How to do Influence Marketing at a minimum Budget

How To Do Influence Marketing At A Minimum Budget?Money Saving Tips

Paying attention to influencer marketing is not going to get you results unless you know “How to do Influence Marketing at a minimum Budget?” and that’s exactly what this article is all about. When marketers are trying to understand how to do it, we will tell you how to do it in a much more pocket-friendly manner.

How To Do Influence Marketing At A Minimum Budget?

Today marketers dedicate a fair amount of their time as well as resources on Influencer management. Why? It has been found that about 63% of the marketers have increased their budgets spend on influencer marketing and the trend is said to not stops for many more years to come. But here is the catch and why this article is a must know- increasing your influencer marketing budget alone isn’t going to help you yield better results. To get the job done you need to have a fair idea about you-you need to distribute the budge properly for your campaigning.  Each aspect of the campaign must be allotted a particular amount and also ensure that the money is spent on only those things that are worth it.

How to do Influence Marketing at a minimum Budget

Here is, How you Can do Influence Marketing at a Minimum Budget?

Get to Know the Actual Worth of the Influencers:

You might have already thought of influencers you need for your campaign. you need to first understand their worth before you head out to reach them or schedule a budget for your campaign. Also, create a rough draft of how to spend your test budget. To do this you can use tools such as  Instagram Money Calculator which will help you in finding the estimated earnings per post that different influencers charge. All you need to do is add in your Instagram username the tool will automatically do its calculations based on the number of followers and the engagement rate for the  12 most recent posts on your account. This information given will give you a rough idea of how much you actually need to spend on your influencers. Along with this data and the number of influencers you wish to work with you can set up the perfect estimate for your desired influencer marketing budget.

The next thing that you can do is,

Allocate a Test Budget

After getting to know the actual worth o these influencers you will have an overall idea on approximately how much you are going to pay them. Now you can run your test budget, it has been found that about 36% of the marketer’s today are devoting a lot of their time on running test budget and guess what these are even less than $5000. This is a great way to start off on doing this, now you can carefully fund to different aspects of your campaign. Apart from this, you might also need to allocate funds for influencer marketing tools and contest princes (in case you are planning on hosting one)

How to Choose the Right Pricing Model

It can be a real struggle for marketers when it comes to choosing an appropriate influencer marketing pricing model. One of the biggest mistakes you will be making is overspending by paying the influencers based on performance. This is bad as you might end up investing in influencers who deliver very little results. If you are on a budget then this could be a real dilemma.  In scenarios like this, you can try a pay-per-post pricing model, this could be possibly one of the safest ways for beginners. Once you get the model running closely monitor the performance of each influencer using tools such as Assembly. This will help you test the model during the experimental stages of your campaign. And also you can further leverage the top-performing influencers. But for Smaller businesses and startups you might want to consider looking for influencers who would accept free products and experiences in exchange for doing promotions. This could help you save money in the initial stages.

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I hope the above article on How to do Influence Marketing at a minimum Budget gave you an idea about budget distribution and things to consider while investing in influencer marketing, once you fail to distribute your funds effectively you can hardly yield any returns. Let us know your thoughts and suggestion through our comments section.

Smart investment always wins!


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