Niche Reaper review

Niche Reaper Review – Is It A Useful Keyword Discovery System?

This Niche Reaper review is ideal for those who are looking for a keyword research tool to create content with. If you have been working in the domain of digital marketing, you know the importance of keyword research. Niche Reaper Keyword research tool by Matt Garrett lets you access niche data along with new keywords that are profitable.

Niche Reaper Review – Monetize Your Blog With Buyer Keywords


As it eliminates the need to research keywords, you have thousands of pre-qualified keywords to work with. Whether you are keen to know trending niches or buyer keywords, all you have to do is search Niche Reaper with a user account.

Niche Reaper review

Book Title Niche Reaper
Language English
Author Matt Garrett
Category Keyword research/Internet marketing
Price $147
Official Website

About Niche Reaper

This reputed keyword discovery system is perfect for beginner and intermediate internet marketers who are looking forward to getting keyword research done in no time. Researching more than 25,000 new keywords every day, this tool provides you with keywords on the basis of a number of factors like monthly search volume, available domains, SERP opportunities, and so on. As you might have already read in Niche Reaper reviews, this tool offers training tutorial videos along as well. With step-by-step guide, you will be able to create profitable websites, blogs, and fan pages. As the Niche Reaper crawls authoritative websites, it uses the best algorithm to find the best possible keywords that are easily rankable.

What is Included in Niche Reaper?

In this Niche Reaper review, you will get to know every single feature that has been made available in the Niche Reaper. Whether you want to monetize your blog with the help of buyer keywords or build targeted list to reach out to, this tool lets you have leverage over other competitors. Here are some of the features of Niche Reaper that you must know:

  • Keyword Identification: As the Niche Reaper crawls authoritative websites such as Google, WordPress, Reddit, and so on, you get to have access to more than 50k possible keywords. Using a robust algorithm, it provides you with some essential keywords that make the task of ranking easier for you.
  • Pre-check On Keywords: Niche Reaper also runs a pre-check on keywords found. The keywords are checked with SEMRUSH for the purpose of quality check. Keywords, that fail to appear in paid search metrics, are not included.
  • Pre-validation For CPC Rates: The Niche Reaper tool pre-validates keywords for search volume and CPC rates. Keywords without search volume of 1000+ and CPC below than $0.25 are automatically rejected. This means that you get to have keywords that are usually searched for.
  • Google SERP Research: Niche Reaper software also runs a check SERP to have a fair understanding of competitors. To provide the users with SEO and backlink data, the tool uses Majestic SEO and Shared Count.
  • Domain Availability: Niche Reaper performs additional research in order to find out the availability of the domain, Facebook vanity URL, and keywords for related video listings in Google.
  • Blog Monetization and Push Button Profits: Besides offering buyer keywords for blog optimization and monetization, the Niche Reaper also makes it easier for you to create a targeted list for push button profits.
  • Domain Flipping: If you are looking forward to making a quick profit, Niche Reaper review recommends the tool eases the process for you to avail buyer keyword domains and make cash out of it.
  • Targeted Facebook Pages: With Niche Reaper, you can drive traffic on targeted Facebook pages as well. You can seamlessly include buyer keywords on targeted Facebook pages in order to receive viral social traffic.

Niche reaper software

Niche Reaper Creator

The Niche Reaper software is the brainchild of Matt Garrett. With more than 15 years of experience in the domain of marketing, he successfully built profitable niche sites. The San Diego Daily Transcript named him as one of the Top 25 CEOs in 2013 of San Diego. Some of the reputed products designed by Garrett include WP Graphics Toolkit, Rank Hijack, etc. His journey of building Niche Reaper started as he began designing an automated system for keyword discovery and research in the year 2008. After being released in 2011, Niche Reaper received an overwhelming response and 1000 limited spots were filled by the first week.

Matt Garrett

Pros and cons of Niche Reaper

Like any product or tool out there, the Niche Reaper comes with both pros and cons. Here are some of them:


  • Authoritative Website Research: The algorithm present in Niche Reaper does extensive research on finding keywords from authoritative websites. With this, it becomes insanely easy for you to have the essential keywords at ease which would otherwise take a lot of time.
  • Quality Checking of Keywords: In this Niche Reaper 2 review, I must tell you that this tool runs a qualitative check on the keywords found. This ensures that you finally receive keywords which appear in the paid search metrics.
  • Pre-validation of Keywords: Offering keywords with search volume above 1000+ and CPC above $0.25, Niche Reaper makes it easier for you to have keywords that are frequently searched.
  • SEO and Backlink Data: You get to have easy access to SEO and backlink data, thanks to Niche Reaper which uses Majestic SEO and Shared Count for this purpose.
  • Domain Flipping: With Niche Reaper, you can easily get buyer keyword domains which help you to make a quick profit.
  • Viral Social Traffic: Making it easier for you to have viral social traffic, Niche Reaper provides you with buyer keywords for targeted Facebook pages as well.
  • Bonuses: Niche Reaper review says that the bonuses that come with Niche Reaper are simply amazing. Niche Reaper bonuses include Giant Bonuses Pack 1, Amazon FBA Pro Training Course, Authority Site Pro bonus, special bonuses, and much more.
  • Easy To Use: Apart from being extremely easy to use, the Niche Reaper is compatible with any operating platforms. In addition, it comes with 30-day money-back guarantee as well.


  • Available Online Only: This product has been made available online only. You will not find it on ecommerce stores such as Amazon or Ebay. This has been done to ensure that you get the authentic version of the product.

Niche Reaper reviews

Niche Reaper Price & Plans

If you are wondering about the Niche Reaper price, you can get it at $147 only. This is the perfect opportunity for you to maximize profits from multiple income streams. Once the limited offer ends, the product will not be available at $147. Instead, you will have to subscribe for $67 per month as per Niche Reaper review.


If you still can’t make your mind whether to do Niche Reaper download or not, you should go for this trailblazing product. Helping you to make a profit in more than one way, Niche Reaper allows you to make money with domain flipping, ecommerce, push button profit, and targeted Facebook page as well. Whether you are a niche marketer looking forward to enter trending niche markets or an affiliate marketer willing to make quick money from the latest trends, this tool is ideal for you. So far mentioned in the Niche Reaper review, the Niche Reaper oto doesn’t only give you access to the nest research tool but also ensure provide you with an existing database of 2,000,000 buyer keywords. What makes the experience complete for you is the training videos and step-by-step guides. Helping you to understand the competition for your niche at a glance, this tool incorporates 100% automated DFY research. Providing you with the holistic idea of what keywords are easy to rank for, Niche Reaper is the only tool that you will need to monetize your blog or website. With visual ranking index score, you will be able to target buyers in your niche market and make a profit. In addition to all that, you get to have access to amazing bonuses which make your task even easier. Whether you want to dominate affiliate competition or make money in ecommerce, this tool is the only keyword research tool that you will ever need. Finding 25,000 buyer keywords every day, this keeps adding to the list so that you never miss a keyword which is searched by your target audience. Now, this tool comes at $147 only. And, you can’t simply miss that offer!

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