The Quiz Funnel Masterclass review

The Quiz Funnel Masterclass Reviews – A Profitable Lead Generation Program?

The Quiz Funnel Masterclass is a training program by Ryan Levesque that aims at helping brands to create high-converting quiz funnels for business. The 6-week step-by-step program trains business owners in creating quizzes, questionnaires, and surveys to reach their customers and understand their requirements.

The Quiz Funnel Masterclass Reviews – Ryan Levesque’s New Marketing Strategy Revealed!


In this The Quiz Funnel Masterclass review, let’s look at how the program works, its benefits, who should take part, modules, bonuses, and pricing to give you detailed know-how of the program.

We will look at how this online program can help entrepreneurs in different fields to divert their business on the right path. This comprehensive The Quiz Funnel Masterclass review will help anyone make an informed decision before signing up for the program.

Overview of Quiz Funnel Masterclass

The Quiz Funnel Masterclass review

Course Title The Quiz Funnel Masterclass
Product Type Digital marketing training program
Creators Mr. Ryan Levesque
Course Modules 6 Modules
Course Duration 6 Weeks
Price $1999 (one-time) or $799 (3 monthly payments)
Money-Back Guarantee 14 Days
Official Website Click Here

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What really is Quiz Funnel Masterclass Program?

The Quiz Funnel Masterclass is an online training program for business owners to teach them identifying the needs of their customers through effective quizzes, surveys, and questionnaires. The training program is developed based on a Quiz Funnel Bootcamp session conducted by the creator Ryan Levesque.

The whole program is based on the principle that qualified and consistent leads are the secret to any successful online business. Simply put, Quiz Funnel Masterclass is a web page that contains a series of questions.

These questions are meant to lead you to the requirements of your audience. They help you customize the messages, products, and offers based on customer requirements. Ryan is considered to be an expert in building quizzes. The Quiz Funnel Masterclass is another brainchild of the expert that works based on interactive personalization.

The live training sessions will include high-converting quiz funnels to build successful businesses.

Who Created QUIZ Funnel Masterclass?

Ryan Levesque is an expert in building quizzes that help all kinds of businesses. He has penned many top-selling books to support online marketers and entrepreneurs.

Ryan’s books were featured in international media publications and journals. He is currently serving as the CEO of the Ask Method company and co-founder of, a popular marketing funnel software among entrepreneurs.

He had helped more than thousands of companies and entrepreneurs to generate a profit using the Quiz Funnel strategy. His bucket-io quiz funnel has over 30 million subscribers from across the globe.

How does Quiz Funnel Masterclass program


The Quiz Funnel Masterclass program works with the help of live training sessions, step-by-step video training, funnel reviews, and private group discussions. It takes place every year as a closed course, only for those who pay and join. Those who wish to participate should enroll within the mentioned date.

The Quiz Funnel Masterclass training program contains 6 modules, each covered per week. These modules will help people build their way through creating and making use of quiz funnels. It will also help train people to decide on a quiz hook, test their quiz idea, create quiz questions, and drive traffic to their funnels.

The Quiz Funnel Masterclass online training

Main Benefits of The Quiz Funnel Masterclass

The Quiz Funnel Masterclass is said to be beneficial in many ways.

  • Able to create and segment low-cost funnel through quizzes, surveys, questionnaires, and assessments.
  • Helps focus on the right target audience and ignore those who aren’t interested in the products.
  • Gain more followers and users for the brain by giving people exactly what they want.
  • Can earn money by helping other companies in executing the method for them.
  • Works for any type of business, no matter whether you are a beginner or an expert. It can help eCommerce business, affiliate marketing, digital products, local small business, client services, and lead generation.

Who should and shouldn’t use The Quiz Funnel Masterclass?

The Quiz Funnel Masterclass training program is for:

  • Entrepreneurs who want to gain more leads and customers online.
  • Those who want to build their list and effectively grow their audience.
  • Businesses that have multiple products to sell.
  • Those who sell a product or service are meant for different types of people.
  • Complete beginners in online businesses.
  • eCommerce businesses, affiliate marketers, client services, digital products, lead generation, and local small businesses.

The Quiz Funnel Masterclass program is not ideal for those who do not have plans about exploring online business opportunities.

Pros and Cons of The Quiz Funnel Masterclass

Pros of The Quiz Funnel Masterclass

  • Cost-effective.
  • Better conversion.
  • Effective when compared to other methods.
  •  More than 200 million data points available.
  • Can get directly connected to big networks.
  • Appropriate for all fields.
  • Beginner-friendly.
  • Expandable.

