Social Jacker Review

Social Jacker Review – Free Facebook Lead Generation Tool Or Scam?

Welcome to my Social Jacker Review. The Social Jacker Software is an Email Lead generation application which helps users to get working live email addresses from Facebook. Email marketing is having a big impact in the digital marketing field. I have one friend who is selling products through email marketing. He took four years to build a huge email list but he is still facing problems to find new working email addresses.

The creators behind Social Jacker clearly know the Importance of making an email lead list for every online business. The people behind this software was there in digital marketing for the past few years and they put their knowledge and experience into test by giving this Social Jacker Beta version to people around them. The Social Jacker Demo version was a huge success and now these people are confident to publish this App to the general public.

Social Jacker Review – Is It a Legit Email Lead Generation Software or a Scam?


There are thousands of Email lead generating software are out there. In fact, I have previously spent some bucks on an Email lead generation software which gave thousands of useless email addresses and then I understood that there is many Email List generator scam software is out there and I just become a prey for one.

Social Jacker Review

Before using the Social Jacker software, I have gone through many Social Jacker Review websites and found that there are very few negative reviews about them. That built confidence in me to try this one and why I should worry since there is a 30-day money back policy. Now I am letting you know about my experiences with Social Jacker App and the pros and cons I have found during this 25 days usage of Social Jacker Trial Software.

Social Jacker Email Lead Generating Software – An Overview

Name of the Product: Social Jacker

Creators: Ankur Shukla

Official Price: $37

Product Type: Software

What is Social Jacker Software?               

Social Jacker Email List Builder is created for entrepreneurs and bloggers who are just started their journey but doesn’t have much money to spend. As you know, buying an Email lead list will cost you thousands of dollars. But Social Jacker helps you do this task without spending a lot of money. These email leads are coming directly from Facebook, that means you are getting the real working emails only.

The fact is, you will get their email address along with name, age range and even with their photo and gender. So, it will help you to personalize emails and get more sales. The only thing you need to do is, write a catchy email.

Social Jacker Results

Features of Social Jacker

This is how Social Jacker software works. I have explained it below.

  • Autopilot Mode

You don’t need to stick with your laptop to get Email leads while using Social jacker software. It works in autopilot mode and you can leave it after turn it on and there is nothing to worry about it afterward.

  • You can run Multiple Campaign

This is one of the best advantages of Social Jacker Email List generator Software. You can run multiple list generation campaigns. This software allows you to run up to 50 different campaigns

  • Customizable popup types

The Social Jacker software allows you to make regular popup, Stimulated live chat with automatic reply, Support chat style interaction, Video popups, giveaways, lead captures, and contests.

  • Customizable style and Designs

You can fully customize your facebook widget design or popup box

  • Use Authority sites to get email leads

You don’t have to worry even if you don’t have a website. You can run cloaked campaigns using an authority website, so you can use contents from authority websites to create your own list. Confused? Don’t worry, you will understand it while you are using Social Jacker campaign

  • Copy Paste Codes Feature

There is a three line code that can be copied and you can paste it on the desired website in which you are going to run the campaign.

  • Automated Answer Bot

You don’t need to spend time by answering queries. The automated answer bot helps you by interacting by the people and you can save a lot of time.

  • Add Image and Link Anywhere in the App

You can use images and links in the reply messages to make it more interactive and helpful

How Social Jacker Works?

What to do after installing Social Jacker software? Here is how the Social Jacker software works. I have explained it below.

Step 1: Simply build a new Campaign, and add a few campaign settings that is easy to do for a non-techie guy himself.

Step 2: Now you can customize the look and feel. You can create any kind of Popup or chatbot show up as you want.

Step 3: You just copy the code and cloak a well-known website and add that data to your domain. There is no need to make your own content. Just copy pastes the code to get the feel of the real website.

Step 4: Allow the Social Jacker software to run in Autopilot mode. Within hours you will see your list is filling with real email addresses and their details.

Who Can Use Social Jacker for Best Results

Social Jacker software can be used by everyone. Any person with an initial interest to succeed can use this software to get more sales by getting real email addresses. Another question I have faced was the niche. Can I use Social Jacker for any niche? Of course, yes. You can use Social Jacker for every niche and it will work perfectly for any niche. According to Social jacker user reviews, It helped many people to get huge results within the very small time period. If you are using Social Jacker Demo version, you will see results within first three days.

Social Jacker Package

Advantages of Social Jacker Software

  • Get a huge number of Email leads for any niche.
  • You will get new leads every day.
  • Complete autopilot mode
  • Fully customizable multiple popup types.
  • Comparatively less time taken
  • You will get a hike in the sale within no time.
  • Social Jacker WordPress Plugin for WordPress website users.
  • Social Jacker HTML Downloader for HTML sites
  • You will get Social Jacker Training course for free

Social Jacker Customer Support and Turn around Time

Social Jacker software is having a tutorial section and a training course along with the package. But, if you met with any problem, which is not listed in the tutorials, you can contact their support any time of the day. The Social Jacker software doesn’t have much-reported problems and it can be handled by a person with primary school knowledge along with common computer usage skill.

Conclusion – Social Jacker Email List creating App can boost your sales in Minutes. Try It!

I hope I have shared everything about the Social Jacker app. In my experience, I have built more than 2000 email leads till now and I have moved to the paid version. I will share a complete case study with you about how I made my first $1000 from this awesome software. You don’t have to believe my words. You can try it your own and if you didn’t like the Social Jacker results, ask for a refund. You will get your money back. Email marketers are getting tough competitors and you have to use every opportunity to succeed. Don’t worry; you will earn a successful sales capacity by Social Jacker Email lead generating tool. Thank you!


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