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PayKickStart Review – Mark Thompson’s Affiliate Management Software. Facts!

So at last here we are with the most demanded topic of all time, “PayKickStart review“. The Paykickstart is just more than an ordinary platform for the one who is really interested in achieving something for them. Well, it isn’t a platform to show caste your talent but is just a small network where you can sell your products easily. Without any further delay, let’s begin with our today’s discussion. However, before beginning with it, you must know that we are providing a totally unbiased Paykickstart review.

PayKickStart Review – A Good Affiliate Software By Mark Thompson?


In simple words, if we explain Paykickstart software, we can say it to be one of the easiest and the fastest of all the shopping carts and affiliate marketing software that can found in the market. Things have changed a lot and selling your product via a local store is not the only thing that you should be aiming for in the 21st Century. Paykickstart affiliate software provides you one such platform where you can sale your product and earn a good to do amount from it. Paykickstart website ensures that your online selling experience is best and up to your expectation. Well, guess what’s the best thing about Paykickstart software by Mark Thompson, they exclusively charges no such per-transaction fees. There are many unknown facts about this software. Read my Paykickstart review further to dig deep into the details.

PayKickStart Overview

Paykickstart review

Product Details

Product Name PayKickstart
Creator Mark Thompson
Official Website Click Here
Launch Date 11-July-2018
Type of Product Affiliate management software
Recommended? Highly Recommended

Our Rating

What is Paykickstart?

As explained earlier in this Paykickstart review, the Paykickstart is a platform rather it is affiliate software using which you can sell your products online without any issue. Both your physical and digital product can be sold here in the form of one-time sale, recurring subscription, split payments, free/paid trails and many other ways possible for a transaction.

But wait is it everything that you get with the software?

Well, no, there are other extras too which is necessary and sometimes even extravagance. Speaking of it, you will find built-in conversion like subscription saver sequences, order bumps, 1-click upsells, coupon codes and many more. Apart from it, the best part of the software is its integrated affiliate management that brings in marketing materials, W9/W8 tax management, instant/delayed commissions and many others. Well, I believe that’s what we want when we go for affiliate marketing software.

PayKickstart review

Paykickstart Features 

1. Dashboard

Getting a brief summary of what’s going on with your sales in a must when you are using affiliate software and my Paykickstart review will explain about the dashboard in detail here. To encourage you all to go for Paykickstart, the company has provided a good set of items in their dashboard. Dashboard is the first thing that you meet with once you login your ID. Even if it is your first time with shopping carts, just go for the top numbers and eventually you will learn other features too. Beginning from Analytics, the dashboard continues till the Vendor and Affiliate mode options covering every other necessity of a seller.

PayKickStart Dashboard

Well, speaking of Vendor and Affiliate modes, it is of great use to every individual. Where Vendor helps you track records of your own products, affiliate helps you to track record of the products you sold for others.

Usually everyone go for some other analytics but with the Dashboard here, you don’t need to visit any other place. No second analytics or tracking toll will be required. As I already stated in this Paykickstart review, Everything beginning from Churn rates to recurring incomes can be tracked down very easily using the dashboard.

2. Summary of your Revenue 

Knowing how much you do make every month is essential for your future planning. Well, with the help of the Revenue Summary, it is possible now. It not only helps you know your monthly income but also your weekly and daily income too or any other period of time that makes you feel like a king. There is no doubt why this part of the software is the best and the favourite. All your economies of the business can be tracked in the fastest way possible.

You can find two bar graphs at the top right corner which will show you your net and gross income. The simplest of the formula which Paykickstart picked up to generate your net total income is

Gross Income – Refunds – Affiliate Commissions = Net Income

PayKickStart Software

The formula looks simple and even is. All the numbers on the dashboard is under your control because you can change the data ranges using the feature available at the top right corner of the dashboard. Once you change the data-range, every other number is updated accordingly.

3. Summary of your Sale

Sales Summary helps you get a deeper knowledge refunds, conversion rates, revenue and earnings per click. Take the sale summary to be a snapshot of your campaign that it ongoing at the moment. Therefore, all the details about that particular campaign will be available.

According to numerous Paykickstart reviews, If your system will be having any problem, this is the very first place where you can track it. Well, it’s totally about your analysis. If you find the refunds to be high or the conversion rates to drop at a higher rate than usual then it’s time to think about the system and make everything perfect once again. Paykickstart takes the market here by providing this feature for free.

4. Payment Frequency

This can really turn out to be a valuable tool if you are planning for a long term business in this field. The payment frequency tool helps you the number of your sales that are recurring in nature versus all the one-time purchases. Forecasting your next month’s income can get a hell lot easier with this tracker. You can even get to know the amount you need to invest. The company should look forward to provide it on the dashboard as products offerings grow.

