How To Publish Your First eBook And Make Money

How To Publish Your First eBook And Make Money? Beginner’s Guide

Do you have any idea on how to publish your first eBook and make money? eBooks are amazing contents of the online world where people willing to share the knowledge related to different niche are written and published for the audience of the world to read, many people write different eBooks related to niche such as health, fitness, food recipes, personal development and many more that are sought after by the audience of the world. These types of eBooks can be bought in the online platform, websites such as Amazon and eBay sell millions of eBook for interested people to read and gain knowledge.

How To Publish Your First eBook And Make Money?

Anyone willing to share the knowledge to the online audience of the world can write an eBook, writing an eBook is not that difficult if the writer follows the methods that make a suitable eBook for the readers.

The things to keep in mind on the verge of writing are mentioned in the lines and sentences below.

How To Publish Your First eBook And Make Money

Things to keep in mind:

  • Start Writing Now:

The first step to writing an eBook related to any niche is starting to write, but before writing starts the writer must choose a niche/topic first that the writer has knowledge about, after the selection of a niche the writer must carefully select the title of the eBook. The eBook’s title must be eye-catching and the title alone must be interesting enough to attract a number of customers to read the book. After the completion of the two things, writers can now start writing their eBook.

  • Format the eBook:

This second step mentioned in this article is an essential step to creating an eBook, in this step writers format their eBooks, formatting eBooks means choosing the right form for the book and font size is considered important too. Many top writers choose their font as Ariel or Verdana and their font size is usually found to be 11 or 12. Anyone willing to write an eBook as a beginner can start with the following fonts and font sizes, as the beginner starts to level up they will find their own style and font size.

  • Proofreading:

After the writer finishes the eBook they send it to designer or typesetter, these people are the ones who make the eBook a more readable version by editing in places that needs edit and it is considered fruitful for beginners and amateurs to follow their lead as they have expertise in the field of proofreading and they will do their best work for the writer.

  • Get a cover that works:

Covers are the most important thing in any kind of book if the content of the book is amazing but the cover of the book is a regular one it may gain fewer readers as many people judge the book by its cover. There are many ways to make your eBook’s cover a one that is attractive and buyable such as consulting with experts, using bold and big letters, making the title a different color than the background. With practice, anyone will start making a good cover that alone attracts hundreds, no thousands of readers.

First eBook And Make Money

  • Make sure the eBook is available in many supported formats:

This is a crucial step as the reader may have an eBook reader that only supports a certain type of format, creating a wide range of formats such as PDF and Epub is a good thing as it allows the reader to read the eBook without having to face any sort of problems.

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  • Set up the eBook on a Website for Sale:

As one of the ending process, the writer must add the eBook on sale on their own website or in popular online stores such as Amazon. Writing a good description and posting a high-quality picture is an essential mini step inside this step as the buyer and reader will read it without any doubt. So, this is the next step to follow.

  • Promote the eBook:

Promotion is an important thing, in the process of making the audience know they’re in a new eBook in town the writer must promote their book on the internet. There are many ways to do this such as, contacting bloggers of the same niche to read the book and share it if they like the content, promoting the book in social media site and many another similar platform. The main objective of the promotion is to make the audience visit the website in order to buy the book.

By the time a writer reaches the stage to promote their eBook, they are on the verge of sharing their knowledge and information with the people who are interested in that niche.

So, don’t expect results instantly and wait for the seed to germinate at the right time. Anyone who follows these steps and works hard will achieve results. Thank you.

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