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Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018 : A Legit System Or Just The Hype?

Welcome to my unbiased Wealthy Affiliate review. The Wealthy Affiliate is also known as Wealthy Affiliate University. The ultimate aim of everyone life is Happiness. That Happiness comes, when someone is successful. Everyone has different definitions to success.

But I am sure every definition of success must include “MONEY”. If you want to make money & that too online without trying to qualify for online surveys or paying a penny for your efforts, this Wealthy Affiliate review is going to be perfect piece of cake

Wealthy Affiliate Review – A Genuine User Review!


Before digging out Wealthy Affiliate program in detail, we must know Affiliate network. So let’s try our hand to understand that. Affiliate Network is the process where publisher/affiliate can generate income by promoting products or services of companies which offer affiliate programs like amazon, eBay etc.

Through this network, affiliate can find & participate in the affiliate programs, which are suitable according to their website niche. Therefore, generating more income just by promoting products without bothering for any shipment or delivery of products.

Now the question arises, How Affiliate generate income? The answer is this is that affiliate provide the unique link of those programs within their websites, when someone click those links & buy products, affiliate can earn commission completely. You might have many questions about WA.My Wealthy Affiliate review will give you an answer for the most of them.

Wealthy Affiliate Overview

Wealthy Affiliate User Reviews

Product/course Name Wealthy Affiliate
Creator Kyle Loudon & Carson Lim
Official Website Click Here
Year Founded 2005
Type of Product An Unmatchable Affiliate Marketing Training University


wealthy Affiliate is a reputed online university which provides a head to toe training to become a successful affiliate marketer. They already trained thousands of people and I am one of them. If you are ready to go forward and work hard, Wealthy Affiliate by Kyle Loudon will guide you through the right path to success and financial stability. A highly recommended program!


About Wealthy Affiliate

As I mentioned in the summary part of this Wealthy Affiliate review, The Wealthy affiliate is like an online university where you can learn everything about Affiliate networking and also about internet marketing.

WHAT you can learn from Wealthy Affiliate?

  • To make money by creating website in your own subject of interest.
  • Learn to select good affiliate program all to your niche.
  • Learn to earn from your own website without selling anything or recruiting anyone such as by planning advertisements of companies like ​Google AdSense etc.
  • Wealthy affiliate also provides its own affiliate program from which you can earn money.
  • Learn to make good amount of referrals in any legit online work companies & earn very good income by working with any online work companies of your choice.

Wealthy Affiliate History

Established in 2005, Wealthy affiliate has grown to be a reputed online work company. From 2009, company has been constantly rewarded as no 1 online work company. Founder are Kyle & Carson. Kyle is also the editor, moderator a tutor at wealthy affiliate program.

Wealthy Affiliate Program

It is a training platform along with you can make money online. All-in-All, it is a work from home business which provide you all necessary information & training you need to be successful in the online work industry and also provide the platform for earning online money.

Wealthy Affiliate Community

One of the most difficult aspect of building a business online is,  getting help when you need it. Getting help in a timely manner by accessing a myriad of people with all kind of expertise is exactly a person expect. Wealthy affiliate provides with a community that truly cares & will be there for you all day & every day.

Wealthy Affiliate Community

Learning can be fun, in particular when you have teachers to help you at every step. Think of an attending a school with many teachers for students, this is the type of service being provided by the wealthy affiliate community.

Although wealthy affiliate community is number one in the world, still every single person matters & you can feel your importance immediately. There is “we are one” spirit, where we can connect with people from different countries in the world, with people from own country.

There is no community in the world that lets you walk into as a complete stranger & create unbelievable and powerful business relation. Every single day there are thousands of people around the globe networking with wealth affiliate, creating business together, offering each other insights &b building their network. Thereby making wealthy affiliate community stronger day by day.

The Wealthy Affiliate Training

When you go through Wealthy Affiliate website, you can find a lot of training sections including video training. Let’s look into the details of Wealthy Affiliate training and let you know how the Wealthy Affiliate course work.

  • Online Entrepreneur Certification

Wealthy Affiliate Benefits

It also be said getting started level 1. This is the course containing 10 lessons as the part of wealthy affiliate online entrepreneur. It will walk you through the steps of creating a successful online business that generate revenue. This level 1 course is your first step to realizing you potential as an online business owner. 10 lessons include:

Wealthy Affiliate Classroom

  • Lesson 1- Getting rolling
  • Lesson 2- Understanding how to make money online.
  • Lesson 3- Choose a niche
  • Lesson 4- Building your own niche website
  • Lesson 5- Setting up your website
  • Lesson 6- Getting your website ready for search engines
  • Lesson 7- Creating your initial website content
  • Lesson 8- Creating custom menu on your website
  • Lesson 9- Understanding keywords
  •  Lesson 10- Congratulations and your next steps.

