VidRankXpress Review

VidRankXpress Review – Amit Pareek’s VidRankXpress Software Reviewed!

Are you a Youtuber? then this VidRankXpress review might be important for you. YouTube video, perhaps the most prominent way to search for anything on the web in the present era of modernization and technology. In fact, students can learn better, home managers can understand better, right from kids’ stuff to anything, you can find better on YouTube.

VidRankXpress Review – Is VidRankXpress A Good Video Software?


YouTube has become one of the best traffic expansion ways & is best to increase sales. All-in-all current top-notch way of marketing. The key to successful YouTube marketing campaign lies in:

  • Creation of high quality or valuable video.
  • Then, rank them on YouTube & Google

The first step can be done if you have some video editing skills. But how to rank a video in YouTube?. If you ask an SEO Expert, they will give you some old techniques that everyone used two years back. Google changes its Algorithm many times later and now it’s really tough to rank a video in youtube as well as Google.

VidRankXpress Overview

VidrankXpress Reviews

Product Name VidRankXpress
Creators Dr. Amit Pareek, Er.Ashu Kumar
Official Website Click Here
Launch Date 04-July-2018
Type of Product Software


The software aims at providing you with time-saving, easy, SEO, expanding and all YouTube video management services all at a single destination. Let’s dig out more about VidRankXpress! Through my VidRankXpress review.


Ranking A Video In Youtube!

Now, as I already mentioned in this VidRankXpress review, ranking a video on YouTube or Google is not as easy as sipping a cup-of-coffee. Prominent factors to rank any video includes:

  • Unique video
  • of views combine browser per sessions
  • On page SEO
  • Backlinks

And managing above of each factor cost a lot of time and energy. Imagine how easy it would be if you can manage them all in one step. So, here presenting before all my readers, all-in-one, YouTube management & analytical software- “VIDRANKXPRESS”. The software aims at providing you with time-saving, easy, SEO, expanding and all YouTube video management services all at a single destination. Let’s dig out more about VidRankXpress!

What is VidRankXpress?

VidrankXpress is a super simple and friendly video ranking software that run down the herculean task of ranking on Google and YouTube. The VidrankXpress software is a newbie in YouTube management and analytics, turns any video into endless free traffic machine by getting instant page 1 ranking on YouTube & Google. It also drives tons of traffic from top social giants on 100% autopilot. It is a cloud-based software, easy to operate and improvement in your video ranking can be seen right from the first day.

VidRankXpress Benefits

  • According to VidRankXpress reviews, It gets you the complete list of keywords and phrases which your competitors have used for ranking top on YouTube & Google. 
  • It can even provide you the top videos for any niche keyword with the top-ranked video their titles, descriptions, and tags.
  • Inbuilt content spinner lets you craft complete SEO friendly titles, descriptions and tags.
  • It also you to upload directly and rank your videos to YouTube and get notification alerts for every view, like and subscriber added to your list.
  • You will have real buyer traffic for your offers completely hands-free when your videos are ranked higher by the two top search engines giants.
  • The software also drives in traffic from top 7 social media platforms- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit &Tumbler.

Who is VidRankXpress for?

Let my VidRankXpress review tell you this. If you are not interested in making money from Youtube, buying VidrankXpress won’t make any changes. It is specially made for;

  • YouTube video marketer on the internet.
  • For those who are sick of black hat SEO, spamming, duplicating.
  • For those who want to buy You Tubes SEO’s competition research tool.

VidRankXpress Reviews

VidRankXpress Features

The software is available at such an amazing price with fully packed features comprising everything we need from such a software.

Feature catalog includes the following: –

  • Social- media integration: This feature lets you automatically integrate you YouTube to the 7 most famous social networks. Thus, providing you with more backlinks and therefore increasing the traffic.
  • Playlist Management: YouTube has a great love for the playlist and they mostly rank playlists. The idea is to rank playlist and not your video thus putting your video first of the playlist. VidrankXpress allows you to manage your playlist which is manually done by searching every single keyword, go to channel dashboard and put them into the playlist. It is a time-consuming process. This software lets you manage them all-in-one.
  • Video Statistics and Analytics: This is the most important factor to rank any YouTube video on google and YouTube. But, YouTube video only shows you the number of views and dislikes, but not show you engagement rate. With this software, you can easily follow all of them.
  • Video Ranking Campaign: As we already discussed in this VidrankXpress review, The prominent valuable feature of VidrankXpress that allow you to save time for video uploading, Optimization of own page SEO etc.
  • Social- media Sharing: These features allow VidrankXpress to share the video on your channel to social networks to connect automatically.
  • Keyword Research: You can get all top performing video of your niche with the treading hot and suggested keywords.
  • Score-Checker: You can get an instant rating for your meta title and descriptions with this inbuilt score checker.
  • Define Tags: By taking references of tags of hottest videos, tags for your videos are defined.
  • Notifications Alerts: You can get notification alerts automatically whenever your video receives a view, like, a new subscriber.
  • Bookmark: You can bookmark videos for later view and analysis.
  • Commercial Licence: They provide a commercial license to video marketing services to unlimited clients.

