Digital Worth Academy Review

Digital Worth Academy Review | The Reality Behind Sara Young’s Course Revealed!

This Digital Worth Academy Review is for you, If you want to make money online quickly. Let me tell you there is nothing like quick in making money online. Like in any physical business, you need time to generate revenue, the same is the scenario here. Do you want to start a carrier in Online Marketing?

Digital Worth Academy Review


Digital Worth Academy can let you start that. Although, you won’t be able to make money instantly but yes, you will learn how to make money. If any such academy is adding the word “quick”, trust me – you will end up in wasting your time and money. Like any other carrier needs learning, online marketing too need that, the whole of that learning content is what DWA is providing.

DWA Overview

Digital Worth Academy is a course, software suite and coaching program focused on how to build high authority web properties for income and eventual asset sale.

Product Details

Product Name Digital Worth Academy
Creators Sara Young, Andrew Hansen
Price $1997 (One Time Payment) & $797 (3 Payments)
Official Website Click Here
Launch Date 23-Aug-2018
Course Duration 10 Weeks

Expert Rating

You will need to spend time to learn and apply that knowledge with a flexibility to do that anytime anywhere as per your ease. For this learning, nothing has to be done in a day or a week or specific number of hours in day, it’s all as per your availability of time. In the end you may be the one earning 6-7 or 8 digits annually. Want to know how???? Read my Digital Worth Academy review below which is founded by Andrew and Sara……You will get your answer.

Digital Worth Academy Reviews

Why Digital Worth Academy?

Due to the growth of internet technology and the availability of a large number of easy-to-use platforms, users can quickly create their own websites and blogs.Even if your website or blog is more of a hobby than a business, it’s always good to know how you can generate part of that blatant income with it.Before you can find ways to monetize your website or blog, it is important to first quantify the traffic on your website.By doing so, you can determine which types of monetization strategies work best for you and what are the best ways to monetize a blog. Catch up with this Digital Worth Academy Review to know further.

Digital Worth Academy Review

What is Digital Worth Academy?

As I mentioned in the Digital Worth Academy review before, The Digital Worth Academy is nothing but an online coaching centre providing course, coaching program and software suite with all the aim of teaching their students, how to build an income generating web property and once that asset i.e. web property is formed, then how to sell it in order to generate more income.

The basic rhythm they follow to teach their students for money making is enlisted below:

  • Finding a big niche that is profit generating & has low prevailing competition.
  • Building small blogs that turns later on into huge content platforms.
  • Using an effective SEO technology that lets you top the charts on search results and thus a long term traffic.
  • Finally selling the asset so formed.

Now there must be a question arise in your mind, what is the need to sell such revenue generating website?

WELL!! My Digital Worth Academy review has the answer. The answer to this is there are so many people in the market having experience at a level that they can eventually grow your website’s revenue to a greater extent, and of course you have experience in making a revenue generating website from scratch. Then why not both get profit.

Web properties formed by the students at Digital Worth Academy are so good that they can be sell at 30 times the monthly revenue being generated by the site. Cannot believe it?? You can see that live under the “Already Sold” column at “Empire Flippers Marketplace” anytime.

You will be amazed to see 28-33 times monthly revenue is pretty common. Of course now-a-days you can find people who want to buy such profitable websites as the core work is already done and they can apply their knowledge at an upper level in order to generate more revenue.

The whole course in a nut-shell teaches you 3 simple steps of making money online. This Digital Worth Academy review will explain about each steps:

STEP 1:  Finding a suitable profit generating niche.

STEP 2: Building and growing a web property from zero to $10,000 per month revenue.

STEP 3: Set up for sale at 30X i.e. $300k.

So hurry-up!! And become the next who can make 7-8 figures per year by building and flipping websites….

About Sara Young & Andrew Hansen

Digital Worth Academy by Sara YoungDigital Worth Academy by Andrew Hansen

Sara Young is the mother of seven kids and a super-affiliate. In 1995 created her first electronic possession, and from than assisting hundreds of students to acquire the same. Andrew Hansen developed electronic possessions during 2005 on the internet. From 2017, started educating people about advertising and SEO techniques.

What is Inside Digital Worth Academy Course?

This Digital Worth Academy review is now going to elaborate about the components of Digital Worth Academy course.

THE COURSE: The course is comprised of 7 sections with more than 30 modules. Almost 150 videos are available detailing the whole process of developing a profitable web asset right from scratch. Also it contains how to make huge profit by selling it.

THE COACHING PROGRAM:  10 weeks’ program in which Sara and Andrew along with their team of coaches’ guide students by hand through the setup process, including live webinars. one-on-one chats, support desk, forum and much more. Coaches are the former students who are now successfully running their businesses.

SOFTWARE TOOLS:  Proprietary software suite is being provided by the academy that adds competitive advantage for students in building web properties. Different tools help in different aspects like locating niche opportunities easily, keywords hunting with precision and checking monthly revenue potential before entering a new market etc. Various tools available are:

  • Tool 1- The commission wizard V2.0- This tool helps in immediately finding profitable niches and opportunities in even the biggest markets.
  • Tool 2- Diamond Keyword Miner Plus Software- The tool automatically finds small hopes in your market where easy traffic and revenue are available.
  • Tool 3- Profit calculator software-The tool provides an easy way to calculate monthly revenue potential before entering in any available area in your market. Therefore, you will be able to decide whether to enter there or not.