Cons of  The Quiz Funnel Masterclass

  • Available only once a year.
  • Might feel expensive for people who do not use it effectively.
  • Needs complete dedication to make the most out of it.

What’s inside The Quiz Funnel Masterclass?

The 6-week-long training program includes live sessions, funnel reviews, Q&A calls, and private FB group discussions. Inside the Quiz Funnel Masterclass program, you will find the following parts:

  • The main part of Quiz Funnel Masterclass program is a step-by-step 6 training modules. All the modules are based on the creator’s Quiz Funnel Bootcamp. The modules are meant to take the participants through the whole process of creating their Quiz Funnel from the scratch.
  • The Quiz Funnel Masterclass program includes access to the Quiz Funnel Software created by Ryan Levesque. It is the latest version of one of the effective quiz tools available. The software includes features like page builder and quiz builder. The software also integrates with popular software tools like shopping carts, email, Shopify, etc.
  • Inside the program, you will also be able to get Quiz Traffic training to help you learn how to effectively drive traffic to the quiz using social media platforms. The Quiz Funnel Masterclass training program will help you learn how to structure the ads, their formats, how to target the right audience, and ad templates. It also includes examples of effective ad campaigns done using quiz funnels.
  • There is a ‘Choose. Ask. Build Training’ feature that intends to help people who don’t have a business or market, or those who start from scratch. The training intends to help people in choosing the market, identify what the customers want, and build a quiz funnel from the answers. From the session, you will also be able to get reports from the top niches identified using the quiz funnels.

The Quiz Funnel Masterclass results

Is The Quiz Funnel Masterclass software legit?

The Quiz Funnel Masterclass is a yearly training program that was about to be launched on June 5th.

Its first version The Quiz Funnel Masterclass 2020 is reported to witness huge success, which inspired the creator to come up with more every year. One of the main things that increase the credibility of the training program is its host Mr. Ryan Levesque. He is an expert in creating quizzes, and popular for his signature product, The ASK Method.

Besides, The Quiz Funnel Masterclass training program attendees of the previous year also testify it to be highly effective and credible.

You might even find The Quiz Funnel Masterclass reviews by marketing experts and business enthusiasts that analyze the program to be reliable and worthy.

The Quiz Funnel Masterclass Modules

The Quiz Funnel Masterclass training course is split into 6 main modules.

Module 1 : Your Quiz Hook

The module will train participants to come up with quiz hooks and testing them. Through the module, the creator looks at helping people learn the ways to implement the strategies to create an effective quiz.

Module 2 : Your Quiz Questions

The second module covers how you can create questions that make readers respond. Creating questions that tempt people to answer is one of the primary things one should learn before using the quiz funnel.

Module 3 : Your Quiz Offer

The offer you create should be the selling point. It reflects what you want to achieve from the quiz. The module covers how you can create offers that make people fall for your quiz. It also covers what you should not do while creating offers.

Module 4 : Your Quiz Pages

The module covers the pages your quiz funnel needs to have. It focuses on teaching you how to set the landing page and other pages required to run the quiz funnel. You will learn to set the pre-quiz landing page and quiz pop-up page accordingly in order to make it attractive and user-friendly.

Module 5 : Your Quiz Follow up

The fifth module looks at creating quiz reports that can even be used as a sales tool. The quiz report can be used as a tool to attract interested people in buying the product or service. The module will help you format, structure, and design your quiz reports. During the training week, you will also get access to a number of sample reports.

Module 6 : Optimizing and Scaling

The 6th module is to teach you about optimizing the quiz funnel and scale your business accordingly. In the module, the creator intends to teach you how to reach your leads and email options with the help of the Quiz Funnel Masterclass. You will also be able to learn how you can create a profitable quiz funnel. The module will also cover concepts like conversion rate benchmarks and converting leads to buyers.

The Quiz Funnel Masterclass Pricing and how to get it?

You can also participate in the Quiz Funnel Masterclass training program by signing up through the official landing page. You will be able to join the class from June 5th through the official website. As per the previous version of the Quiz Funnel Masterclass training program, you will have two options to choose from when it comes to pricing:

  • Full payment option: You can get it for a one-time payment of $1999. If you wish to continue using Bucket 2.0, you can subscribe paying $99 per month as an extra charge. The subscription option can be canceled at any time.
  • Part-payment option: You can make payment in three parts of $799. You can choose the subscription option, if you wish to continue using Bucket 2.0, by paying an extra $99 per month.

There is a 100% money-back guarantee assurance for 14 days, where you can claim the refund if you find The Quiz Funnel Masterclass is not for you. You will have the time to try at least the first module before giving up.

