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Prezentar Reviews: The Next-Gen Cloud-based Presentation Tool! [2023]

Hey readers, if you are still stuck with outdated presentation tools that fail to beat your competitors with impressive content, spare a few minutes to read this Prezentar review. Here, you are about to get an inside-out picture of a newly released cloud-based software that prepares presentations that meet your expectations in real life. 

Many think that the possibilities to add creativity to your presentation are limited. However, indeed, advanced tools and software are currently available to bring professional yet interactive content to please the eyes of your client and generate more traffic and sales. Considering the Prezentar presentation software, it appears to be easy for anyone to prepare high-quality presentations with less usage of time, energy, and money. 

Prezentar Reviews: Can This Presentation Tool By Adeel Chowdhry Be Used Easily By All Age Groups?


As Prezentar is getting more popular since the moment it was launched, I have decided to have an inspection and see what makes it so capable of creating such a buzz among folks. So, everything you are going to learn through this Prezentar review is connected with my unprejudiced research, so that I can provide you with both the benefits and drawbacks you can experience after choosing the Prezentar presentation tool. 

So, let’s move on to the Prezentar review, and see if Prezentar is truly an effective tool to satisfy the contemporary trends and needs of your customers. 

Prezentar Reviews
Product NamePrezentar
CategoryVideo creating software
FounderAdeel Chowdhry
  • Helps to develop presentations with a professional touch
  • Helps to create interactive presentations
  • Impress more clients to generate more leads
  • Built-In Audio Recorder and Audio Editor
  • 250+ HD Slide Backgrounds
  • 50+ Text & Image Effects
  • 50 Amazing Templates
  • Interactive Animations
Launched Date6th June 2022
Steps To Use
  • Pick a template
  • Customizing your template
  • Download & share
  • Prezentar PROFESSIONAL
  • Prezentar XFACTOR
  • Prezentar HALO
  • Prezentar’s Auto Job Finder
  • Prezentar Agency Edition
Presentation creation limitCan create unlimited presentations
Available number of templates50 stunning templates
Available number of slidesTotal of 500 slide designs
Price $97
  • Free Commercial License
  • Client Attraction System & Templates Bundle
  • Free Agency Website
  • Client Manager Dashboard
  • Client Feedback Tool
Money back policy30 days
AvailabilityOnly through the official website
Official WebsiteClick Here

What is Prezentar?

Prezentar is a brand new cloud-based software that can create interactive presentations and videos easily within a matter of minutes. Launched most recently on the 6th of June 2022, it works under the latest color core technology and Pixel Point Engine to develop presentations with a professional touch. With this, you can create profitable presentations that truly convert and save your valuable time and hundreds of dollars.

No matter if you are a newbie or a pro, you can use this tool to create presentations that perfectly match your requirements. The presentations you can prepare through Adeel Chowdhty’s Prezentar are promised to be according to the client’s expectations so that you can achieve significant sales by impressing the clients at first glance itself. 

Prezentar Creator

The man who developed the Prezentar software is Adeel Chowdhry. He is a digital entrepreneur with years of experience in marketing. With his expertise in graphic designing, software technology, and video creation, he has created a few tools that are appropriate in the present context of digital marketing. These include SQRIBBLE and PIXEL STUDIO FX.

Prezentar Creator

Previous works of creator

As per many authentic Prezentar reviews, the creator of the Prezentar tool is also known for the creation of innovative SQRIBBLE, PIXEL STUDIO FX.

  • Sqribble 

Sqribble is a convenient tool for creating ebooks and reports in 5 minutes. It can prepare credibly; lead, sales-generating, and impressive content for any type of business model and academic context. Anyone can make use of it without any technical knowledge, and it will provide ebook content as per your requirements. 

  • Pixel Studio FX

It is yet another cloud-based tool for graphic designs prepared by Adeel Chowdhry which is meant to create ebook covers. It just requires an active internet connection and works on multiple devices and operating systems. 

Prezentar Creations

How to get started with the Prezentar presentation tool?

Once you get access to the Prezentar video presentation program, it will help you to create the most appropriate and appealing presentation for you in just three steps. 

  • Pick a template

The Prezentar cloud-based presentation tool is available with 50 ready-made templates which include 500 content slides created by top professional designers. These slides are intended for a huge variety of niches for your next campaign. To choose your template, you can preview them all and with a simple click, you can make the first step in preparing your presentation.  

  • Customizing your template

This is where you give life to your ideas by adding suitable backgrounds, animations, magical effects, logos, images, texts, segments, slides, objects, audio, video, etc. within a few simple clicks, you can add them all to your presentation effortlessly. 

  • Download & share

Since there are multiple export options available with Prezentar software, it will allow you to save your presentation as HTML, PDF, or VIDEO. This way, your presentation will be ready to share with the world instantly through the web, and other social media platforms in just a matter of seconds. 

Prezentar Steps

Who is Prezentar software meant for?

Since the Prezentar presentation tool is fast, easy and all in one, there are a variety of people who can make use of it to prepare the ideal presentation for their venture. It is suitable for all kinds of eCommerce business models, catalogs, products, and services. So, people like online marketers, affiliates, business owners, teachers, coaches, bloggers, startups, students, professionals, and freelancers. 

