The Bioenergy Code Reviews

The Bioenergy Code Reviews – Is It A Program To Switch On Your Bioenergy?

Bioenergy Code Reviews [Updated 2023]: The Bioenergy code is a program that can help you gain all the desires you wish to have e.g. wealth, health, successful business, etc. It is based on the ancient Chakra teachings. The program helps you to remove the cloud of trauma and misfortune that is holding you back and move on a path that will help you achieve your dreams and desires.

The Bioenergy Code Reviews – A 30-Minute Audio Manifestation Program!


Are you in search of the Bioenergy Code reviews? The program doesn’t take weeks or months to show effects, but it takes a few days to show its effects. The entire idea of the Bioenergy code is to use the universe’s energy to help manifest your desires in a Godly manner.

All of this doesn’t require some expert help, you can do it yourself just by following the simple instructions mentioned in the program. Read The Bioenergy Code Reviews To Know More.

The Bioenergy Code Review
Product NameBioenergy Code
Main BenefitsHelp you to achieve your goals and dreams
AuthorMs. Angela Carter
Money-back Guarantee365 days
Price$37 (Check for Discount)
Official WebsiteClick Here

Click here to order Bioenergy Code from the Official Website (Discount Applied)

What is The Bioenergy Code All About?

The Bioenergy code is taken from foundational ancient chakra teachings that focus on neuroscience. The Bioenergy code aims to switch on your Bioenergy, which is present inside everyone.

The switch might be blocked or closed due to various traumas, and atrocities that you have been through in your life. The main aim of this program is to unearth the greatness hidden inside you to make you a better person.

Bioenergy code uses a 30-minute audio medication program. After listening to the audio for a couple of days you start quite blissful, calm, and start having a good feeling about yourself.

As per the Bioenergy Code reviews, the audio is programmed in such a manner that the forces working blocking your bioenergy are eradicated.

Who Created The Bioenergy Code Program? 

Ms. Angela Carter is the creator of this amazing program. She had many difficulties in her life and found it very difficult to overcome them. So she decided to go on a trip to Nepal to see Elephants. While in Kathmandu, she met a gentleman Mr. Anthony who turned out to be her ray of hope in the dismay she was in.

After she told him her story about all her problems he went to ask her 3 questions.

  • The first question was whether she knew that trauma is stored in the cells of the body. He went on to explain that trauma is not only stored in memories but also in the cells of the body.
  • The second question he asked her was whether she knew about Generation Trauma. This is the trauma that is carried from one generation to the other.
  • The third and most important question he asked her was, do you want to know about a switch that can help you release all your trauma? He explained to her about the bioenergy switch and its applications.

He later gave her an audio recording and told her to listen to it every day for 30 minutes. After 3-4 days Angela Carter was so happy and motivated that she along with Anthony agreed to share this knowledge with the world.

A point to note here is a portion of the money earned by them from the sale of the program is donated to

How Different Phases of The Bioenergy Code PDF Work?

When you start listening to the 30-minute audio you go through 9 phases as stated below.

  • Welcome the Energy

In this phase, the audio frequencies put you in a meditative state. The audio contains 2 frequencies which lead to such a state one being the 432 Hz frequency and the other being God’s frequency which is 39.17 Hz.

  • Root Chakra

This helps you to find out areas in your life where you feel threatened and less secure. Root Chakra is strongly associated with bioenergy.

  • Sacral Chakra

This phase helps you visualize your relationships, feelings of pleasure, and satisfaction when flowing without obstruction.

  • Solar Plexus Chakra

This phase focuses on removing the obstructions which block your happiness and inner will to achieve your goals. After clearing this obstacle, you will be back to your best self.

  • Heart Chakra

This phase talks about love, which is blocked by disappointments, breakups, and high expectations. This phase explains to you how there is love around you waiting for you to find it.

  • Throat Chakra

This Phase helps you stop lying and speaking the truth. It tells us that speaking the truth is difficult if you want to satisfy everybody. After this phase, you don’t care what others will say about you.

