First Launch Profits Review

First Launch Profits Review – Hafsteinn’s Product Launch Training Any Good?

Welcome back, here is a complete First Launch Profits review. Know the key details of  Hafsteinn Thor Thordarson’s latest program. If you are someone trying to make some big-time serious money online then the First Launch Profits might be your chance to start making your primary or secondary income. Let get started on analyzing the program and how it can actually help you big time.

First Launch Profits Review – A Worthy Product Launch Guide?


Did it ever give thought to the kind of money people might be made online by actually selling just information? If you haven’t known yet, information is one of the most and fastest-selling products online.

Products that sell information can be what you can call the fastest growing product sector. This is the age of information and people are always on the lookout for new information. Ebooks, Informational videos, applications that help people solve daily problems can sell like hotcakes online. The first launch profits review program will give you exactly that, through this program all you will be doing is making peoples live easier and what would you get in return, loyal customers- Viola!.

First Launch Profits Review

About First Launch Profits

As I already mentioned in this First Launch Profits Review, The First Launch Profits is a comprehensive, step-by-step system that will help you launch your first information product which will potentially lead you to financial success online.

“Can I not do it myself?”, this might be your next thought, trust me as someone already in the business, the most difficult part of earning online is the part where you get noticed online. If you dot know to do the right things at the right time you can easily fail. After all, it’s a fact that about 90% of the online business fail within 120 days. So you see, the odds here are not very tempting or encouraging. Most of the things in life about luck, when it comes to affiliate marketing luck plays no major role if you don’t know the method, with luck you might just be earning something that compares to nothing you actually want to do.

With First Launch Profits, Hafsteinn Thor Thordarson will show us how to make money online, (as he himself made) by selling simple information products online.

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First Launch Profits Results

What is Included in the First Launch Profits Course?

When you get into the First Launch Profits Course you will mostly learn what not to do, so that you don’t end up making mistakes that most online marketers make which lead them to fail in the long run. For our research, for the First Launch Profits review, we figured out that the program will include 46 lessons, covering over 10 hours of video content.

  1. Lesson 1: Why you should make an information product? PART 1
  2. Lesson 2: Why you should make an information product? PART 2
  3. Lesson 3: Why you should make an information product? PART 3
  4. Lesson 4: Can you really make money on the internet?
  5. Lesson 5: But I’m not an expert
  6. Lesson 6: But I’m not a ‘technical person’
  7. Lesson 7: Overcoming Procrastination
  8. Lesson 8: What is an information product?
  9. Lesson 9: Isn’t their free content online?
  10. Lesson 10: What is the right information product for you?
  11. Lesson 11: My first information product
  12. Lesson 12: Finding your niche
  13. Lesson 13: Market Research – JVZOO
  14. Lesson 14: Market Research – Clickbank
  15. Lesson 15: Market Research – Adwords
  16. Lesson 16: Decision making
  17. Lesson 17: Brainstorming
  18. Lesson 18: Find your prospects
  19. Lesson 19: How to create an ebook
  20. Lesson 20: How to create an online course
  21. Lesson 21: How to create various information products
  22. Lesson 22: Branding
  23. Lesson 23: So now what?
  24. Lesson 24: Automation
  25. Lesson 25: Sales page
  26. Lesson 26: Download page
  27. Lesson 27: Affiliate page
  28. Lesson 28: Copywriting
  29. Lesson 29: Outsourcing
  30. Lesson 30: Page builders
  31. Lesson 31: Create a webpage
  32. Lesson 32: Domain & web hosting
  33. Lesson 33: Funnels
  34. Lesson 34: Joint venture
  35. Lesson 35: Autoresponder
  36. Lesson 36: Affiliates
  37. Lesson 37: Launch promotion
  38. Lesson 38: Setting up a product on JVZOO – Part 1
  39. Lesson 39: Setting up a product on JVZOO – Part 2
  40. Lesson 40: Contacting affiliates – Part 1
  41. Lesson 41: Contacting affiliates – Part 2
  42. Lesson 42: Setting up a product on Clickbank
  43. Lesson 43: Feedback
  44. Lesson 44: E-mail marketing
  45. Lesson 45: Traffic
  46. Lesson 46: Coaching

