Agile Short term Health Insurance Review

Agile Health Insurance Review 2018 :- Best Short Term Health Insurance?

Welcome to my Agile health Insurance Review. Agile is a medical health insurance that provides you a shield from an unexpected medical condition and medical bills by supporting you financially all the way on your difficult journey. Agile health Insurance is definitely not a scam because I have bought it and I am quite satisfied with its services. It is fortunate that technology in the field of medical sciences has advanced multi folds but the expenses have also risen along with it, and sometimes it becomes difficult for an average income earner to bear the charges incurred due to much needed medical facilities provided by A+ hospitals.

Agile Health Insurance Review- Is This Short Term Health Insurance Worth Joining?


In this era when science and technological advancement has helped us to find the cure for dreadful diseases, at the same time sedentary lifestyle has also taken a toll on our health. But a health insurance like Agile health insurance saves you from crushing under the burden of charges of highly qualified doctors, high-cost surgeries, A-rated hospital and health care. Moreover, you get routine checkups and preventive health care if you apply for a health insurance. In today’s scenario, there are gazillions of health insurance products available in the market and it has become a booming industry in a short span of time. The toughest job is to pick one which suits you and your family in the best way possible and can also get along with your income when it comes to filling premiums.

Agile Short term Health Insurance Review

Agile health insurance is the one name in the arena of health insurance companies which take care of all the needs of its customers before setting up a plan. It provides us affordable medical health insurance facilities and unburdens you from filling costly premiums which usually dig deep into your pocket. It provides a short-term medical health insurance if you don’t want to get abided by an insurance for too long. It has a diversity of options available to choose from and also helps in picking the best suitable option for you without making choices complicated or bluffing about its products through Agile health insurance customer care service. As several changes have been done by the authorities for citizens and insurance companies, Agile health care always keeps itself updated and sets plans accordingly.

Features of the Agile health Insurance Plans

 Agile health care provides you short-term health insurance for a decided period of time. As per the change in the rules and regulation regarding health insurances, a short-term health insurance need to be for a time period of fewer than three months. Agile health insurance keeps its plans updated according to the changes done by the government. A short-term health insurance product will provide you frequent doctor visits, hospitalization of patients, care in emergency cases and supports you while all lab test and other medical requirements. This short-term health insurance is the best to pick if you are pregnant and delivery is dated after few months or if someone is seriously ill and needs urgent medical care for a duration like two or three months.

Agile Short-term health insurance is considered creditable coverage under health insurance portability and accountability act. It implies that any occurrence of illness or other medical conditions will be covered on the date your new health plan becomes effective. In contrary to this, if a gap of 63 days in an insurance coverage has been created then you will lose your health insurance rights to cover the medical conditions if they occur during this time. That’s why it is beneficial to have continuous health coverage under a credible plan like Agile short-term health insurance plan.

Agile short-term health insurance offers you low monthly premiums and provides you better than major medical insurances like Obamacare (ACA) plan or an employer-based plan. How?

  • It allows you to keep your doctor!! Yes, Agile health insurance gives you the freedom to choose any doctor or hospital to whom you want to pay for your services. You won’t be tied to strictly allocated health professionals and institutions.
  • It frees you from open enrollment restrictions so you can apply for Agile short-term health insurance all around the year. You will be notified of your enrollment, plan, and approval of the application within the time frame of applying. Furthermore, you can use your coverage from the next day onwards.
  • It offers you flexible and affordable plans rather than confusing and complicated ones. You won’t be forced to accept unnecessary medical coverages if they are of no use for you, for example, maternity coverage for single males.
  • It is surprising but true that short term health insurance of Agile health is half the cost of Obamacare plans. As Obamacare covers ten medical health benefits and all of these are not used by the customers many times but they are bound to pay for all the coverages.
  • It offers a diverse product with combinations to pick and not restricted to limited plans with forced choices as in other cases. Agile healthcare offers its customers 5,000 short-term health insurance plans and health benefit insurance plans.
  • Other than main insurance products there are several supplemental health products which include dental insurance, vision insurance, and telemedicine. Now, for common ailments, there is no need to buy whole plans just apply to short term health plans for specific medical conditions?
  • It is an online based health insurance company and this makes the procedure easy for customers to reach and apply for health plans through an online application form. You can compare prices, scan all available plans and go through reviews of already enrolled customers for confirmation. After detailed analysis, you can choose a best suited plan for yourself and start taking benefits from the next day.

Agile Health Insurance Plan

Agile Short Term Insurance Plan – Who Can Apply for it?

A short term insurance plan may not be for everybody as it is a health insurance outside of affordable care act and it does not cover pre-existing medical conditions. Agile short term health insurance will work for you if you satisfy the following points.

  • If the annual open enrollment periods for ACA/Obamacare plans have been missed by you. As it is mentioned above there are no restrictions on time-bound enrollment and it is available for you throughout the seasons.
  • If you have time gap left before applying for another big medical insurance plan then this short term insurance is well suited for you
  • If you can afford costly premiums and health insurance benefits then do apply for this short term insurance. It is the best option for you if you do a part-time job or a temporary worker or if you are a student or have taken retirement but not eligible for Medicare.
  • If you are not satisfied with the doctors or hospital allotted in Obamacare and or Obamacare plan is not available in your vicinity.
  • If you find Obamacare too costly for you like every other American do.

