5 Ways To Generate real estate leads through social media

5 Ways To Generate Real Estate Leads Through Social Media

Although Social Media has been vastly accepted as a perfect branding weapon for the brokers and real estate agents, in the past few years, it has also become a powerful lead generating tool. But, do you know what are the different ways to generate Real Estate Leads through Social Media?. Social Media has millions of active daily users. Real Estate agents can use platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. to target leads and build new connections.

 Ways To Generate Real Estate Leads Through Social Media

Social Media can play a huge role in building trust with the clients and it all depends on how the realtor performs his business. Social Media is one of the major lead generators for Real Estate brands. However, many real estate businesses do not succeed in maximizing their efficiency online. Realtors need to remember users use social media to entertain themselves, keep in touch with family and friend, check out what’s trending. So, avoid using too many sales pitches and give value in a way in which people are used to viewing on social sites.

5 Ways To Generate real estate leads through social media

Social Media can sky-rocket Real Estate Business if those simple rules are followed.  So having a strong social media presence is necessary in order to generate leads online.

Here are 5 Ways to Generate Real Estate Leads through Social Media:

1.Create a Strong Presence Online:

Social Media nowadays has become too uncrowded and easy to handle. Posting the right content and the type people like instantly generates interest and discussions. Everyone uses the internet to find a solution to literally any type of question. So with such huge demand and scope, growing a community and enough presence in social media can help the business to grow drastically. Let’s start with Twitter, the reach of Twitter has clustered radically.

One thing, a realtor needs to make his tweet active is by uploading a picture along with written information. Then they can expect to get more engagement on it. Other sites like Instagram and Facebook are also similar, which agents and Real Estate companies can use as their perfect marketing and branding tool.

YouTube, another powerful video platform can also be a great source for generating good leads and realtors are yet to gain from it. Data from the National Association of Realtors tells that 85% of buyers and sellers want to work with a realtor who uses video in their marketing. So filming the property and showcasing it through YouTube can help to engage with potential clients. With more people watching YouTube than ever, creating a strong presence definitely helps.

2. Go Local at First:

New to the world of Real Estate? Don’t think of going to outside market immediately. Grow the business in local markets and try gaining attraction from the local buyers and sellers. Try posting with addresses and location names. For example a beautiful house for sale in Manchester, England would want to be seen on the first page of Google. Posting about local events, people or places also help. Post in Facebook pages, groups and create new boards in Pinterest for local places and events. Hyperlocal SEO practices will also increase the chances of alluring attention from local clients. It increases the visibility of a web page or website in a search engine’s search results on the local markets.

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3. Engage with the Audience:

real estate through facebook

Building and growing the audience and clients is one thing, engaging with them on a regular basis is the next thing to do. Like and reply to every comment and also interact with them through various posts, ask the question, do challenges and Q&As with the followers in order to improve the relationship and build trust with the followers and potential clients. This way, the leads or people who are interested in the business can contact the real estate agent without any problem. Also, deal with possible clients in a polite and respectful manner and give proper information to the leads about the question he/she asks.

4. Use Proper Real Estate Hashtags to further Optimize the Reach:

Hashtags are often misapprehended as a strategy used by people to grow likes on Social Media particularly Instagram. While hashtags tend to bring more engagement to the posts, they also help to open the door for discovery. Hashtags related to real estate such as #properties #forsale #househunting, #dreamhouse, #realestate, #realstatebroker, #homebuyers, etc. can help realtors get more exposure.

5. Put Ads on Social Media:

Last but not the least, putting ads about the property on Social Media can help boost the property across possible leads. Putting various formats of the ad such as a short video or a photo ad with a link can also help in promoting the business. Facebook and Instagram are two of the biggest platforms where ads can be used effectively. This can also help in attracting possible clients in the local markets as ads tend to do well in the local markets.

Real Estate Markets have made a significant increase, thanks to the influence of Social Media. It has changed the way how real estate agencies deal with their clients. Although generating the leads through Social Media can be tough at first, it can be improved once the person operating it is used to it. Focus on making customers on the reach by these 5 ways to generate Real Estate Leads through Social Media. Don’t expect too much from the beginning. Happy Posting!

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