Freedom Water 5 Reviews

Freedom Water 5 Reviews – Is This Water Filtration System Safe To Use?

Freedom Water 5 is a water purifier that has been garnering attention on the internet for the past few weeks. This Freedom Water 5 review will tell you what makes this purifier different from the other water purifiers that are available in the market and if it is something that is worth investing your time and capital in. To make such a judgment, every aspect of the Freedom Water water filter will be reviewed. 

Freedom Water 5 Reviews: Does It Really Remove Deadly Toxins From Water?


Water purifiers are a necessity since contamination of the water is quite common. Filters have to be chosen after analyzing the toxins present in your drinking water. There are reports about drinking water in the US containing Compound F and other toxins. The Freedom Water 5 Pitcher is specifically designed to purify Compound F. It purifies the drinking water at a molecular level. Compound F can affect humans terribly. They interrupt both the mental and physical health of a person.

Freedom Water 5 review will give you an idea about the working and effectiveness of this water purifier. By the end of this report, you will be able to make a decision on whether or not to invest in this water filter. Keep reading to find out more.

freedom water 5 review
Product Name Freedom Water 5
CategoryWater filter pitcher
Designed toPurify water from harmful chemicals
Specialties▪️ Supports 5 levels of filtration
 Made out of BPA-toxin-free plastic
Health Benefits ▪️ Weight loss
▪️ Easy mobility
▪️ Improved mental state
Safety standards▪️ Meet the NSF safety guidelines
 Made in independent laboratories in the USA
Price ▪️ 1 Freedom Water 5 = $71
2 Freedom Water 5 = $159
3 Freedom Water 5 = $264
Money back guarantee180 days
Availability Only through the official website 
Official website Click Here 

What is Freedom Water 5 Pitcher?

Freedom Water 5 is a water purifier that was designed to remove harmful toxins from drinking water even at the molecular level. This purifier uses a 5-layer filter that will purify your drinking water from Compound F and other toxins by activating carbon molecules. Freedom Water 5 method is adopted by NASA and the US Navy for water purification. This water purifier exceeds the NSF safety standards.

Freedom Water 5 water purifier is made specifically to remove all the experimental chemicals from the drinking water. Due to this purification process, the users will start experiencing a sharper presence of mind, improved health conditions, more energy, better functioning of the internal organs, not falling sick frequently, no more stubborn weight gain, etc. 

Features Of The Freedom Water 5 Water Filter

Some of the features of Freedom Water 5 are; 

💧 5 filtration levels: Freedom Water 5 purifies drinking water in five levels. They even purify water at a molecular level. Since toxins like Compound F dissolve and disintegrate in the water thoroughly, a molecular level of cleaning is necessary to get rid of these toxins.

💧 Activated carbon process: The activated carbon process is adopted by multiple government organizations to purify their drinking water. Freedom Water 5 is a proven method where chemicals and toxins are absorbed by carbon particles.

💧 Ion exchange technology at the molecular level: Freedom Water 5 technology purifies drinking water using a chemical reaction. Free ions are exchanged with the toxic ions present in the water through this process.

💧 Two unique proprietary alloys: Water purifiers use alloys in order to filter the water and get rid of the toxins present. However, Freedom Water 5 purifier uses two unique proprietary alloys that are not commonly used by filters, but are known to be effective.

💧 BPA-toxin-free plastic body that is lightweight and ultra-durable: The hardware of the handheld Freedom Water 5 water filter is designed to withstand both extreme hot and cold temperatures. They are also pretty sturdy.

 Freedom Water 5 Water Filter

Freedom Water 5 Advantages

There are a lot of changes that have been seen in people that have started actively filtering their drinking water using the Freedom Water 5 system and only using them for consumption purposes. Some of them are as follows;

Weight loss

People have started noticing significant weight loss when drinking high-quality water even without starting any diets or exercises after using Freedom Water 5 filtration system. Weight loss is the result of the detoxification that happens in the body in the absence of chemicals.

Easy mobility

Problems that were seen which are related to fatigue and weak joints will no longer be a problem. This can happen once all the toxins from the body are flushed out and there is no addition to the harmful toxins in your body.

Improved mental state

The concentration level and mental presence of a person seem to increase significantly when chemicals are eradicated from your body. This will also help people achieve improved mental health and peaceful life.

These are some of the effects that are seen in the people who switched to drinking water that is purified by Freedom Water 5 Pitcher.

🔎 Freedom Water 5 Technical Facts

Freedom Water 5 Pitcher facts

1️⃣ The Freedom Water 5 filtration system has a dimension of 11 by 11 by 6 inches. This measurement makes it easier for it to be stored in the refrigerator. 

2️⃣ This water purifier is a handheld version of a mechanical water purifier that uses cutting-edge technology used by scientists.

3️⃣ The Freedom Water 5 filters are arranged in a manner so that the purification of water is effective thoroughly.

How Does Freedom Water 5 Work?

Freedom Water 5 filtration system works by purifying the drinking water at a molecular level to get rid of all the chemicals and experimental medicines that are present in the drinking water. The water gets purified when you pour it directly through the small lid on top. You will be left with water that is safe to drink. The filters have to be changed frequently to get the cleanest water.

Freedom Water 5 purifier utilizes the pressure that comes when water is poured into the filter. Due to this pressure, the water is forced to pass through the 5 layers of water filters. When the water passes through those layers, all the toxins in the drinking water are trapped in the filter. The filter has to be changed over time as the filter could get clogged with all the impurities.

Why do I need this water filter?