Important date to be noted

Prezentar innovative presentation software has just been released on the 6th of June 2022. 

Prezentar Review

Prezentar Features & What’s Included with Prezentar?

Unlike any other traditional presentation preparation software, Prezentar software is included newly discovered, advanced features. These can make your presentation unique from others. 

Have a look at the salient Prezentar features that can impress you and how these features will help you in making professional-looking videos as per Prezentar reviews.  

  • 50 Amazing Templates: To make it compatible with all types of niches, Prezentar is included with 50 varieties of templates from which you can choose yours. 
  • Custom Branding: Prezentar cloud-based presentation tool lets you customize your presentation according to your needs. For example, it helps you create and add your own logo. 
  • Simple to Use Drag and Drop Editor: the Prezentar software lets you manage your presentation with simple drag and drop movements so that you can align texts and graphics and edit them in whichever way you want. 
  • 500+ Google Fonts: since Prezentar is included with 500+ google fonts, you can choose the most suited font for your presentation, and put your content as per the required size and color. 
  • 50+ Text & Image effects: The text and image effects are prepared to make your presentation distinctive. 
  • 8000+ Stock images: as the software itself is included 8000+ high-quality stock images, you will not have to browse for the right pictures once your content is ready. 
  • 250+ HD Slide Backgrounds: The availability of 250+ HD Slide Backgrounds enables you to use HD-quality backgrounds in your presentation. 
  • Interactive Animations: Interactive animations are one of the important features of the Prezentar software, with which you can make your content more appealing to your clients. 
  • Audio & Music Studio: As per your needs, you can add audios or even video files that can bring your presentation to the next level. 
  • Online Web Stock Search: This will help you keep updated with the latest trends and innovations, as well as your content. 
  • Upload Your Own Images: Prezentar software also allows you to upload your own images in your presentation, which can increase the credibility of whatever you are going to present before your clients. 
  • Share Publicly via URL: with Prezentar, you can also share everything you have prepared to the public through URL. 
  • Save Projects in The Cloud: As the software helps you store your data in the cloud, you can rest assured as you will never lose anything that you have prepared with effort. 
  • Image Crop Tool: This helps you adjust images in whatever size you prefer so that you can give more or less emphasis to them. 
  • Social Media Sharing: Once you are all set, you can reach the public through the current and popular social media platforms to attract more clients. 
  • Built-In Audio Recorder and Audio Editor: The built-in recorder and editor for audio will help you make any presentation alluring. Besides, it will help you save the time and money spent on additional audio software.
  • Export to PDF, HTML, and Video: The presentation you can prepare using Prezentar can be converted into PDF, HTML, and video formats. 
  • Commercial License With Prezentar: with this, you will earn the legal right to commercialize the process of providing these services to any clients and start earning. 

You can use Adeel Chowdhry’s Prezentar to create presentations for 

  •  Video courses (Udemy, etc.)
  •  Tutorials
  •  Webinars
  •  Demonstrations
  •  Content Videos
  •  Video Sales Letters (VSLs)
  •  YouTube videos
  •  Facebook videos
  •  Landing page videos
  •  Seminars and events
  •  Pitch decks for investors
  •  Classrooms or meeting rooms, and the like.

Are there any upsells?

The Prezentar software comes with 5 additional upsells that are worthy. You may choose them to have a better experience based on your requirements and the cortex. But that doesn’t mean you should need any of them to make use of this innovative tool. 

1 – Upsell 1: Prezentar PROFESSIONAL

This is actually the whole or fully loaded edition of the software, with an additional 150 templates, that are said to be containing the best ones with slides, graphics, icons, animations, etc. so, if you want to have better options, choosing the professional version of Prezentar presentation tool surely will assist you. 

2 – Upsell 2: Prezentar XFACTOR (monthly templates)

With a small additional payment, you can get access to the Prezentar X Factor, but without any recurring charge. It includes fresh, modern templates, graphics., slide backgrounds, and icons that are worth $1,500 each month continuously up to a whole year. Through this, you will have templates loaded in your dashboard every month to stay updated.

3 – Upsell 3: Prezentar HALO (a powerful 4—in—1 software suite)

This covers four powerful apps that can leverage your presentation in order to draw more traffic and sales. 

  • Flipbook Creator APP: intended to turn your presentations into interactive flipbooks
  •  3D Rotating Carousels APP: this is to showcase your slides and content included in your presentation so that it draws the attention of clients and keeps them engaged and stunned while experiencing your presentation. 
  • Hypnotic Transitions APP: yet another set of professional presentation slide transitions to keep your audience engaged by letting them move through your content smoothly, generating more sales.
  •  HD Background Skins APP: this is a set of fine video player backgrounds that can multiply views, leads, conversions, and sales. 

4 – Upsell 4: Prezentar’s Auto Job Finder (gets you, clients, instantly)

This great time and money-saving addition of Prezentar software can help you find fresh jobs and clients all across a huge list of freelance websites and sends notifications regarding those opportunities. In case you want to use the Prezentar tool to create presentations as a paid service, choosing this upsell can be of great help. 