5. Best of Traffic Summary

Guessing the amount of traffic each of your products generates won’t actually help you grow. It is high time and you need to know the exact amount of traffic generated. You might not find the tool that helpful though. It completely depends on personal preference and mine one doesn’t go for the tool. However, if you have a huge amount of products to deal with than it will be the best for you. It can help you know the product producing the highest revenue for you.

PayKickstart Demo

6. Payments

Who doesn’t want to have a brief summary of all the transactions taking place under his/her control. The payment tab available here, helps to get you all the detailed information regarding your transactions, customers and subscriptions. Trust me this will be the tab you will consider the first whenever a customer will buy your product. As we already discussed in this Paykickstart review before, It can even help you see what other products have that customer purchased before from your site.

Using the sort filter, you can change it to customers where all the customers who have ever purchased a single commodity from your shop will be listed. That’s not all what the payment tab brings in for you. Any issue with the transaction is also being shown here. Many frauds are also tracked down here; whether the transaction is conducted by a customer itself or a software and others can also be known from here.

Speaking of the subscription tab here, for the best of the accounting help, all the transactions are being shown as split pays. It makes easier for you to know how much you are earning. However, feedbacks from the recent time have proved that user needs to improve their ability when it comes to using the subscription tab seriously. The payment tab is something very necessary as it helps one to track all your blacklist serial refunders, customers, affiliate marketing behaviour and others for the best of your business growth.

7. Campaign

As mentioned in Paykickstart review websites, This is the place where you will build all your products. Well, keep it in mind that creating products isn’t an easy task thus having campaigns is what is mandatory. You can even set a duplicate of that product to run a beta test of it. Keeping a single product in a campaign is always advisable. However, the next is totally dependent on what you want. Creating a duplicate can always be good for you. Affiliates don’t actually get paid for the traffic they are directing to the duplicate campaign as in they are being paid for each customer just once. That’s how things go here.

8. Product Creating

Product creating can be a difficult task at Paykickstart for all the newbies here. However, a series of tutorial videos can be of great help to you. Paykickstart is one of the powerful shopping carts that you can ever find. On a scale of 10, we will mark Paykickstart 9/10. The beginning might be difficult for you, however, once you are okay with creating the very first product of yours, other products won’t be an issue for you.

One problem that you might find with the company is that they bring in constant improvement with their checkout pages. Therefore, if you want to keep your product up to date you need to keep on changing it with the superior template. Well, it isn’t that big an issue but you still need hours to figure it out and set it for the best.

There are series of steps that you need to follow accordingly to create the product is the most perfect manner. My Paykickstart review will give you an idea about each steps below;

  • Step 1 – Provide all the necessary Product details.
  • Step 2 – Make the best of the checkout page possible.
  • Step 3 – Integrating.

9. Licensing and Coupons

Getting coupons is what every other individual wants. Creating coupons for your customers can really be a good way of increasing your sales. You can even create coupons at the time when it is of most use.

Apart from it, licensing can be a great part of the job too. In the recent times, it has been observed that individuals have to opt for two different platforms to get shopping cart and licensing for their site. However, with the help of Paykickstart, you can find both of them at a single place.

How PayKickStart Works? 

Before investing in the company, it is necessary for you to know how does it works? Well, you must also be having such queries, thus we are here. We do provide you everything you have wished and we can provide you the best of the knowledge on how PayKickStart do work. However, we feel like to make you do that work by your own self. You can find the teaser video on PayKickStart working on their official video. It is a 6 minute video that will help you get the best of the idea. Well, the link to the video has been provided below so there won’t be anything that you need to worry about. You can also have a look at our other Paykickstart reviews,if you still have a doubt.

What Types of Businesses Use PayKickStart? 

Being a digital marketer, it has always been easy for me to be here at Paykickstart. However with time I have realised that every other individual isn’t here as a digital marketer. Thus, it becomes difficult for them to cope up. With time we have even analysed that there are even sellers here to use it as an eCommerce site. All the updates make it difficult for us to list all the types of business that can be covered under this. However, we are tried to cover as much of it possible in this Paykickstart review.

1. Service Software (Liveleap)

Picking up the example of the very first business, we can speak of Liveleap. It is an amazing application using which an individual can easily go live at different platforms at once. Liveleap get it for you and thus you can be live at Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms all together. The company runs their entire program at Paykickstart and their price ranges from $19-$299.

2.Business to Service/Business (VaStaffer)

The second best alternative our Paykickstart review found on Paykickstart is VaStaffer. This is a talented group of individuals that make you buy time. Sounds weird? Well, that’s what they do. Here, you can buy time from them at time of the month and thus they will take care of your work and give you the best of the outcome. Concerned with selling time, it can be said to be obsessed to software or training. With more than 50 employees in the company, they are doing a really good job. Hiring them to get the work in time is what you will never regret.

