Vidfuse Review – Is Walt Bayliss Video Creating Software Really Efficient?

An article on VidFuse review has been always demanded by you all people. Thus, to meet up with all your demands, here we are with the true and honest review on VidFuse by Walt Bayliss. Here, you won’t only learn about the app and it benefits but also the cons/disadvantages that the application brings in for you.

VidFuse Review – Is VidFuse A Good Software For Video Bloggers?


VidFuse app in a simple word; can be said to be a totally new application which is available on two of the platforms that are Web and mobile. It helps you edit, publish and create contents for your vlogs in the easiest way you can ever think of. It will just need one click for you to edit, capture and finally publish the videos that you want on all the big video hosting websites without any issue.

It can be stated as the best application with all the necessary features to help vloggers get the best of the control over their work. More about the tool has been mentioned below. You can catch the best of the Vidfuse review without any worry.

VidFuse Overview

Product Name VidFuse
Creator Walt Bayliss
Official Website Click Here
Launch Date 11-July-2018
Type of Product Video Creation Software
Recommended? Highly Recommended


If the definition doesn’t clears your doubt about the software yet then this particular part is especially for you. The VidFuse can be said to be a video marketing software which provides the easiest way for you to create, edit and finally publish your video on any platform that you wish it to be. You will get all other information about this software once you read my Vidfuse review.


What is Vidfuse?

If the definition doesn’t clears your doubt about the software yet then this particular part is especially for you. The VidFuse software can be said to be a video marketing software which provides the easiest way for you to create, edit and finally publish your video on any platform that you wish it to be. As per the Vidfuse review, this Vidfuse video editing software will be out in the market by the end of the July 2018.

 For them who aren’t familiar with the term ‘Vlogging’, it is the way of the new era to get the best of the content to the public in the form of a video. When it comes to SEO purposes, vlogging is the only solution that you should believe in to get ranked higher than others.

VidFuse Features

  • One-click away to Distribute your Videos 

Being a content creator, you must have always experienced the problem while distributing and publishing your video every other day. This do happens when you have a wide variety of places where you have to upload from different channels. Well, that’s why the application is here for. It will make your work easy in such a way that you can never ever imagine about. The work of publishing the video at different places can now be done within seconds. As I already mentioned in this Vidfuse review, All your videos can now be uploaded to different video hosting platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and various other places without any worry.

  • Various Accounts

When you go for the pro subscription provided by the application, it brings the best of features for you. One of those features is managing various accounts under one head. Well, it not only provides wider coverage but also makes the work easier for you as you have always dreamt.

  • Different Platforms

All of us want the convenience of completing our work as the place we are most comfortable. The convenience for the customers is all that the developers wish for. Thus, to make the best of the options possible, the Vidfuse review application will be available on mobile handset and on web. So, the individuals wishing to use the software via desktop can access it through internet while the one with the handset can get the application for android and Vidfuse for iPhone.

  • Best of Performance with Easy-to-use facilities 

Any vlogger who dreams of flying high by creating video contents need to have the best of the knowledge related to video editing. The flow that one video should have from the beginning till the end shouldn’t been broken at any cost. Well rehearsed and edited video is required with the appropriate time length making it the best for the viewers is the one that you need. The work involve in making the video that perfect is kind of difficult at times. However, with the help of Vidfuse, all your work will be easy. All you need to do is drag your video to the edit menu and use the tools present there to edit the video at the best of your knowledge.

The fact is so that the content quality is totally in your hands; the application will only make your work easier and none else.

  •  Schedule Posts 

Vidfuse software helps you to post your content at times which won’t be available for you to be at work. Well, it helps you to schedule your vlog and thus let you be relaxed at that point of time.

  • Industry Leading Vlogers

This can be said as the least known fact about the application. The individuals paying for the pro version of the software get the chance to talk to the leading YouTubers; all with a million subscribers above. According to Vidfuse reviews, They will not only show you the way to achieve their success but also teach you how to do it in their way.

How Does Vidfuse Work?

Vidfuse being a video editing application helps individual to a great extend to ease their work of editing the video to get the best of it. Well, one can easily capture their video using Vidfuse to edit or they can simply get the video edited that they have captured before. Trimming videos, adding side effects to it and getting other special effects in it can be done with a single click if you have Vidfuse with you. Apart from it, once you have completed making the video, you can save it.

Well, the best of the feature about the application is that you can upload your vlog at any of the online video hosting portal without any issue with just a single click. That’s how things get easier when you choose Vidfuse as your video editing partner.

Creator of VidFuse Software!

