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Racecard Reader Review 2019 – Real Strike Rate, Pros & Cons Revealed!

Welcome to Racecard Reader review. Racecard Reader program is made to compute and match your race according to your betting efficiently. According to their official website, you have a chance to make your dream come true by betting services using the Racecard Reader program. According to them, this is the only way to make money online with complete honest without any vague.

But, are those claims real? Does the software have a reasonable strike rate and ROI? This Racecard Reader review will tell you more about the betting software before you make any movement. 

Racecard Reader Review – Is It A Best Horse Race Betting System?


Take a complete glance at the review to make money wisely with these smart cards and analyze your perception of whether to know the Racecard reader system is a scam or not? This Racecard Reader review 2019 gives you the complete honest details of the Racecard Reader program.

RaceCard Reader Review

Name Racecard Reader
Category/ Type Automated Racecard Scanner ( 
Creators Mr Fong, Dennis Holt
Strike Rate 81 to 84% (Creators Claimed 85% Strike Rate)
Price £29.99 or $36.96
Official Website Click Here

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What is RaceCard Reader Program?

The Racecard reader is all about the racing and hitting the price amount. Even this is a Frisk; you can easily practice using this Racecard reader software with a low initial amount. According to the Racecard reviews we collect from the users, the system helps you to bet and win with satisfaction. You can play your favorite race.

Racecard reader program offering new deals and offers every week. It doesn’t matter even if you are new to this Racecard reader software; you have guided instructions. The program had a strike rate of 80-85% (Since we got 16 wins out 18 Bets, this seems to be a real number).

Racecard Reader Features

Here you go with fascinating races where you can know the complete details of the Horse race. For example, in horse racing, you can see the name, age, capacity, achievements, and history of the horse and the owner’s hints to deal with detailed constrains to proceed with the Betting.

The Racecard reader system can quickly analyze your race card and select the best bets for you. If you are keen on a horse race but not sure of the racing and not ready to lose your money, then you can go with this Racecard reader software, which will help you to play on safer ground. Initiate with a low amount and get to know your capacity, you have 60 days money-back guarantee from which you can make a useful chance.

How to make your Betting?

Many folks out there have various doubts on how to make their betting for the race in the Racecard reader system. Here this Racecard reader review gives you the answers for all your doubts on the betting system in the race.

  • You are mentioned with the time and venue of the racing
  • The description and the case standards of the race is clearly explained
  • You are given with a No Draw form to complete the stall.
  • You can choose the name, skill, weight, and capacity of the racing horse
  • The trainer will explain to you how to handle the race and bet the race

Racecard Reader Reviews

Example On How To Race

Hopefully by the time you have finished the betting; now you are ready to race with the following details.


Once you open the race card you’ll find numerous adverts and pieces of information. You’ll often find the history of the course if those responsible for running it are so inclined, with a course map commonly included somewhere within the page of the race card.


Each race is divided from the others by a header, typically you’ll see the time of the race written in large, bold betting so that you know you’re reading the correct information for the upcoming race, Next to it you’ll note the racecourse name and the date.


What is going? A quick bit of information regarding the going, if you never watched a horse race on the TV then this is a saying you’ll be familiar with. It means that the state of the ground that the horses will be running on that day. It is the best guess according to the weather in the build-up to the race but is subjected to change if there has been a heavy downpour in between going to print and the running of the race.

  1. Hard to firm
  2. Good to firm
  3. Good
  4. Good to soft
  5. Soft
  6. Heavy


Next on the race card will be more specific details about the race itself. The first member is the guaranteed pot of money for the race for all the places. Next, you’ll see a more detailed breakdown of the horses that are allowed to take part, as well as the minimum weight that they have to be. After that, you’ll see if any penalties will be in place.

In this instance, you can see that horses that have won « hurdle, next on the list of race details you’ll see the name of the top-rated horses, in this case, Made-Up-Horse name, and their rating. This horse is rated 140, which is the top rating for the race. ‘Entries’ means the number of horses that were entered into the race originally. Though not all of them will be running by the time, the race comes around. ‘Penalty money’ with the amount that will be received by the top four horses normally listed.


Underneath this, you’ll see a set of information on the left and a different bit of information on the right. On the left, you’ll see the name of the horse’s owner. Its trainer, its breeder, and its form. The form will likely be a series of number and letter that looks like. The most recent event will be at the end. In the example, above the horse finished third then second then fourth then first and fell in the last race. Other letters that might appear are,

C – Has won on that course in the past.

D – Has won over that distance in the past.

CD- Has won over the course and distance in the past.

BF- The horse was the favorite for the race in the past but was beaten. 

Why choose Racecard Reader System?

From the Racecard reader review 2019 as we see they are reliable. Indeed, you can make money online with full faith and belief and stay in touch with it to get to know the updation of the deals every week. This Racecard reader system is specifically aligned for the folks out there to practice who needs not to lose money initially. Practice by racing in the safer ground and you can hit a pot of money for sure. Play and practice the Racecard reader program to know your capacity to bet and race.

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Hopefully, by the time you have finished this Racecard reader review 2019, it would have changed your perception that the Racecard reader program is not a scam; it is one of the right way to make money online honestly without any doubts. You can set and hit your goals very easily and you can learn to race and bet without losing your pot of money.

I hope this Racecard reader review 2019 would have helped you so much and cleared all of your doubts and I conclude that the Racecard reader system is not a scam at all this is the only right place to bet your race. Take a chance to grab your luck.

Review credit: Stephen Morgan, (Specialist in betting bots and horse racing)


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