5 – Upsell 5: Prezentar Agency Edition

Through this, you can create faster and more impressive presentations with your teams and even start an agency or run it while significantly attracting clients. To maximize your productivity and revenue worldwide, you can also add up to 25 members to your team and get their remote assistance. 

Prezentar Versions

Prezentar Customer Reviews

Overall, the Prezentar presentation software is gaining significant attention from folks as per the Prezentar customer reviews seen in popular tech forums. More than 90% of the customers are quite happy with their choice of Prezentar since they have given quite positive feedback regarding the changes this simple tool could bring to their presentations, traffic, leads, sales as well as revenue.

Still, there are a few customers, who couldn’t achieve the expected outcome firsthand. But with the time-bound support as well as tiny and step-by-step improvements, a majority of them could fix everything with ease to get back on track. Others have received a fair refund, as per the promise given by the creator regarding its 30-day hassle-free money back. Other than these, any major complaints or negative Prezentar reviews aren’t found yet from authentic users. 

Prezentar Customer Reviews

Prezentar Pricing

With its long list of features and exclusive bonuses, the Prezentar software’s total cost is $97. You can get immediate access to this cloud-based software and additional bonuses once you purchase it. However, the original Prezentar presentation software is exclusively available on its official website for purchase, so ensure to place your order through the exact page. Parallel to the Prezentar presentation tool gaining more popularity, there are several duplicates with similar names and claims seen on Amazon and other eCommerce platforms. 

You can also directly reach the official landing page to purchase the program by simply clicking the link given. 

Bonuses included with Prezentar Software

Every purchase made on the Prezentar cloud-based software is included with certain exclusive bonuses. 

  • BONUS #1: Free Commercial License (worth $497) 

By achieving your commercial license, you can sell presentations and provide video and presentation creation services to clients. This will help you earn at least $100 each hour and you can also make use of this opportunity to become a full-time freelancer, earning a sound income. 

  • BONUS #2: Client Attraction system and templates bundle (worth $297) 

With this, you will get a super simple cold email strategy guide and client attraction templates that help you approach and win new clients every day with confidence and without getting ignored. 

  • BONUS #3: Free agency website (worth $997)

Through this, you will get an instant, ready-made, and high-quality agency website with a portfolio. So that you can become professional and attract high-paying clients. This agency website is fully customizable and includes a pre-filled portfolio to show off to clients and immediate dealings with orders. 

  • BONUS #4: Client manager dashboard ( worth $147)

This will help you to keep a track of every proposal and client you have taken on board and draw maximum revenue. This way, you will be rescued from sticky notes and scrap papers all over your desk to keep everything organized. 

  • BONUS #5: Client Feedback Tool ($247)

By getting access to this tool, you can get instant feedback from clients after you share presentations with them. For this, you just need to share a link with clients to let them leave comments immediately and directly regarding the areas where they need changes. As a result, you can run everything faster and smoother without letting the clients know that you are using Prezentar presentation tool. 

Prezentar Bonuses

Final Take on Prezentar Reviews

Adeel Chowdhry’s Prezentar software looks like an upright and handy tool that truly has significance in the current digital marketing world. It is said to be included with innovative and impressive features that help anyone to stay in the competition.

Numerous customers who have tried Prezentar presentation tool also have testified that it is quite beneficial to create attractive presentations and content for all types of business models and other digital projects, tasks, ventures, etc. With this innovative tool, many have already started to earn soundly with less effort, time, and money. 

This presentation tool is equipped with impressive features to impress more clients to generate more leads, conversions, and revenue. Besides, it can be a gateway towards multiple opportunities like the sale of presentations, creating videos, and unique content to a variety of clients, who are thirsty for high-quality slides, backgrounds, audio, and videos for their business models or projects. So, it can be useful to a variety of people including business owners, entrepreneurs, bloggers, teachers, students, and the like.

Hope the above given honest Prezentar reviews might have cleared all your doubts regarding its working. This software is also backed by a 30-day risk-free money-back guarantee. Taking all these features of Prezentar cloud-based software into account, you can see it as different from traditional presentation tools and truly worth the try. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Prezentar included with any money-back guarantee?

The Prezentar presentation software is added with a risk-free, 30-day money-back guarantee. So in case, it didn’t meet your expectations you can get a complete refund.

  • Where can I purchase Prezentar from?

Since Prezentar tool has higher market demand and it is exclusively available on the official website, it would be ideal to purchase it from the original order page. 

  • Is this software for one-time use? Can I use it to create multiple presentations?

The Prezentar presentation tool is developed to create unlimited presentations. So, once you get access to it, you can rapidly prepare as many presentations with perfection and impressive quality, saving hundreds of dollars and your time. 

  • How can I set the software up on my PC? 

Since Prezentar is cloud-based, you will not have to install it anywhere, but only requires an internet connection to log in to the software, once you get access. Besides, the software runs even on any smart device, even your phone. 

  • Does it include any monthly subscription charge? 

You can get access to the Prezentar software with a one-time purchase. So, there are no monthly subscription charges added to it. 


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