Inductivv Reviews

Inductivv Reviews – Is This Earphone Compatible With Multiple USB Devices?

Hello readers, if comprehensive Inductivv reviews are your quest, you can proceed with reading this article for once. You can also relax with this Inductivv review as it is based on what I have experienced after choosing it. So, you will be getting unbiased details regarding this pair of earphones with ease. 

Inductivv Reviews – Open Ear Comfortable Easy Use Wireless Earphones!


I know after trying earphones of various brands, Inductivv must be yet another pair of earphones you are planning to try. But if you are planning to choose it, I would say, it is important to have a glance at things like its features and check out what genuine customers say after using it. In that case, I’m going to share exactly what you should keep in mind regarding it. So that you can reach the smartest decision without any confusion. Read this Inductivv review completely.

So, stick with me till the end to get the right ideas about Inductivv headphones. 

Inductivv Reviews
Product NameInductivv
Used ForEarphones with Bone Induction Technology
Special featureVery comfortable wireless earphones
Color Black
  • Easy and comfortable to wear
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Simple to operate
PlaytimeNearly 5 Hours
Call timeNearly 6 Hours
Charging time1.5 Hours
Charging Voltage5V DC
  • Bone Induction Technology is used
  • Open ear duet model
  • Better connection distance
  • Wrap-around design
TypeOpen ear wireless headphone
BT Version5.0 EDR
Frequency range20 Hz to 20 kHz
Price$ 59.99
Connection distance10 meters
Battery capacity120 mAh
Money-back guarantee30 Days
AvailabilityOnly through Official Website
Official WebsiteClick Here

What is Inductivv?

Inductivv is a pair of Bluetooth-compatible open ear wireless sports headphones that offers you better sound quality listening. Made to function with advanced Bone Induction technology, this wireless device promises easy functioning and lets you enjoy music without causing any damage to the earbuds. It also has an effective wrap-around design to be lightweight and flexible to use. Inductivv earphones offer you better comfort and stability to ensure that it stays put, even during workouts or other physical activities. Besides, it can be connected to any smart device with Bluetooth connectivity, including smartphones, tablets, iPhones, etc.

Inductivv earphones

Main Features of Inductivv

Inductivv Headphones come with every feature you would like to have with them. Take a look at some of the important attributes which I have experienced while using it. 

  • Bone Induction Technology: with this, vibrations are created to transmit sounds through your facial bones to let sound directly reach your inner ear. With this advanced technology, you can prevent music from damaging your earbuds. 
  • Open ear duet model: since Inductivv earphones work based on bone induction technology, you will not have to insert the device into the ear canal, or push in it to get in place. 
  •  Better connection distance: the device offers a Bluetooth connection of up to 10 meters distance. And you can connect it to any smart device with BT.
  • Greater battery backup: Inductivv battery has a playtime of 5 hours and 6 hours call time, and it requires 1.5 hours to completely charge the device. 
  • Wrap-around design: this makes it free of the mess caused by wires and you will feel it is an extremely lightweight, flexible, and secure fit. 

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Does Inductivv really work?

To tell you about the working mechanism of Inductivv, it is based on advanced Bone Induction Technology by which you can enjoy uninterrupted music as well as call time. This helps you listen to high-quality sound without causing any harm to the eardrums

Inductivv works by providing you with a better listening experience and a comfortable fit. To set up the device, you can turn it on by pressing its power button for three seconds continuously. Then you can pair it with any surrounding Bluetooth device. Once the connection is established, you can use Inductivv for listening as well as to attend calls. You can answer a call by simply pressing the button once or reject the call by double pressing it. 

You can use the button to play or pause the music. By quickly triple pressing it, you can also activate the device’s voice assistant. Additionally, to reset Inductivv, all you need to do is to press and hold its button for 25 seconds. Besides, it comes with a DC 5V USB adapter that can be used to charge the device, and it will take 1.5 hours to fully charge the Inductivv headphones. 

Inductivv working

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What’s to like and not to like


  • Easy and comfortable to wear
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Simple to operate
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Affordable when compared to similar products
  • Better call time and playtime
  • Faster shipping


  • Not available on sources other than the official website
  • Still cause minimal discomfort with higher volumes 

Inductivv Customer Reviews and Complaints

Have a look at a few Inductivv reviews that came on reliable forums around the internet. 

  • Sarah Hanks, Philadelphia

I don’t usually write reviews on anything I try. But, I can’t help myself writing this as I think it truly deserves these words. First of all, I am completely satisfied with this pair of headphones as it gives me the best sound output, and beats coordination without any interruption. Plus, I never feel the pain I usually felt with other wireless headphones, even after using Inductivv for the whole day. 

  • Nolan Wright, Maine

The best part I have noticed about this pair of headphones is the bone induction technology used in them. It is also so comfortable to wear and I never feel like I am wearing it. Besides, with all types of headphones I have tried, I had the issue of hearing the surrounding sounds, but with Inductivv earphones, it seems like I will never confront it anymore.

  • Billy Clark, Georgia 

Since the pandemic began, I wanted to have the finest pair of headphones to attend classes online. But it was hard to find as every pair I have seen had some sort of issues like low battery backup, discomfort while wearing them for long hours, or poor sound quality. Whereas Inductivv is different as I see no issues while using it. 

Inductivv Pricing & Where to get it? 

If you are thinking of placing your order and getting the genuine Inductivv device as soon as possible, keep in mind that it is not available on any eCommerce websites and other online or offline stores except the official site. This means you need to visit the official site if you are serious about choosing Inductivv earphones.

However, there are several other sources that offer you replicas of the device with deceptive appearances and similar names. Choosing any of them can be risky as they may not offer you the quality and functionality as Inductivv earphones promise. So, always assure that you are placing the order through an authentic website. It will also help you give safe transactions, and let you enjoy benefits like a money-back guarantee as well as discounts on price. 

Here are the five available Inductivv pricing packages from which you can choose to place your order on the device. 

Do they offer a Money Back Guarantee? 

With all the available pricing packages, the manufacturer offers a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. This hassle-free policy can help you have a complete refund of every penny invested in the device, in case you don’t like the Inductivv or you think it is not worth the price. 

Illustrative Video

Our Final Take on Inductivv Reviews!

As a whole, Inductivv Bluetooth headphone seems to be a legit device that brings a better listening experience by making use of the advanced Bone Induction Technology. The device is totally different when compared to other similar devices available as it has a wrap-around design as well. It can be used on any occasion whether you are working out, jogging, doing any heavy physical activity, or simply sitting in your comfort. 

The device has a long-lasting battery and many other features that thousands of genuine customers have found feasible in their Inductivv reviews. It is currently available for purchase in five different packages with discounts. Besides, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee no matter whichever package you choose to purchase. So, if the device doesn’t meet your expectations or you find it is not suitable for you, you can simply have a full refund of the price risk-free. 

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  • What makes Inductivv different from other Bluetooth headphones?
    • Unlike other Bluetooth or wireless headphones, Inductivv uses Bone Induction Technology by which vibrations are transmitted through jawbones and cheekbones towards your inner ear without causing any damage to the eardrums. 
  • How long does it take to fully charge the battery?
    • To fully charge the device, it will take 1.5 hours. 
  • How can I reject a call using the device?
    • Once it is connected to your phone, you just need to double press the button in the device to reject a call.
  • How long it will take to ship my order once the order is placed?
    • The manufacturer of the device offers fast shipping within 12-48 hours, right after the order is placed. 
  • Does this device have a warranty?
    • Yes. The device comes with a 3 years protection and replacement warranty, but with an additional payment of $28.80.


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