COMMUNITY: DWA lets you form a community through their private Facebook group, member’s area and forum, thereby allowing its students to have healthy live relationships, helping each other to succeed by the network so formed. According to various Digital Worth Academy reviews, This allows you:

  • Built a community of like-minded people.
  • Provide great communication medium
  • Networking

STAFF OUTSOURCING: The academy has its own validated staff members that can assist their students in completing tasks in case they are short of time. The assistance provided by this staff include:

  • Content creation
  • Keyword research
  • SEO
  • Web Design etc.

Is Digital Worth Academy Worth a Try?

In general terms, how we can calculate worth of any business? According to me, it is calculated by the returns produced for the investment, time and hard work we put for that. The same approach I have used here to check the worth for joining Digital Worth Academy.

Well the investment required to join for the course is $1997 which can be paid in three easy instalments of $797 each. The time required is 10 weeks to learn this great course. And the hard work required is the focus of your mind in learning what being taught.

The Digital Worth Academy already pays back for the money you invested in terms of the 7 section course with almost 30 modules containing every single detail to build your web property from scratch. Added incentives includes- staff outsourcing, community, software etc.

As I already stated in this Digital Worth Academy review, the academy will be a bang-for-the-buck choice if you implement exactly what being taught in the whole course. In fact, you can be the one from those earning 7- 8 figures annually by creating and selling your web properties.

Also, one can be more productive with the staff outsourcing being provided, thereby completing tasks early. The opportunity list will also get raised by the network formed through the community at Digital Worth Academy. So, it’s worth joining it.

Digital Worth Academy Pros & Cons


  • 60 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: The rarely offered guarantee in the market of online academies is what Digital Worth Academy course is offering that too for 60 days itself proves the course quality. Else no one can dare to do so. It shreds the risk factor totally that can come to anybody’s mind before joining.
  • EASY INSTALLMENTS: The Digital Worth Academy course costs $1997 that can be paid in easy installments of $797 each.
  • HERARCHICAL ORGANISATION: The whole course is organised properly into 7 sections which are further divided into almost 30 modules. Thereby making it convenient for anyone going through the course.
  • VEDIO LECTURES: The whole Digital Worth Academy course content is available in the form of 150 videos that contain every bit of knowledge one need to become a good web property builder and seller.
  • ONE-ON-ONE CHAT: Online chat option is available to help beginners hassle free setup of their web properties.
  • SOFTWARE TOOLS: Tools are available to make the things a bit easier. They are designed to help you uncover profitable niches, finding right keywords based on search analytics. Also tool is there by which you can check whether entering a particular market is profitable or not.
  • STAFF OUTSOURCING: Also Students can get staff assistance in order to complete their tasks.


  • PRICING: Although, the pricing is high but if you can see what is coming under its way, you will feel it under-priced.



As my Digital Worth Academy Review stated earlier, If you are serious about setting your foot in and begin your journey in the arena of launching businesses online, you need a lot of learning and hard work. For learning, of-course a good mentor is a must. One can only guide you good if has own experience in this field of internet marketing.

Who else can be a good mentor except Sara & Andrew, who together form an experience of 23 years in the field affiliate marketing business online. DWA is a result of what they have learnt in these 23 years of hard work in the actual market.

Not only you will learn to build web property but also you will be learning to sell that property at a high rate through this course. The best part is the academy truly cares for your success. Besides the course, they offer coaching for the initial setup of online business of every student with added incentives like online chat, forums, support etc. The academy personally assists each of its member succeed by ensuring they get their website design, content and SEO part correct. Added incentives including community, money back guarantee and staff outsourcing make it more appealing.

All-in-all the academy has long been favourite of mine if one truly wants to learn affiliate digital marketing, if one truly wants to earn 7 digits annually by building and flipping web properties. However, the cost is high, so only those should invest who actually want to implement it in online business success. Guys!! Do not wait & register yourself now, be a web millionaire.

Don’t worry if you cannot write good, hire someone for yourself to write. It’s not about writing, it’s about learning online marketing. Also, there is no dearth of self-proclaimed mentors in this field, so choose wisely else you will end up with a bad experience that will never let you come into this arena of huge success. Thank You readers for stopping here to read my Digital worth Academy review, hope it has replied your questions.


    1. As far as I know, this is not just a Digital marketing course. This is a way more than that. If you really give interest towards the course, you can earn a big money in few months. Just my experience. Ask other people too.

    2. Hi Haidin, This course is for beginners as well as experienced persons. You might get more benefits if you have experience in DigitalMarketing before. We know that Dedication and hard work is the key to success in any online business. This course will give you a right path and the only thing you have to do is, Follow it!

  1. Well made videos, content is simple to follow and easy to understand. Looking forward to seeing more. HALFWAY: Videos are still great, content is still simple, almost too simple. Great for someone who doesn’t know anything about digital marketing, but not informative enough for those that have a basic understanding already.

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