Course Benefits

  • Learn how to immediately get immersed in the awesome community at Wealthy Affiliate.
  • Create and start working toward the list of new financial and non-financial goals.
  • Choose your starting point niche for your business.

Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate Program

Choose a Niche That you have a good knowledge about


  • Learn how to optimise your website using WordPress.
  • How to create quality website content that gets ranked?
  • Quickly and easy creation of your own low competition keywords list.
  • Discover the process of earning revenue online.
  • Gain instant excess to over 590000 niches.
  • Build your very own niche website.


website building

Build Your Own Website. It’s simple!


  • A simple and free way of making your site search engine friendly.
  • Understanding the keyword research process.


Affiliate Bootcamp

Members can earn money through Wealthy Affiliate’s boot camp program. After joining you can get full training in the boot camp section. They teach you how to succeed in this program by providing a step by step guide, tutorials and videos. Thereby making it very easy for you to generate income through affiliate program by learning boot camp courses. If you can make just 300 upgraded referrals per year than you can attend fully paid conference of Wealthy Affiliate every year at LASVEGAS, USA. Wealthy Affiliate will pay everything including airplane ticket and food etc.

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp

Wealthy Affiliate Classroom

This is where you come to get help with how to use Wealthy Affiliate and where you can ask questions relating to the system at Wealthy Affiliate, how it works, and you can even make suggestions for improvements within the ongoing discussions.  This classroom is completely dedicated to the system of Wealthy Affiliate. The classroom is vast and has been in ongoing development since 2005. The training will walk you through different aspects of the system and help you understand how to best benefit and make WA your home base for your online business

People Behind Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate

Kyle Loudon

Carson Lim


The company is owned, created and operated by two of the world’s best web-masters, Kyle Loudon & Carson Lim. It is one of the best affiliate marketing websites in the world. Established in 2005, is still a strong and legitimate company growing stronger and stronger every day. Their goal is to help everyone who is serious about building a successful internet business. Owners are also stockholders and owners of the following businesses:

  • StreetArticles.com– Street Articles publishing house.
  • Jaaxy.com– Jaaxy keyword research, website analysis and data mining software’s. 

Kyle & Carson teaches the following simple steps within wealthy affiliates:

  • Choose an interest
  • Build a website
  • Get visitors to your website
  • Earn money

The made the system very user friendly that is very easy even to a new comer to online business. Moreover, they made the process of building a website super easy. Kyle even shows in a video building a website under 30 seconds. Anyone can sign up for a free starter membership to a network, learn and eventually succeed online.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth the Price?

Yes, Of course Wealthy Affiliate is a worth choice considered by its users worldwide. Success can be achieved in online business through it at a great pace. You can start with the free starter   membership, which provides excess to a handful of video lessons as well as the ability to build two free websites. Moreover, there is no risk involves as a beginner, you can truly try-before-you-buy. It definitely takes hard work and time before you see results. It may take a few months to work through the certification courses start building up websites and finally earn first small commission.

But after this initial start-up phase thing really start snowballing. After that you can built up momentum to the point where it is rare to earn less than $1000 per month for affiliate marketing alone. Keep in mind that this is all on the part time basis so the $359 yearly cost is obviously well worth it. There is nothing stopping you from earning as much as you want besides your willingness to work hard and follow the process. I am giving my earning screenshot below. I have joined three months before and I have earned around $2000 within two months. I am working 3-4 hours on my website daily and my goal is to earn $10k/month.

Wealthy Affiliate Earnings

Also it is important to realize how much you are receiving as a part of that $359 cost- tons of training and step-by-step tutorials, an interactive community of successful online marketers, 24*7 live chat, private messaging, personal blog platform, secure web hosting, domain- specific emails, site health analyses and much more. In all honesty Wealthy Affiiate is a steal at the current price and continuously adding more benefits to membership without raising the cost at all. All-in-all it is a bang-for-the-buck choice for the customers.

Wealthy Affiliate Cost

Anyone can try Wealthy Affiliate by joining entirely free of cost basic courses that include two free websites making using WordPress themes & gain the necessary knowledge to get traffic on your website. The basic courses of affiliate boot camp section are also free from which you will gain the basic knowledge of getting free referrals to any online companies you work as well as within wealthy affiliate. You can earn up to 15% commissions from your referrals within Wealthy Affiliate as a free member whereas 50% commissions as a premium member. However, WA has banned members from seven countries including- India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Philippines, Nigeria and Egypt, to join as free members due to continuous hacking and cheating problems. However, they can join as premium member in Wealthy Affiliate.

