Top Technologies Shaping The World Economy

Top Technologies Shaping The World Economy

In today`s world technology is used everywhere be it at banks or at some construction sites. Technologies are changing the world rapidly and are also helping boost the economy by making our work easier and faster.

Will The Newest Technology Control Our Humans Brain?


The world has realized the importance of technology, more and more young minds are nowadays getting in on the technical aspects and trying to find new solutions to this already existing technological world.

Top Technologies Shaping The World Economy Are 


Internet Of Things (IoT)

IoT is the most talked-about technological advancement in the past few years. In a nutshell, IOT can be defined as every object around you is connected to every other object including you as well. IoT mainly works with motion sensors and other kinds of sensors to send data from a computer to a computer point of view or from a human to a computer point of view.

IoT is quite famous nowadays as it is largely observed in smart homes and offices, wherein you just walk into the room the lights get turned on and the AC gets started. This has been applied in many of the high-security areas like banks and prisons as well for security purposes.

Big Data

Another most talked about technology in today’s world is Big Data. In this, the data from all the targeted people are collected via the comments made on social media or through their phones. The sensors in our electronic devices help in the collection of all this data.

 The collected data is in huge quantity and was not able to be easily processed earlier, however with Big Data you can process any amount of data and get the desired results very quickly. This is highly effective in business environments or multi-national companies where there is tons of data that needs to be processed to get a desired set of results.

5 G Networks

After 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G now 5G offers much better stability to a mobile network. Mobile networks are the most used medium by users to connect to the internet and get their things done. Therefore it is of high importance that this network is as fast as possible.

With 5 G Networks, we can have higher Gbps communication with ultra-low latency and better throughput. 5 G Network is currently being tested in the US, Japan, and other major countries and many of the smartphone’s manufactures are making their newer model capable of handling a 5 G connection in the future.

Cloud Technology

Cloud Technology is one of the best advancements in the technical field saving a lot of money and manpower for the IT industry and other industries as well. Basically, with cloud computing, you can rent hardware and software from the cloud service provider rather than buying them physically. One can use an unlimited number of servers, storage, and other functionalities and pay as peruse policy. Cloud computing also erases the manpower needed to maintain these hardware and data centers in the physical world. Cloud computing is also making disaster recovery, data recovery much easier and faster.

Now people won’t have to buy expensive hardware to store their data and maintain it rather they can store it on the cloud and not worry about it. Amazon Web Service (AWS) dominates the cloud market followed by the Google cloud as well. Users can take cloud services from these service providers for their needs and pay as you use the model.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the use of machines to get many of our human works done. AI is known as the simulation of our human intelligence in machines. The machines with artificial intelligence can perform tasks like problem-solving and learning new things.

Artificial intelligence is now everywhere from your smartphones to your big offices. Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant are the prime examples of AI in your smartphones which helps you with your day-to-day tasks and makes it much easier. 

The above technologies are making it big and are most talked about in today`s world with a high number of use cases and making life easier for humans. People should be always educated about the new and upcoming technologies.

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