It has been found out by people that the US government has been adding Compound F to drinking water starting from the mid-1930s. The government initiated this program after stating that Compound F prevents cavities.

However, in 1999 it was found that Compound F does not protect the teeth from cavities if they are ingested. The topical application of Compound F is what prevents cavities.  Even after this discovery, there had been no changes in the drinking water. Compound F is still present in the drinking water that every US citizen uses. 

Deeper research for Freedom Water 5 review discovered that Compound F is not the only harmful present in drinking water. Surprisingly enough, this compound is seen even in bottled drinking water apart from tap water.

Freedom Water 5 Pitcher

It was also found that these compounds are extremely toxic and leaves very bad side effects. Some statistics state that people started suffering from more chronic illnesses. The common factor between all these people is that they all drink this toxic water.

There has been a 60% increase in the number of people who suffer from chronic illnesses ever since these compounds were introduced to drinking water. Water is a necessity. Therefore it is important to ensure the availability of clean water. This is why the Freedom Water 5 water filter system is a necessary gadget.  

People suffer from a lot of problems such as diabetes, arthritis, obesity, anxiety, ADHD, depression, etc. These issues are seen because of the chemicals that are present in the country’s drinking water. Even though the government is aware of these effects, no proper precautions are taken from their side to solve this problem. Which makes this issue the people’s problem.

Freedom Water 5 Customer Opinions and Experiences

There are a lot of customers who purchased the Freedom Water 5 water purifier. All of the Freedom Water 5 reviews seem to be extremely satisfied with the results that they received while using the filter to purify their drinking water.

There are people who started stocking up on these filters to have an individual one for every occasion. Water is used more than we think. Water is a necessity even when you are cooking pasta. 

Customers reported that after starting to use the Freedom Water 5 pitcher water filter for their daily water intake, they began experiencing an overall increase in the quality of their life. Problems that are often speculated to be related to old age started disappearing in them. There was an improvement in people’s thinking systems and health conditions after drinking Freedom Water 5 purified water.

Freedom Water 5 customer reviews

What Does Freedom Water 5 Purifier Cost and Where to Buy?

Freedom Water 5 purifier is available for purchase on its official website. The price listed on the website are as follows;

⚡️ 1 Freedom Water 5 = $71. The original price was $300.

⚡️ 2 Freedom Water 5 = $159. You will be able to save $441 with this specific order.

⚡️ 3 Freedom Water 5 = $264. You will be able to save $636 with this specific order.

The official website makes this Freedom Water 5 water purifier available for a very discounted price. There is no shipping cost to get this water filter anywhere in the United States of America. Freedom Water 5 costs a lot more than a regular water filter because Freedom Water 5 pitcher uses a five-level purifying process. 

Freedom Water 5 filter is not available in any retail stores or eCommerce stores as of now. This is due to the limited manufacturing space and the small storage warehouse that the manufacturer uses. Freedom Water 5 purifier is not available for purchase on any third-party websites either.


There are multiple water purifiers that look the same available in the market. It has to be noted that the purification method makes these products different. Freedom Water 5 pitcher uses a 5-level purification and steady hardware. You have to ensure that you are buying the right product. 

Freedom Water 5 Money-back Guarantee

The purchase of the Freedom Water 5 water filter system comes with a money-back guarantee. If a customer is not satisfied with the results seen or if they do not feel like this water purifier is a worthy investment, they can request a refund. The refund of the Freedom Water 5 system can be issued after you contact the customer care team and return all the purchased products back. However, this process has to be done within 180 days of purchase. 

Final Words On Freedom Water 5 Reviews

Considering the purification methods that are adopted by this water filter, Freedom Water 5 seems to be an authentic water purifier that completely removes the toxins that are present in the drinking water. People who started using this water filter started experiencing an improvement in their overall quality of life.

The manufacture of the Freedom Water 5 water purifier is done based on the latest technology that is used by NASA and the US Navy. This purifier has additional filtration steps that are not used in other purifiers. The design of this purifier is done efficiently with high-quality materials. 

This water purifier is available at an affordable price range which makes it available for all. The purchase of Freedom Water 5 is also backed up by a money-back guarantee. Considering all these factors from this Freedom Water 5 review, if you are looking for an efficient water filter, Freedom Water 5 Pitcher seems to be worth giving a try.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is Freedom Water 5 different from a normal handheld water purifier?

Freedom Water 5 Pitcher is different from a normal water filter as it uses a 5-layer filtration method that includes an activated carbon process and ion exchange technology. This purifier also uses two additional proprietary alloys that are not used in any other water filters that are hand-held.

2. What technology is used in the creation of Freedom Water 5?

Ion exchange technology is used in the purification of water in the Freedom Water 5 pitcher. The carbon exchange method is also used to ensure the complete cleanliness of the water. The hardware that is used for the design of the product is of high quality.

3. What are the directions of use for Freedom Water 5 Pitcher?

The directions to use Freedom Water 5 is quite simple. You have to fill the tap water directly into the container after opening the small lid on the top. The 5-layer purification happens inside the filter and you will be left with clean and safe-to-drink water. You will need to replace the filter if you feel like the purification process is not thorough after long use. 

4. Is the purchase of Freedom Water 5 Pitcher backed up by any guarantee?

Every purchase of Freedom Water 5 is backed up by a money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the purification process or if you don’t think this investment is worth it, you can return your purchased products and get a refund within the notified time period.

5. How can I get access to Freedom Water 5 Pitcher?

You can purchase Freedom Water 5 through its official website. Water purifiers are common and this water purifier uses a different method. Therefore it is easier to get confused with other water Purifiers that look the same. The link to the official website is given below.


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