Virtual reality

Virtual Reality will be a Game changer in 2016

Realities of Virtual Reality.


Last night, i have watched a video about Virtual reality in YouTube. In that video, a person wearing a Virtual Reality Headset (HMD). And some of his friends played something on the virtual reality headset . It seems like something very fearing is playing on that video. Suddenly one of his friend push him from back. this made that person wearing virtual headset,jumping and screaming as he is falling from a building or something.

What is Virtual Reality ?.

In simple words, technology is bringing you an opportunity to watch movies,play games etc. As you are really watching it with your own eyes, in 360 degree view. You will get a three dimensional life sized image from your point of view. That will bring more reality to every fantasy movies you are watching. If you are abroad and you are a regular Skype user, think about you are watching your dear ones as you are near to them. So we cant predict the usability of a Virtual Headset now. It will be far more than our imaginations.

How virtual reality works ?.

VR devices have an ability to track users motions, mainly of Head and eyes. It correspondingly adjust the image on the users display, that will bring an originality feeling to users view.
It makes you feel like you are Inside.
virtual reality
When wearing virtual reality devices like Head Mounted Display (HMD). a user experiences the feeling of being inside and part of the circumstances that are going on his/her screen.
 History of Virtual Reality.
 The concept of VR raised in early 1990’s. In 1950’s a cinematographer named Morten Heilig, envisioned a theater experience that would stimulate all his audiences senses,drawing them into this stories more effectively.
Philco co-operation engineers developed first HMD in 1961 called “Head-sight”. The helmet includes a video-screen and a tracking system linked to a closed circuit camera system.
Challenges & Concerns of Virtual Reality
Virtual reality has developed a lot, but now also so many difficulties are not yet cleared. There are no better tracking system developed yet to find natural ways to allow users to interact with in a virtual environment. In near future we can expect a VR experience with Senses like , smell, taste and touch with vision.

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