3. Launch of a Product (Commission Sumo)

A product can be exclusively launched at a platform like Paykickstart. For the obvious of all, we have picked up Commission Sumo as the example. Paykickstart offers them a licensing feature in order to prevent software theft that may occur in the future. Usually, an individual has to opt for two different platforms when they want shopping cart and licensing at once. But with the help and launch of Paykickstart, both the features can be found at the very same place.

Is PayKickStart the Best Shopping Cart?

The decision to decide whether Paykickstart is the best shopping cart or not will be left up to you; we will be just providing you a brief knowledge why we boast about Paykickstart over others. Apart from it, the things which make it worse in front if others will be also covered. This is how things go on here at our platform.

PayKickStart Advantages

1. Payment to the affiliates on a regular basis acts as a boost for them to work. To make the best of sale of your product possible, Paykickstart provides instant payment to affiliates.

2. Analytics keeps an eye on your day to day transaction and all other records of yours. Thus, sophisticated tracking and data is necessary and must be taken care of. Well, all you need to do here is leave the work with Paykickstart.

3. Payment can be made directly to your Stripe, Braintree and Paypal accounts. Apart from it, no records of your transaction is being recorded by the company. As my Paykickstart review analysed the security, All such records will be maintained by your Paypal or any other account.

4. Building of advanced funnels and valuable processes can be a matter of time using Paykickstart.

 5. Customer support is just another major way to attract audience and Paykickstart has taken care of it.

PayKickStart Disadvantages

1. There are certain improvements that must be met by the company as soon as possible and one of them is that they should notify about any failure in customer’s  payment as soon as anything happening like that.

2. We found it to be integrated with Paypal, Stripe and Braintree. However, it isn’t integrated with BitCoin or any other mode of payment.

3. It might turn out to be a bit costlier for newbies and small businesses.

4. Integrations here can be difficult for you to handle. Thus, you need Zapier to keep a control on it. Now the decision is yours whether it is the best or not.

PayKickStart Vs Clickbank

Let my Paykickstart review compare this tool with its competitor. We all know about what Clickbank is. It is the largest marketplace to be ever found for digital offers and will be considered even by you to get the best of the offers possible. While we compared Paykickstart with Clickbank, the major drawback that we found with clickbank was that it takes 10% of each of your sale while Paykickstart doesn’t charge you a single penny per transaction.

This is the point where Paykickstart took a lead and made their stand in the market. But the size and potential Clickbank has, can’t been ignored by any of us. However, if you don’t have a powerful product than it is better for you to stay with Paykickstart itself.

PayKickStart Vs JVZoo

Both JVZoo and Paykickstart have powerful business, but Let my Paykickstart review show you, who is the best. Feedbacks has provided some of the major reasons why individuals are moving away from JVZoo. We have provided a list of it below. Make sure you catch them all.

1. JVZoo has the bad reputation of inextricably linked with poor quality IM offers. Apart from it, they do mention some of the worst of the products available as product of the day without any proper reason.

2. Usually when you opt for an affiliate program with any of the product at JVZoo, it will fill your inbox with a big list of emails by the product seller. Well, it is the last thing that you want being a vendor. Obviously, no one wants to fill the inbox of their customer with a list of emails without any good reason. However, using JVZoo has always been easier compared to Paykickstart.

PayKickStart Bonuses and Pricing

All the updates on the pricing and bonus of Paykickstart will be update here exclusively. Well, there isn’t any bonus exact getting 3 months of free package if you pay annually. Apart from that, the plan that the company brings for you has been well mentioned down below. Do refer to it to get the best of the knowledge possible.

1. Basic Plan: $29.00/month

2. Professional Plan: $99.00/month

3. Premium Plan: $149/month

These are the three plans accompanying the company forever till now. Any other updates regarding it will be available here. This Paykickstart review will be updated with best Paykickstart bonuses after they officially launch the software.



Whenever, you are reading a review, you must be having it in mind that whether the review is a promotional act or not. Well, if you watch it from that side, we won’t do this Paykickstart review for promotion at all. The best for us will be providing you a true and fair knowledge about the product we are doing affiliate with. Both the pros and cons are being mentioned above irrespective of the decision you will make after watching them all.

All the necessary outcomes that can be foreseen by us are also a part of the review. Thus, we can say that we were totally unbiased while writing the Paykickstart review.

Speaking of the company, we can say that they have done tremendous hard work to reach such heights. All their updates can be a fuss for you but it will always keep you up to date and will help you attract more and more customer everytime. In case, you need help regarding the product, you can comment it down below. Our team will reach to it as soon as it is possible.


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