How To Edit A Footer In WordPress?

How To Edit A Footer In WordPress?

Editing the WordPress footer looks challenging to you? It might seem tricky mainly because of one reason; the way you edit the footer in one theme may not fit to another theme. As a conclusion to such confusions, most of the themes have now started using similar methods to make it easier. Moreover, editing your footer is no longer a mighty task, you can do it easily by following certain methods.

How To Edit A Footer In WordPress?

The footer of your wordpress is an integral part of your WordPress theme, just like the organs of your body. It usually displays at the bottom of each page on your site.

How To Edit A Footer In WordPress?

What is a WordPress footer?

As mentioned earlier, a footer appears at the bottom of every page. It is where we can find different links, credits and copyright notices, maps, badges or awards received, subscription to newsletters. But you should not try not to overflow the footer. Sometimes it may also include code and scripts, which a wordpress developer would add in the page. If you would want to remove unwanted links from the footer area, simply edit the footer.php template file in the particular theme. Advantages of using website footers:

  • it will easily help in website navigation.
  • it will improve the internal links and thus helps in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Methods to edit WordPress footer

  1. To edit the WordPress footer code: This is the most fragile method of editing a WordPress footer. Create a sub theme or child theme and apply changes to the code or you can simply comment on the code in the corresponding footer file in the sub-theme, without changing any existing lines. Before everything, create a backup of the theme files because you would not want to go blank if your theme breaks. This will help you to go back  to the previous theme in the backup. After logging in to the WordPress Admin dashboard, select appearance from the left hand menu. Click on the Editor option in the Appearance menu. Search for footer.php or Theme Footer file, from the list of files on the right side and click on it. Now you can apply your coding skills in the coding lines appearing on the screen. In simple terms;
  • Log in to the Admin dashboard.
  • Appearance>Editor.
  • Find and click on the Theme Footer file (footer.php).
  • Replace the php code.
  • Apply your desired content on the “add text here”.
  • Click on the ‘update’ button.
  1. To change the footer content in the theme customizer: this is one of the easiest methods of editing a WordPress footer. All you have to do is, select the customize option from the appearance menu. There you will find the theme installed and running on your WordPress. Go to the footer area and there you can customize the background, text colour, rows and columns etc… according to your need.  You can follow the steps simply;
  • Log in to the dashboard.
  • Select Appearance> Customize. 
  • Locate the footer area.
  • Select the settings option > make adjustments – change footer background, add columns and rows, change text colour, choose necessary elements.
  1. To edit the widget in your footer : a widget on your WordPress footer contains all extra contents like texts, images and legal disclaimers. You can add these widgets on your sidebars or any other areas. The widgets can be found in the customizer or the WordPress dashboard. When it comes to customizer, you can go to the left of the menu and select the widgets. The number of widgets differ from theme to theme. If you would like to add more widgets, you can add it by clicking on the ‘Add a widget’ button. Simply drag and drop them on the footer areas. You can add, delete or reorder them according to the needs. You can name them, ‘Save’ them and just click on the ‘Done’ button. 
  • Customizer > Widgets.
  • ‘Add a widget’ button to add more widgets.
  • Click on the ‘Save’ button.
  • Click on the ‘Done’ button.
  1. To remove ‘Powered by WordPress’ from the footer: there will be a ‘Powered by WordPress’ link on the footer when you install the WordPress for the first time. You just need to go to the footer and select the footer bar in the customizer. You will get the option to change the text of your footer bar. Or else, in the normal case you can go to the themes in the customizer and select the option for edit in your footer. 
  • Go to WordPress admin dashboard > Customizer
  • Footer> Footer bar


  •   Log in to WordPress admin dashboard
  •  Select ‘Themes’ > Customizer 
  •  Edit 

 Does it seem tough to you? The answer will be a big NO right! Almost all the WordPress themes come with user friendly panels where you can customize your headers, footers or any other areas of the site. This article is to help you in editing your WordPress footer, in case you find any difficulty in dealing with the customization techniques. You have been introduced to four different ways to edit your WordPress footer. Now customize your footer according to your comfort.



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