Vidfuse by Walt Bayliss

This amazing video editing application has been created by none other than Walt Bayliss. Walt Bayliss is not only an internet marketer but also a professional software developer who made the application possible with his aspiring goals and hard work. High quality result is only the motto that the application is looking forward and thus will surely reach great heights one day.

Speaking about the creator of Vidfuse, Walt Bayliss is an experienced online entrepreneur who acknowledged the hard work needed to create a good quality content without any failure.

The quality of the video content should never be compromised because this is what is going to be your base for the empire you are planning to build. This is why the Vidfuse review app creator has beautifully combined simplicity and versatility and has brought the best of the video editing application for you. Being a versatile application, Vidfuse includes many amazing functionality which are damn necessary with the rapid changes in the technology. The massive use of the social media platforms in the recent few years can be stated as the main reason for the outcome of such an innovative application.

Vidfuse Pros and Cons

In today’s generation, every other vlogger is busy with their work but wants to get the best for their audience. It may even happen that somehow they fail to publish the videos on time or maybe they forgot to do it on the social media they were suppose to do it. Well, the only reason behind it can be the vast areas where they need to upload the vlog. All these kind of matters are handled quite well with the help of Vidfuse software. Vidfuse app brilliantly manages to post all your videos on the social media platforms you want to with just a single click. Now my Vidfuse review will tell you about the pros and cons of Vidfuse software.


  • Value for Product- The only thing everyone is afraid of is being disappointed or cheated online. If we are paying a good to do amount and we don’t get a satisfying return that it’s really quite upsetting for everyone. It makes us feel like the creator has cheated us and would probably do so in the future too. It not only decreases the number of customers a company has but also create a bad reputation in the market. Well, that’s the reason why you can even use the application for free. The individual can easily think of whether pay for the application later or not. Apart from it, if you are paying for the year at once, you get the application at a very cheap rate.
  • Access to Vloggers- Having someone with you to advise you with your decision is something very mandatory for beginners. It not only helps you understand your mistakes but also make you perfect for the future. This part of the story is very much needed and thus has been introduced by none other than Vidfuse. This concept is something totally new and hasn’t been brought forward by anyone else.
  • Best Way to Upload Vlogs –  Vidfuse review have mentioned it before and will mention it again too how the application helps an individual with uploading his/her videos with just one click on all the platforms they wish too. The work is just way too simple if you have Vidfuse around you.
  • Schedule Posting- Being busy and failing to upload your vlogs is the last thing you would wish to happen if you are a vlogger. So, in order to make your work easier, you must go for the application, it helps you schedule your vlogs which will be uploaded at the perfect timing set by you. What else can you expect for such less price.


  • Free Version – Speaking of the cons, this is the first thing that we found out. While the individuals who can’t afford to pay the price to use the application will go for the free version that the creator has provided. However, the expectation should be kept low while you are using Vidfuse. The free version of Vidfuse won’t provide much of space for you. Only 1 GB storage is what you get with the application.
  • Pay for Access to Vloggers and Scheduling – Getting advice from your favourite vloggers won’t be so easy for you now. The access to vloggers is provided to only those candidates who pay for the pro package of Vidfuse. Even scheduling posts are made possible after you pay for the application. So, you can find yourself where the problem begins from.

Vidfuse Price & Discount

There are basically two packages that you get to choose from. The first one is obviously the free one. However, it comes with certain limitations that you have to bear if you can’t afford to pay for the Pro version. The Vidfuse free package gives you 1GB of storage but will show the Vidfuse watermark and will have a limit of 5 videos. Vidfuse free download can be the opportunity for new vloggers.

While my Vidfuse review speaking of the Pro package it will have the following features:

  • 1 TB Storage
  • Unlimited Videos
  • Schedule Videos
  • Get Advises from best of the vloggers. This comes as a bonus with Vidfuse Pro.

One needs to pay $19.99 per month if they are going with the monthly plan. However, if they are willing to pay for a year at once, they can get the package at a very cheap price of $47 per year. Vidfuse pricing is quite set in the best of the way possible.

Is Vidfuse a good choice?

We knew that everyone will come up with this question. Well, the bonus feature of the Vidfuse Pro package defines it all. However, if you still have queries than Vidfuse review Instagram is the one for you which will help you clear all your thoughts and queries.

Vidfuse Free Download

VidFuse Review – Conclusion

Concluding the topic we can say that Vidfuse by Walt Bayliss is a good to do video editing application that can be install in platforms like Web and Mobile handset. For the individuals, who can’t afford to get the paid version can use the free version up till the limit. All new Vidfuse update will be covered by us in this Vidfuse review itself without any failure.


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