5 Best Ways To Know Google Search Statistics

5 Best Ways To Know Google Search Statistics In 2019!

Here are the 5 best ways to know Google search statistics in 2019. Google is the biggest and the most popularly used search engine platform on the planet. The site originally named ad ‘Backrub’ was founded in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Google presently processes more than 40,000 search queries each second on average, which means over 3.5 billion searches every day and over 1.2 trillion searches every year around the world. Crazy right? A number of searches are also increasing every year on a huge percentage.

Best Ways To Know Google Search Statistics In 2019


How can one know the most popular searches on Google? Many web-based search engines monitor the top inquiries on the web, either in archived lists or in real time. Exploring what individuals are searching down on the web is a great way to stay aware and keep up with what’s trending.

So how can one know what’s searched in Google? Here are 5 ways to know Google search statistics in 2019.

5 Best Ways To Know Google Search Statistics

  • Google Trends

Know about the statistics with the help of Google’s own site. Google Trends provides people with a look at the searches that are getting the most traffic which is updated hourly. It can also be used in order to view the topics that have been searched the most and the least, look into the search patterns geographically, see if specific keywords have appeared in Google News and so on. Google Trends also offers its users with the latest trending searches by keyword around the globe. The statistics are also frequently updated in real time, every hour or so and is a good way to follow and keep track of what subjects and topics are getting searched and traction. Users can also see searches related to theirs which can actually be quite useful if he/she wants to expand or narrow a distinctive topic.

  • Google Zeitgeist

Google Zeitgeist is another site similar to Google Trends. It shows what the top searches and trends by day, week, month and year. It also lets users take a peek into what the most sought after and popular searches are in countries throughout the globe. It is a yearly compilation of the most searched keywords and popular searches across the globe in a variety of categories, with statistics based on an uncountable number of searches globally. Options like Google Zeitgeist this Month, Google End of the Year Zeitgeist, Zeitgeist by Country, and Searches by Category helps people know about what people are searching for. It also has archives dating back to 2001 so users can see what people searched for in the past too.

  • Answer the Public

Answer the public is another awesome tool that helps users take a look at the statistics of search engines like Google and Bing. It is rather a new tool compared to other tools. Answer The Public uses searches from sites like Bong and Google and has an enormous database and can also predict what people are going to search for. The interface of this site is beautiful and displays a beautiful visualization of data. The site is completely free to use and users can also transfer and export the data to an Excel or CVS file.

Best Ways To Know Google Search Statistics

  • Buzz Sumo

Buzz Sumo is another tool to check what’s trending and what type of searches are being made.  Their Content Discovery solution enables users to search by topics that are in trending now. Users can also filter the topics hourly. It not only shows the statistics and the type of content popular at the moment but also helps in keyword research and content marketing. Buzzsumo provides its users with a free version but with a price of $99 a month, they can get Notifications on particular topics.

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  • End of the Year Search Summary

Google and various other search engines put out yearly statistics and list of the top searches over the year. This is a nice way to capture a lot of statistics and data and gain information. These companies release the list usually around November/December. Along with Top searches, these search engines also give the searchers the facility to drill down into the statistics and get to know why that specific search was getting traction at that time. This can give insights which can help in research.

So these are the 5 best ways to know Google search statistics In 2019. The statistics can be quite helpful for researchers and students alike.

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