Why VidRankXpress a good Choice?

In today’s era, YouTube videos are being promoted by on technical people- those who are unaware of SEO etc. Now they people are also interested in making money by promoting those videos not only such people but also few technical people are interested in a one-stop-shop that can provide the best ranking to their videos on YouTube on google and YouTube.

VidrankXpress with its immensely powerful feature catalog can be the best choice which covers all the important factors required for best ranking videos at a low cost. Let my VidrankXpress review reveal the top reasons for selecting it as a YouTube management and analytic software;

  • Subscribers can drive traffic from top 7 social media platforms
  • Traffic can be monetized to boost leads, sale, and profit easily.
  • Most powerful cloud-based video ranking software.
  • 100% reliable, a friendly product with a good support.

VidRankXpress Pros & Cons


  • Unlimited viral traffic.
  • In-depth keyword analysis
  • Advanced analytics on video’s performance
  • Complete social sharing automation
  • Super easy to use.
  • CONS

    Till now, we have not come across any limitations and the software is best in its niche for promoting YouTube videos.

    VidRankXpress Price & Discount

    Frontend- VIdRankXpress Pro, is available for $29.95 with a 20% discount if the subscriptions are made by our readers. So guy’s getup, read our VidrankXpress review in detail and subscribe if you are confident about it. Grab the extra discount available.

    About VidRankXpress OTO

    1 VidRankXpress Elite $57
    2 VidRankXpress Enterprise $97
    3 VidRankXpress Reseller $97
    4 Premium Membership $27

    VidRankXpress Elite

    With this version you can get 5x more traffic by automatic everything and make 5 times more profit with the following features added:

    Vidrankxpress Software

  • 100% SEO’s optimized videos for better ranking and free search traffic.
  • Your videos turned into traffic generators by driving viral traffic by the biggest microblogging site- Twitter.
  • You can get real viral traffic from the biggest social network of all sort of professionals- LinkedIn.
  • Get complete keyword analysis with monthly search volume data for your niche keyword.
  • Social sharing automation and getting viral traffic from biggest social networking platform.
  • VidRankXpress Enterprise

    This version enables to get unlimited social traffic from all top social networks and make 10% more profits without extra efforts and investments, with the following features added:

    Vidrankxpress Free Trial

  • More hyper-targeted traffic drives into your videos with the biggest social media giants Facebook and top image and video sharing platform – Pinterest.
  • Advance and detail analytic on video and channels including user behavioral patterns, full stats on like, comments and share, compare videos etc.
  • Automatic sharing of videos on top social media platforms.
  • Define sharing schedules and frequency for different countries time zone.
  • VidRankXpress Reseller

    According to the VidRankXpress reviews from the users, This version allows the subscriber to sell services to anyone they want & keep 100% the profits. So they can add one more ready to sell affiliates store for instant profits.

    Vidrankxpress Software

    VidRankXpress Premium Membership

    This version allows you to get unlimited profits per month for following premium features:

    Vidrankxpress Price

  • Unlimited Subdomain/business for your clients
  • Unlimited Subdomain/business for your businesses.
  • Lighting fast speed for your video upload and management.
  • Priority on social sharing campaigns
  • Faster keyword research
  • Premium Support
  • Lifetime Updates
  • VidRankXpress Coupon Codes

    VidRankXpress Discount code

    Here are my exclusive coupon codes for you. If you decided to buy VidRankXpress, then this coupon codes will give you a great discount which you cannot find anywhere else in the Internet.

    If You Buy On 4th July’18(Wednesday) 9AM to 12Noon EST – EarlyBird

    Starter – $17

    Scale – $24

    Pro – $34.95 to $37.95 Dimesale with $10 off Coupon Code – “earlyxpress

    If You Buy on 4th July’18(Wednesday) – 12Noon EST to 5th July’18(Thursday) 11:59:59PM EST

    Starter – $17

    Scale – $27

    Pro – $37.95 with $10 off Coupon Code – “xpress10”


    Now it is the time for the final verdict of my unbiased VidRankXpress review. After this detailed review, I can say the software is a one-stop-shop for all your YouTube video ranking essentials. This cloud-based software can perform well with backlinks, SEO and generating traffic. Thus top ranking of videos of any newbie as well as an expert is possible in an easy and non-time consuming manner.

    Top-notch choice of subscribers for generating high-end traffic and thus profits. Only by few clicks, one can make videos SEO –optimized & search friendly which means a fresh & targeted traffic. Also, the pricing is low which will return you more than you pay with various upsells available according to subscriber needs. So, if you want your videos to rank higher without entertaining a headache, this software can be a bang-for-the-buck choice.


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