How Technologies Can Transformed Relationships?

How Technologies Can Transformed Relationships?

The relation between humans and technology is evolving every day. They have become an integral part of human life, and they will only grow further. The impact technologies made on human life and our relationships are humongous. It also has made enormous changes in the way we think, communicate, and behave with each other. 

Like any other invention, technologies also have their advantages and disadvantages. These advances have affected human lives in such a way that people started to believe in virtue more than real. 

How Technologies Can Transformed Relationships?

Technology is a vast concept that grows every day to make human life effortless. From cell phones to each and everything we interact or use in our day-to-day life is one way or is connected to technology.

How Technologies Can Transformed Relationships?

Did technology strangle or strengthen our relationships?

The history of human relationships and technology lies back to the 18th century, from the industrial age. From the beginning itself, technology had its effect on human life. But a tremendous change can be considered from 50 years back and we can see, over the past few years, everything is going digital, depending completely on technology. The ease of mobility, efficiency, user-friendly manufacturing saves a lot of money and time.

These advantages and the universality of technology give access to its limitless boundaries. No matter where it is or what it is, it can be the car, the morning coffee machines, the plane that took you to different destinations, or your cell phone, technology has made its mark. These all inventions of technologies made human life standardized and digitalized. A search engine with a click can provide you with whatever information you want just by sitting in your comfort zone.

Even though we are privileged to have all the benefits of technology. We can’t ignore the fact that technology has adverse, damaging impacts on our relationships. The biggest technological effect can be considered as the invention of cell phones. Cell phones are ruling us through our habits. Our generation has started to expose their private life in virtual media believing that they can find ease and comfort. We started to believe in people who we have never met in life. Our children have started to talk to virtual companions.

We think we can stop technology from affecting our personal life, but technology has even started to manipulate the human brain. Our emotional development itself depends upon technology. We are a generation who are born and live with technology and due to the characteristics of technology such as easy access, compatibility and speed our human brain has also subconsciously started to work in that way. So, when things take time, we become hysterical or frustrated. Studies have also shown that people who use technologies are more self-centered. They isolate themselves from others and these isolations can sometimes cause severe depression in people, especially in youngsters and teenagers.

The pervasive nature of technology has widely affected teenagers and youngsters mostly, our generation has forgotten about face-to-face interactions and the importance of social gatherings. We are emotional animals and we need to express ourselves Inorder to know what other human feels. The key to any good relationship is communication and listening. But, the truth is technology has taken the charm out of us. We are too busy focusing on ourselves, most of the time we forget about our surroundings. 

Families also play a vital role in the upbringing of a child, but the truth is our family relationships themselves are also submerged in technologies. It’s from the home we should teach our kids the importance of manual work and human interactions. Thus, we can bring a lot of changes.

Like the effect on our relationships, technology has its effect on our bodies too. Technology has made humans indolent. They made our physical health condition worse. Some of the major adverse health effects include obesity, eye strain, poor body postures, irregular sleeping patterns including insomnia, restlessness, anxiety, etc.

Another important disadvantage is that technology has taken over most of the labor works, major industries have started to implant artificial intelligence for work and personal purposes, including robots. These all are major threats to mankind.

Technology is never a harm to humanity; they are one of the most friendly things if used properly. We can’t remove technology from our routine life. But we can reduce the adverse effects and can live a better life. We have seen what technology could do in tough situations like a pandemic, it made us close to our beloved ones virtually. We have seen how social media helped to spread awareness about viruses, etc. . So, it’s all about knowing how to use it. 

We know technology has its drawbacks, and we as humans should know how to get rid of it, to keep our mental and physical health balanced, and to bring our loved ones to close, we should raise awareness about mental health and the importance of social gatherings. At times, stay away from the technologies if you can do the work manually. Take a break once in a while. Talk to your loved ones. Exercise and hit the gym, etc. to keep you fit and healthy. Always find quality time to spend with your friends and family and remember, It’s always us humans who should control the technology and not the technology. 

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