  • Third eye Chakra

We have been brought up in such a way that we start doubting ourselves. In this phase, doubt is replaced with confidence. This phase will help you a great deal in moving ahead in life.

  • Crown Chakra

As adults, we are raised to the understand of individuality. In this phase, you’ll feel as though you are whole again with the help of the energies of the universe.

  • Power Extension

This final phase helps you realize where you are in life before you started with the meditation. It will also help you to carry forward whatever you felt during these 30 minutes.

After this phase, you will be back to your conscious phase. If you felt some change during these phases, then at the end of the 30 minutes your bioenergy center has already been activated.

bioenergy code pdf

Amazing Features Of The Bioenergy Code

After going through the Bioenergy code program, you’ll start assuming that the Bioenergy code is a scam like most others. Based on the Bioenergy Code reviews, here are the features which you’ll get from the program.

  • First of all, the bioenergy code helps to unlock the bioenergy switch, which will help you to achieve your goals and dreams.
  • You will get an understanding of the 7 chakras and how to use these chakras to unlock your bioenergy switch.
  • The instructions in the Bioenergy code program are quite simple and easy to understand even for a layman.
  • Just as the Bioenergy Code review, It takes only 30 minutes to listen to the audio and it shows effects within 2-3 days.
  • You will get a guaranteed return on your purchase if the program hasn’t had any effect on you for 365 days.
  • A portion of the money earned from the sale of the Bioenergy code goes to It is an added satisfaction you’ll get if you are buying it.
bioenergy code reviews

What Can You Actually Get From The Bioenergy Code Program?

The bioenergy code basically helps one to get rid of all the negative energy present in your life and start positively looking at life. The 30-minute meditation program, along with the 7 chakras, calms your mind down and creates a  drive in you to go and achieve your goals.

As stated by the Bioenergy Code reviews, If you have access to the bioenergy code, then you are guaranteed to be successful without working very hard but by working smart.

How Much Does This Program Cost?

Ms. Angela Carter wanted to share the knowledge she received from this program with other people around the world for cheap and affordable prices. The bioenergy code is sold at $37.

A portion of the money that is earned from selling the program to each buyer would be donated to If the program doesn’t show any effects or you are not satisfied with the results, then you will 100% return on your investment.

Click here to order Bioenergy Code from the Official Website (Discount Applied)

Bonuses Included With The Bioenergy Code

Along with the program, you will get 4 bonus books, which will also help you with your life.

  • Bioenergy code manual

This contains a deep understanding of the history of the 7 chakras. It will also help you understand how bioenergy is blocked within the chakras.

Bioenergy code manual
  • 5 minutes Bioenergy healing

For most people, it will be difficult to spend 30 minutes going to the entire program. This audio CD is a 5-minute healing version of the bioenergy program.

5 minutes Bioenergy healing
  • Bioenergy Code decoded

This is a roadmap kind of a cheat about the Bioenergy zones aligned in each chakra. This is more like a pictorial depiction of the entire program.

Bioenergy Code decoded
  • The heart healer

By far, the most important of all the bonuses. This bonus is regarding the heart. The bioenergy of the heart is blocked most of the time this is due to fear, and disappointments.

This bonus helps you to get rid of it. It has the soundtrack of the same frequency i.e., 432 Hz and 39.17 Hz, as in the main program.

The heart healer

How To Place Your Order?

The program is available on the official page of Bioenergy Code – However, you should be beware of some websites that claim a free download of the Bioenergy Code.

It is better to buy the book directly from the site other than use third-party applications and get in trouble that could’ve been avoided.

Click here to order Bioenergy Code from the Official Website (Discount Applied)

The Bioenergy Code Reviews – Final Words

Bioenergy Code is written with reference to ancient Chakra teachings. People with underlying health problems and especially Hormone replacement problems should try this product.

It can be done by anyone as the instructions are quite simple to understand. If you don’t get the desired results within 365 days then you can get guaranteed 100% of your cashback.

After reading a few reviews of the product I can tell that people have gotten over the trauma they had been carrying for years, help them express their feelings better, and become successful at the same time it has enabled them to lead a healthier lifestyle.

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