Basic free courses give you basic knowledge from where it will take time to earn. But, in order to become expert, to learn everything provided by Wealthy Affiliate, and to earn a good income. You need to take the advanced training courses, for which you need to pay the membership amount of $19 in the first month, then after $49/mo or $359 per year if you want to continue. Once you are confident about Wealthy Affiliate, you should opt for yearly payment as it will reduce the monthly fee to $29.9.

In a nut-shell, I can say Wealthy Affiliate provides a basic knowledge and ideas to succeed in on-line business for free and you can work with any on-line work companies including WA. But in order to have an expert hand, one should opt for the paid version as it will return back what you pay for.

Wealthy Affiliate Vs MOBE, Inbox Blueprint, and AWOL

  • MOBE
  • AWOL

Wealthy Affiliate Vs MOBE

Firstly, I would like to mention here is that both programs are advertising as training to help you to get start over online business. MOBE is led by a young entrepreneur MALT LLOYD from Australia. Its main system is MTTB 21- step program. Let’s make a comparison between WA & MOBE:

On the basis of Services offered

  • Wealthy affiliate is based on the affiliate marketing model, a simple way to get started online. It offers full and complete training, tutorial, guidance, a very active community ready and willing to help, completely free membership.
  • MTTB is a 21-step program that guides you through the appropriate steps on how to make money online by generating leads. The system is simple send leads to MOBE’s products where they have a dedicated forum team ready to close sales for you. Other products you can buy for yourself or promote for a commission include traffic generating courses like traffic master’s academy etc.


On the basis of Price

  • You can apply to MTTB with a$49 deposit, that is minimum to get started. However, you cannot make the big commission they advertise.
  • On the other hand, WA offers free start up membership which can be promoted to premium membership discussed earlier.


Who they are for?

  • WA is for anyone and everyone who wants to start a business online using one of their passion. You will be taught beginning to end how to create a website/ blog build around a niche. So you can earn affiliate commission.
  • MTTB is a marketing towards people who wants to run a business by effectively marketing and generating leads. It is best for those who know what they are doing and with deep pockets.


Wealthy Affiliate Vs AWOL

AWOL academy has a very distinct reputation for providing newbies. In the field of internet marketing the tools necessary for success. Let’s dig out the differences between AWOL and WA:

On the Basis of Training

  • AWOL provides high end training, you are shown exactly how to build a functional sale funnel, how to email your leads and build long term relation with your client.
  • Wealthy Affiliate A guides you step by step on building your own website and to add content to rank your site in google. You the importance of using keywords, affiliate links and much more to make a beautiful site.

On the basis of Support

  • AWOL has a decent support system unless you are in the ELITE, most of your niche and funnel related questions will be answered by those who are in the affiliate group. It is almost like the blind leading the blind.
  • WA has an outstanding support system which is very responsive and even supported by the owners.


On the basis of start-up Cost

  • AWOL is on a steeper side if it comes to start-up cost. To join the ELITE, the full program is of 10k.
  • Well, WA on the other hand is very inexpensive for the start-up membership which is $0 and $49/mo for the premium membership.


Wealthy Affiliate Vs Inbox Blueprint

Inbox Blueprint teaches people on how to earn money online through email marketing. The program not only teaches about email marketing, but also gives you tools to succeed in these types of business. The person behind this training program is ANIK SINGHAL, who has launched many online training programs and well known as internet marketing guru. Differences between Wealthy Affiliate and inbox blueprint are:

On the basis of cost to Join

  • Inbox blueprint can be buy for three payments of $597 or one payment of $1,497. I need not to tell this training program is very costly if compared to Wealthy Affiliate.


On the basis of target audience

  • The training and modules offered by inbox blueprint are not for beginners. In the beginning you will learn the basic of email marketing but later on you will feel over whelmed. Also the training is overpriced and literally requires a big investment.
  • Wealthy Affiliate on the other hand, offers services for anyone and everyone by providing step by step learning.

Wealthy Affiliate Pros and Cons

In my view, nothing comes without goods & bad, so do is wealthy affiliate. Here I am presenting before you every good & bad of Wealthy Affiliate without being biased


  • Free starter membership : – In the beginning, one can start with free membership & get free premium features during first 7 days to decide why you would switch to an upgrade version. However, you can still remain starter member if you are not interested to upgrade. Still you will have access to following features:
  • Two free website
  • Two spam free Training discussion boards(classrooms)
  • No. of videos
  • Website Backups
  • Referral Commissions
  • Two free courses with Starter membership : – Following are the courses being offered
  • Online Entrepreneur Certification- Getting started level 1.
  • Wealthy Affiliate Boot camp- Starting your Foundation phase 1.