The Quiz Funnel Masterclass bonuses

Ryan’s Quiz Funnel Masterclass offers the following bonuses:

Bonus 1 : NEW! Bucket 2.0 ENTERPRISE Software worth $4500

The software has got this latest version after months of hard work. By attending the Quiz Funnel Masterclass training program, you will be able to enjoy early access to this software. The software is AI-driven and effective. Once the free access ends, the software can be bought for $2000 as a setup fee and $200 as a monthly subscription fee. Those who are eligible for this offer can get the setup fee waives and a reduced subscription fee of $99 per month. The software will help you in online businesses and it can be integrated with more than 87 marketing tools. In the Bucket 2.0 enterprise software, you will also get:

  • Builder & templates
  • Analytics & tracking
  • Canvas Logic & Scoring
  • Field Logic and UTM
  • Pixel Segmentation
  • Integration with more than 99 marketing tools

Bonus 2 : Quiz Funnel Traffic Secrets Training worth $2500

The creator knows that people mostly fail when it comes to driving potential traffic to their quiz page. Even after building an attractive quiz, if you do not know how to attract the right people to the page, it can’t gain the results that you always look for. Through the bonus, Ryan shares some valuable traffic secrets training from the experts he interacted with. You will get to know about Google traffic, Facebook traffic, Youtube traffic, Instagram traffic, and LinkedIn traffic to the quiz funnel.

Bonus 3 : Choose Ask Build Business in a Box Training worth $3500

This will help beginners to choose their market, how to ask the market, figure out the buckets, and build their quiz funnel. This bonus will help beginners in the field, who are about to start from scratch.

Super Bonus : We Build Your Quiz for You

Ryan refers it to as the Mother of All Bonuses or the MOAB. Those who are lucky to get this offer get help from Mr. Ryan’s team in building their quiz funnel. It is a limited-time offer that awaits only the early buyers.

The Quiz Funnel Masterclass Reviews Final Verdict

Whether you are in an online business or thinking of starting one soon, it all depends on how capable you are in creating leads.

It is not just about creating leads. More than that, you need to gain convertible, potential leads to grow your business online.

The Quiz Funnel Masterclass training program offers solutions for all your queries before starting an online business.

The Quiz Funnel Masterclass has already proven to be effective in eCommerce, affiliate marketing, local small business, digital products, client services, and lead generation.

The Quiz Funnel Masterclass review can be useful for you as it covers all the practical possibilities of this program. No matter you are a new figure in online marketing, or an expert struggling to generate leads, you will find the program handy too.

However, it is not meant for those who are looking for a get-rich-overnight business idea.

The Quiz Funnel Masterclass Customer Reviews – Is It Worth It?

People from different niches have shared their opinion about the Quiz Funnel Masterclass and how it changed their life. Here are a few of them:

As someone who teaches educators, entrepreneurs, and business owners, I struggled at some point to build a potential email list and create courses that my audience wanted. The Quiz Funnel Masterclass training program helped me create a “what type of course is right for you” quiz and create a product worth $5M.


Amy Porterfield

It was very difficult for me to attract students to my guitar course, as I am not at all good in the marketing part. I found help in the Quiz Funnel Masterclass training program, where I created a quiz for the right audience. Now, I earn $2.2M per year and am listed in the top 10 entrepreneurs under 30!


Charlie Wallance

Frequently asked questions about The Quiz Funnel Masterclass



When will I be able to enroll in the Quiz Funnel Masterclass program?

The Quiz Funnel Master class training program will be open for enrollment from 5th June to 27th June. If you miss the date, you will only be able to join in the next year’s session.


Will there be any free trial sessions?


No. There could be an introductory webinar for those who are new to the concept. Otherwise, there will not be any free trials before the training sessions.


Why should I trust the Quiz Funnel Masterclass course?

The Quiz Funnel Masterclass program is evolved based on the Quiz Funnel Bootcamp help prior. The methods taught through the training program are already tested and considered reliable.


As a novice, will the program work for me?

Yes. The training program is said to be effective for both beginners and experts alike. It is considered highly beneficial for beginners who aren’t much aware of their market and audience interests. The Quiz Funnel will help them understand their market better and do better.


Can I benefit from the course, if I am not into any kind of business?

The course is not just for business enthusiasts. Anyone who wishes to gain recognition online can enroll in the program. No matter whether you are an aspiring blogger, vlogger, online influencer, podcaster, or YouTuber, The Quiz Funnel Masterclass can be beneficial in finding your right audience and grow the network for the better.

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