Revolution of Smart Watches

Revolution of Smart Watches!

Watches have been with people for a very long. From pocket watch to the latest smartwatch there has been a constant improvement in the watch industry. Even now people are trying to bring many new features to their watch which will help their day-to-day events easier. Be it men or women everyone loves to wear watches and with the latest smartwatch, everything is just a click away from your hand.

Smartwatches Make Your Day-To-Day Events Easier?


In today’s fast-paced world every major electronic company is selling a digital or a smartwatch because this is the need of the hour and has immense popularity among the teens to the old people. Today a smartwatch is more like a computer on your wrist that can do almost everything that a laptop or computer does.

Revolution of Smart Watches

The smartwatch revolution began with a company known as a pebble which first introduced the smartwatch in 2013, but had many flaws. This was later taken by Apple and the first and near to perfect smartwatch was launched by Apple in 2015, with many features like call handling, music control, temperature checks, and many other things.

The market for a smartwatch

In 2020 more than 60 million smartwatches were sold worldwide which is a 44% increase year over year. The shipments of the smartwatch have been increased by 35% in the last quarter itself. The market is diversified to all parts of the world from Asia to the US everywhere smartwatch market is on the high curve. 

Features of smartwatch 

  • Always stay connected to the user – The best feature of the smartwatch is the battery backup and one need not charge their watch as much as they charge their phone. If the mobile phone is connected to a charger, you can still browse your daily essentials and check your mail from the smartwatches. Being close to the user has greatly increased the useability of smartwatches.
  • Better software support – With the latest smartwatches users need not install an app from the play store or apple store to the mobile, they can directly install it on their smartwatch, thus reducing the burden of carrying a cord for the smartwatch. 
  • More interest in developers – Many smartwatch companies are looking for developers to make their smartwatches better. This has created more job opportunities for the people.

Challenges for Smartwatches

  • Low power output – One of the main setbacks of smartwatches is the low power output, with many features the power consumption also increases, thus the latest smartwatches can only work up to 2 – 4 days with a single charge. Since the watch size is small the developers can’t include a big battery with the watch.
  • Low adoption rates – Even though the smartwatch market is booming very fast the major adoption is yet to happen. None of the enterprises have adopted smartwatches as they have adopted smartphones. As for now, the smartwatch is just used by individuals and once the enterprises start taking in the watches, the market will reach an all-time high.

Uses of a Smartwatch

  • Notifications – With a smartwatch, you can check all the notifications that are on your mobile phone without having to touch it. There are different ways in which the smartwatch alerts the users, many times it sends a small vibration, or sometimes there is a notification sound, this can be customized by the user.
  • Media Control – With a smartwatch a user can control any music that is being played on the phone or play or pause any movies or videos remotely. This is a great tool when you are in the gym and do not have access to a phone quite often.
  • Fitness Tracking – Many of the latest smartwatches have the option to track the heart rate and many other things which are highly efficient and helps a person in their workout routine. Many watches also track the number of steps you took in a single day.

The Smartwatch industry is constantly upgrading itself and there are new and better features coming out every other day and helping a person in his daily activities.

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