By the time you are done with lesson 46, you will know the following

  • How to actually make money online and not fail: According to First Launch Profits Review student reviews, You will learn how to find your prospects and market, get affiliates on board,  buy a domain URL, get the traffic, overcome procrastination, etc. You will learn how to be your own boss and earn money like a boss!
  • Product creation the easier way: you will learn how to create an e-book, online course, sales page, webpage, affiliate page, and download page.
  • How to create a product even if you are not an expert: In order to make money online one need not be an expert nor you don’t need to have any technical skills.
  • What information products are: The basic information and understanding of information products. And answers to questions such as what they are, why you should create one, and how to choose the right one for you. You will also be given the creators personal success blueprint and also the first lessons he learned while entering the market.
  • Marketing & launch strategies: whatever you might be selling it’s very important to know the waters you are about to test, the First Launch Profits program will teach you to about market research, copywriting, outsourcing, website building software, sales funnels, branding, email marketing launch promotion strategies, etc.
  • The right time and place to sell the product: The creator will teach you to sell your product in the most popular marketplaces, and the positioning methods so that your product can get easily notices. This is very critical for beginners.

My First Launch Profits Review will give you a glance about the course creator next;

First Launch Profits Creator

Hafsteinn Thor Thordarson, the Creator of First Launch Profits, started off his online marketing journey after he decided to create his own educational marketing platform. He too like every one of us has been to many trials and errors and in his journey, he realized the fact that he had all the right ideas but wrong approach after he spends a huge amount online. He was initially scared for exploring the market and avoided making the larger commitments, he too feared to lose, that did not go well either because he again started losing more than he gained.

He finally decided to take the risk and invested  $2,500.00 of his earnings he began to learn the makings of information products. Though he has it’s doubts about the survival of his online information business he did finally get over the hard part after six months. He earned his first $5,000.00 online. His journey has only flourished since then, applying and studying he mastered his field. But that didn’t stop him with his success, he wanted to share what he knew to the world can come up with the First Launch Profits review program.

First Launch Profits Bonuses

People who wish to join the  First Launch Profits program will get access to the creator’s first information product. You will also get access to his e-book, First Launch Profits: How I Crushed It with My First Digital Product Launch. The members will also get an opportunity to ask questions directly to Hafsteinn Thor Thordarson

  • FREE Ebook #1 

First Launch Profits Bonuses

Creating your own social media profile goes a long way as it helps you connect with your fans, and you’ll be able to understand what they want so from your services.

It doesn’t matter what your goal is, but the bottom line is that you want to earn your profits, and without a social media following, you won’t be able to truly succeed as an entrepreneur in this age.

  • FREE Ebook #2

First Launch Profits Real reviews

Opposite what many people believe, having your own product does not limit you to the many options of making more money by using a “license” that is attached with an info product that you may buy online. These are referred to as Private Label Rights.

First Launch Profits Price & Plans

The program comes at a price of $297.

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After doing an overall study on  First Launch Profits Review, then we find the program a really useful package for those who want to set it out in the digital marketing industry. Knowing the rules of do’s and don’ts will be a lifesaver so that you don’t end up losing your hard-earned money to some scam (which is at large online). The fact that the program comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee is pretty cool and also shows that the product is genuine.

So, if you feel that the product did not help you, you can get all your money back.  Even though the product is useful and can help you make money online, I would also like to put in that, hard work always pays off- if you wish to enroll in the program you should still put in the effort to follow with the lessons and put in a good deal of work to make a livable income online. The Hafsteinn First Launch Profits will be a good route map for beginners, this could save you from making mistakes and make your dreams come true faster.

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