  • Cheap Premium Membership : – In order to have premium membership, you need to pay $49/mo or $359/year which cost even less than $30/mo. This is extremely cheap if you consider feature you get with this:
  • 50 free websites
  • 12 official training courses with 1000+ additional training courses produced by premium members
  • 12 spam- free training discussion board/classrooms.
  • Enhanced referral commissions.
  • Live chat
  • Private messaging
  • Weekly live video classes
  • Website security package
  • 24*7/365 support
  • 1 on 1 coaching
  • Private access to owners
  • Unlimited Searches in the keyword research tool.
  • 30days money back guarantee
  • Newly added- free upgraded Jaaxy account



As I said earlier in this Wealthy Affiliate review , nothing in the universe comes without negative aspects. For most intelligent people, these are not deal- breaker but in fact they should be considered to see while Wealthy Affiliate work for you or not;

  • Effort Required : – See, just by sign up WA does not mean you will start making money. Like in anything, here also you need to put effort in order to learn the art of affiliate marketing & network and learn from others.
  • Self -Learning Attitude : – A person need to have zeal to learn if need to make projects & so. One is there on your head to see whether you are learning in detail manner or not.
  • Regular content : – You need to write content on regular basis in order to become profitable. Also the content should contain everything without errors like spelling mistake or grammatical errors
  • times-circleMight have to ask questions more than once during busier hours if Live chat.
  • times-circle30 days after cancelling membership your domain get deleted.

Wealthy Affiliate Support

Wealthy Affiliate offers excellent in here support for 24*7/365. It is extremely important to have the help you need as it will only speedup your learning potential. Their support channel is on-demand & help you with your training, your site issues or need some inspiration and advice on your progress. Let’s dig-out what each of support has:

  • Live Chat –This type of support is their heart & soul. It provides everyone with instant answers to questions, personal help, coaching and ability to interact in real time.
  • Private Messaging – You can contact any Wealthy Affiliate member privately to discuss about training owners Carson and Kyle for some private coaching or feedback if required. In my sight, above this no one can support.
  • Live QA session – Live video classes at the end has live QA where you can clear your doubts
  • Website Feedback Platform – If you need some crowdsourced feedback on your website or on a specific page of it. This platform is a great way. It works on credit system where you give feedback on two sites, in exchange for one site feedback required.
  • Training Classrooms – These are similar to a forum where you can ask your question and someone within the community will provide an answer. You can also search for your question within this forum if available prior.

How to Join Wealthy Affiliate?

There are only two membership levels being offered and they are

  1. Starter Free
  2. Premium Membership

Let’s go through each package and let me show you what is inside them!

Starter Free

It is 100% free to join & only require 5 piece of information;

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • Password
  • Username

Once you have completed the initial steps entitled above, it is important to add a personal profile “About me” description &b profile image. It adds some personality to your profile and allows easy networking. Your fellows Wealthy Affiliate members will be more likely to assist you, provide feedback and answer to your questions if they know a bit about you and if you put a face against your name. After this, you get started with in seconds. You can begin training courses and start building your website. It is also possible to earn as you learn through your affiliate links.

Premium Membership

Once you are confident about Wealthy Affiliate, you can switch to the premium membership available. In this, membership two different payment option are available-

  • Monthly $49/mo
  • Yearly $359/year

To activate this, you need to choose your preferred duration (monthly or yearly) & a credit card. And you are ready to learn in-depth and enjoy more commissions.

Wealthy Affiliate Discounts

Well, we are having something very special for our readers. A 59% discount for the first month subscription is available if you join with in first 7 days. Therefore, you will get $27 discount for the very first month i.e. you need to pay only $32. So enjoy your discount after reading this Wealthy Affiliate review and joining WA if it suits to your need.


After writing this detailed and unbiased Wealthy Affiliate review, I hope my review will help my readers to make a literate decision. Let me windup in a nut-shell. According to me, as everything in the universe has goods and bads, so do WA have. Goods include Wealthy Affiliate as a place to get training and how to build passive income website. The free version also provides customer a try-before-buy choice with so many features. And once you are confident, you can switch to premium flavor available.

Wealthy Affiliate Discount

Also, the cost at which the premium flavour is available is a bang-for-the-buck choice as it will return you back for what you pay off. The type of support channels available also adds to its reputation of top-notch support whereas the bad includes effort requirement, sell earing attitude, ability to write regular content etc., which are in-depth if seen are not bad at all because if you really want to earn, nobody is going to serve that to you in your plate.

Efforts are thus required in any case. All-in-all, bads are being covered in the shadow of goods. So, if you want to have a passive income, Wealthy Affiliate is the best choice you can go for.

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