How To Identify A Scam Internet Marketing Course

How To Identify A Scam Internet Marketing Course? Common Traps

Do you know how to identify a scam internet marketing course? Many of us have come across online ads promising you to make a millionaire using a few simple steps. This sounds enticing, after all, who does not want to get rich fast. You end up buying subscriptions of internet marketing courses of these so-called “marketing gurus”, spend extra on ebooks, course content, webinars promising to reveal the secret sauce of making millions.

How To Identify A Scam Internet Marketing Course?


Our greed to get rich soon kicks us, and we end up spending money until one fine day, someone realizes that they were scammed.

These scamsters are smart, no doubt about that. After all, they are selling a course which does not work and making lots of money. So how do so many people fall victim to such scams? Lets first understand how these scam artists operate.

How To Identify A Scam Internet Marketing Course

Bait and Switch

These scam artists use a simple trick to promote the scam internet marketing courses, deploy the bait and switch strategy. For instance, they will ask you to pay only $25 for an e-book which will tell you the same thing the online ad told you and rake in some cash.

Deceptive Webinars

However, here are where things get complicated. They utilize deceptive methods in their webinars. For instance, every single webinar shows these so-called gurus living in a million dollar mansion, driving expensive cars, flaunt a lavish lifestyle. And their sales pitch will start with; you can get rich too.

Well, let’s get one thing straight. The mansions, the cars, the expensive stuff flaunted in the video, is rented for the shoot. That’s it. Ask yourself, why will someone offer you such courses rather than enjoying a lavish life in their mansions if they had millions of dollars. Besides, who shares their strategy to succeed?

Coming back to their webinars, these are nothing but an elaborate scam asking for hundreds or even thousands of dollars for some ill-prepared marketing course work.

Let me spill out another secret, the so-called ‘live webinars’, are not live at all. These recorded webinars are programmed and recorded in a manner to appear live. Also, during the Q&A sessions, keep a lookout for the questions and answers. The questions are once again recorded questions towards which the host offers a strategic reply, to make the webinar appear authentic. It is wise to see whether the question was asked by one of the attendees of the webinar or not. If the question was asked by a person who is not attending the live webinar, it is a tell-tale sign it is a recorded webinar.

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These scam artist strategically place a disclaimer saying the results might vary from person to person. This makes it impossible for you to get your money back, they did offer a disclaimer after all.

How to Avoid such Internet Marketing Course Scams

How to Avoid such Internet Marketing Course Scams

Marketing courses in colleges and universities can take 1-2 years to complete, and not a few days. If someone tells you, they made millions in no time and want to share their secret sauce with you, that clue number one of fraud.

If these so-called marketing gurus really had millions of dollar, why would they sell marketing courses and not chill in their yachts, relax in their mansions, live the rich life? The answer is, they make money by fooling naïve people by selling lies and not actual results.

The best thing to do is report such ads to Google as well as your local law enforcement authorities to prevent them from scamming other vulnerable people.

The Verdict

If it’s too good to be true, there is definitely something fishy about it. And this is the case with these internet marketing course scams. Besides if this marketing course could make millions, we could end world poverty in weeks, couldn’t we? Getting rich takes hard work, perseverance and a dash of luck as well.

Be smart, play safe, don’t fall into such traps and lose your hard earned money.

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