the Genie Bets UK app does help in getting the desired results when betting. It’s powerful tools and smart strategies help users to have successful bets. 

2. Who developed the app?

John Sinclair is a software developer who developed the app with a single motive which is to provide a suite of tools to help manage bets. His idea was to create an app that is user-friendly and which uses high techniques at the same time.

3. Do I have to purchase the app?

yes, you have to purchase the genie bets UK app to unlock all the betting features and for having successful bets. The developers offer versions which are, genie bets basic and genie bets pro. Here are the details:

Genie bets basic – £29 with a discount of £31
Odds comparison tool
Form analysis
Bet tracker 
Odds converter
Basic support

Genie Bets pro – £160 with a discount of £20
Odds comparison tool
Form analysis
Bet tracker
Odds converter
Basic support
Priority support 
Tip suggestions
Early access to new features 

4. Does it offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes, the developers do offer a money-back guarantee for 30 days. It will allow you to refund the amount you have paid. 

5. Is it available in Europe?

The app is only available to users in the united kingdom. It’s a major drawback for the developers. 

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