Agile Health Benefit Insurance

Agile Health Insurance Coverage

Coverage availability: You can apply anytime and take the benefits of medical coverage from the next day onwards.

Coverage duration: The duration of agile short-term insurance plan is one month to three months. You can also apply back to back coverages in many states.

Prescription drugs coverage: You will be provided a drug discount card but not the drug coverage. In some of the new small term insurance plan, drug coverage is available but only for generic drugs which are not associated with a pre-existing medical condition.

Maternity and newborn: If you face any complicated situation while you are pregnant or during delivery then only maternity coverage is provided.

Mental health services/ substance use disorder service/ rehabilitation and habilitative services and device/ pediatric services-oral and dental care: Coverage regarding mental health is provided when it is mandated at the state level.

Coverage of preexisting conditions: When you apply for a short-term insurance plan, your request go through evaluation regarding health status and pre-existing medical condition then only approval of the insurance is granted.

Health care provider networks: Short-term plans usually have broad acceptance healthcare providers. Some have negotiated pricing for health service and a nonpreferred network (larger) where the plans pay “usual and customary fees” for covered healthcare.

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Agile Short Term Health Insurance plan- Pros

  • Affordable
  • Half of the charge of Obamacare
  • Lower deductible
  • Coverage and benefits are flexible
  • Freedom to pick preferred doctors.
  • Premium doesn’t increase while the coverage period is on.
  • Considered creditable coverage plan under Health insurance portability and accountability act.

Agile Health Insurance

Cons of Agile Short Term Insurance Pbm

  • No coverage will be provided in case pre-existing medical condition.
  • Your approval will be granted after evaluating your application.
  • This coverage will not be provided for prescribed medicine.
  • Some health benefits are not covered.
  • It will not be provided in case of chronic conditions or poor health.

Agile Health Benefits Insurance. Is It Beneficial for You?

It is health insurance plan that provides financial coverage for commonly needed medical services including the doctor and hospital benefits. When you apply for a covered medical event, Agile health benefit insurance pay directly to you or to the provider designated by you. It also includes supplemental medical insurance coverage for emergency conditions like critical illness or accidents and also supplemental noninsurance services such as insurance advocacy, telemedicine,  and pharmacy. It is also responsible for paying co-pays and coinsurance. Agile health benefit insurance offers “first dollar coverage” which gives more flexibility for managing health care expenses.

 Agile Health benefit insurance vs Other major medical insurances:

  • As mentioned above Agile health benefits insurance is about paying fixed amount either to you or to the health institute where you carry out your medical checkups. It’s up to you how you decide to spend or save the benefit. Whereas in other major medical insurance, the insurance company pays directly to the medical service provider after you cover your deductible. Though these major medical insurance provides you high dollar protection but often they ask for paying huge amount before they make any payment.
  • Agile health benefit insurance provides protection for your family and available 24/7 to provide medical coverage.

Why should you pick Agile health benefit?

  • If you are seeking for a flexible medical insurance which pays directly to you instead of dealing with hospital.
  • If you don’t want major medical health insurances for yourself like small term health insurances.
  • If you want to fill the time gap created due to termination of a medical insurance and buying next major insurance plan for yourself then you should pick Agile health benefits insurance.
  • If you are not eligible for Obamacare insurance plan or you find it too expensive for you.

 Agile Health Benefit Insurance plans- Pros

  1. Cash payment is provided directly to the customer.
  2. Premiums are quite affordable
  3. Supplemental insurance benefits in emergency cases
  4. Supplemental non insurance benefits like telemedicine and doctors are available via phone or video call all seven days a week.
  5. Apply anytime for the insurance, no time restrictions.
  6. Discount is given on prescription.
  7. Application is not rejected on the basis of medical status contrary to short term health insurance.

Cons of Agile health benefit plan

  1. No benefits in case of pre-existing medical conditions.
  2. Medical coverages are tied to specific health conditions.
  3. No medical coverage in case of common ailments like diabetes or conditions like pregnancy.
  4. Insurance is provided at a much lower rate compared to major medical benefits.
  5. Customers are liable to pay tax under Affordable Care Act Shared Responsibility if they do not have Obamacare/Affordable Care Act Compliant insurance.

How to apply for Agile Insurance plans?

It is very easy to apply for various health plans available at the site. You just have to click the link provided on the page and follow the steps to fill the required details and submit for the evaluation process. You will be notified of the approval of your application through contact details.

Conclusion – Join Agile Health Insurance Plans to get a lot of benefits while in a need!

Never believe before thorough inspection. I am saying this because Agile health insurance was never a scam. It is true as a truth can possibly be. I too was in doubt about its credibility due to the flying rumors but I inquired as I urgently needed a legitimate health benefit plan for my family. It has not only borne the expenses through direct payment benefit but also provided me telemedicine by which I can call my doctor and ask for suggestions, anytime. I being from a middle-income family do not find any difficulty in paying my premiums as they are affordable as compared to Obamacare. I am looking forward to buy Agile short term health insurance which too provides wide health benefits. Nothing was complicated and all happened with ease whether it was applying for a plan to getting payment for medical facilities. As maximum procedure is conducted online. I recommend you Agile health insurance if you too are not satisfied with major medical insurance plans existing in your area and seeking for a true companion in form a insurance which will be there during hard times.


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