Inbox Blueprint Review

Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Review – Anik Singal’s Email Marketing Course Pros & Cons

Have you heard about people “making money online” and that too by working from home? Want to automate your income, grow a business & live your dream life?

There is no better way to do so than email marketing, which is considered as the most effective digital marketing tactic, better than paid traffic/SEO, has much higher ROI (Return On Investment) than social media marketing and is simple to implement.

InboxBluePrint Review By Expert


All your dreams can be achieved through it but only if you know the right way to implement it. This implementation can be learnt no matter whether you are a newbie or already into business. Now, must be thinking from where to learn this implementation. Hold on, worry not, I am here with a review of a unique concept invented by Inbox blueprint- their course to learn email marketing.

Let’s know what this course will make us learn!!

How this learning will help in right implementation!!

How we can start making money online by sitting at the place of our choice!!…

Inbox Blueprint Overview

Product Name Inbox Blueprint
Creator Anik Singal
Official Website Click Here
Verdict Highly Recommended
Type of Product A Course To Make Money Through EMail Marketing


In a nutshell, the Inbox Blueprint course basically has a focus on creating EMAIL list of subscribers from scratch & then monetizing the list so formed. In a report, founder -Anik says “1 subscriber= $1 potential earning per month”. That means if 5000 subscribers you can make at least $5000 per month.



Expert Rating

What is Inbox Blueprint?

Inbox Blueprint is nothing but an Email marketing course by Anik Singal, that is comprehensive along with lots of resources needed for marketing. The whole story is based on converting passion into money generating e-business.

The Inbox Blueprint course basically has a focus on creating EMAIL list of subscribers from scratch & then monetizing the list so formed. In a report, founder -Anik says “1 subscriber= $1 potential earning per month”. That means if 5000 subscribers you can make at least $5000 per month.

How to Succeed Using Inbox Blueprint?

Now let us discuss how Inbox Blueprint will help you gain success in Email marketing.

Basically email marketing has four main steps:

  • Driving traffic to your page.
  • Offering a free gift & collecting email addresses.
  • Follow up with prospects & build relationships
  • Monetize your list by promoting relevant products.

Products can be your own or other’s product affiliate marketing.

This is what Inbox Blueprint will teach you i.e. selling your products or promoting other’s product by first building healthy relationship with your email subscriber. It is always obvious that human relationship is based on trust, and once trust is established marketing is simply a piece of cake.

Inbox Blueprint Method

How does Inbox Blueprint Work?

Let’s discuss what are the steps followed by Inbox Blueprint to make this marketing easy:

  • Finding a profitable niche/marketing according to your interest.
  • Building up your landing page for subscriber with something actually useful & then fixing a magnet i.e. a free gift to catch subscriber.
  • Driving a traffic to that page.
  • Creations of a list of subscriber.
  • Finding affiliate product to be promoted or your own product in order to generate profit through your subscriber list.

The above steps might be looking simple while reading but actually implementing them need a lot of smart work which Inbox Blue Print course will teach you. Let’s dig it out in more detailed way to get success in the booming email marketing.

What is Inside Inbox Blueprint?

Well, the complete course is organized into 8 modules: –

  • Addiction meter
  • The Bait
  • The “thank you” page method
  • The Email machine
  • Email list relationship
  • Pay day secrets
  • Easy traffic
  • Unlimited success

Now, briefing up the importance of each module of this course: –

  • ADDICTION METER : – This module will help you to decide the right niche for your long term business success
  • THE BAIT : – This will help with two things: 1) Creating your own opt-in-page, 2) Placing the right magnet (gift) to attract traffic.
  • THE “THANK YOU PAGE” METHOD : –This page can also be revenue generating. But The question arises HOW. This is what the module will teaches you.
  • THE EMAIL MACHINE : – This module teaches you, how to start leveraging auto responder?
  • LIST RELATIONSHIP : – This module will help you to learn writing email in order to build trust & build good relationship with your prospects.
  • PAYDAY SECRETS : – This module will help you in finding the different way to monetize your list.
  • EASY TRAFIC : – It let you to find different way to drive targeted traffic to your opt-in-page.
  • UNLIMITED SUCCESS : – This module ensures teaching you the way to increase conversion rate & scaling up your business.

Each module is further divided into various detailed chapters which will teach you everything step-by-step. You will get everything you need to quickly & easily launch of your first email marketing business.

Inbox Blueprint Tools & Support


LAUNCHPAD : – The most important tool that is being offered with Inbox Blueprint 2.0 is Launchpad. Basically, it is a software that allows you to easily build your opt-in-page, leads magnets, auto responder message &b many one without any trouble.

With Inbox Blueprint 1.0, there was not such technology available, therefore it was very troublesome to actually implement the lessons learnt with the course. But with the addition of Launchpad with inbox blueprint 2.0, thing is quite easy to implement.

Founder Mr. Anik claims to have invested more than $ 400000 & 14 month to build the automation tool called Launchpad, and is company’s another main selling point apart from the training course. The software is very easy to use even for total newbies.

AUTO RESPONDER – SENDLANE: – This software is available for auto-responding


Support is something that everyone wants both before buying any service and after buying. Of course, if anybody provide it in a good way, will add to the reputation of the company. The support being provided by Inbox Blueprint is the Top notch in the field of email marketing.

You’ll have access to their free month unlimited support. There will be coaches from the LURN team to assist you in any case. One-the- top you will gain access to LURN VIP membership for 12 months as well. With this membership, one can have 24*7 support from LURN community. All-in-all support is good.

Inbox Blueprint Price and Discount

Inbox Blueprint 1.0 Price : – Inbox Blueprint 1.0 is available at the cost of $250 with an OTO available for $297.

Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Price : – It is available in 2 flavors:

  • Either for a one-time fee of $997.
  • For 3 payments each of $397 that will cost a total of $1191.

Is there any Hidden Cost?

Yes, of course like any other companies, there are also following pricing strategies by hiding few costs. Here is the list: –

  • DOMAIN & HOSTING: – Apart from the training course fee, if you need to build your own opt-in-page, you definitely need a domain name & hosting for the landing page. It usually cost around $15 to $30 per year for that. This is the cost not clearly mentioned by the company.
  • AUTO RESPONDER: – Company give a 14-day free trail of their top recommended auto responder called Sendlane, which is essential for email marketing business. After the trial is over obviously you need it. The cost which is $10 to$20 is hidden.
  • PAID TRAFFIC: – If you don’t already have your own website or your own email list, it is quite difficult for you to build an email marketing business using free traffic method as it is bit time consuming (don’t worry about this, since you will easily get subscribers if you follow the Inbox Blueprint course.). This is where paid traffic come into the picture which is quite costly and doesn’t work all the time. To do so, only experienced people should participate

We know, nothing comes for free. When you spend for learning purpose, it is considered as an investment. You are going to get your money back any way. But, I will suggest you work at least four hours a day to get a $$$$$ income within 4-5 months using Inbox Blueprint method.

Inbox Blueprint 1.0 Vs Inbox Blueprint 2.0

Inbox Blueprint 1.0

  • It was launched in January, 2014
  • Low price than 2.0
  • OTO is available
  • No Launchpad available
  • No additional resources available

Inbox Blueprint 2.0

  • It was launched in 2017
  • Increase in price than previous version
  • No more up-sell
  • Launchpad software is available
  • Additional resources like Proprietary content engine, sandlane,12- months unlimited support, LURN VIP membership free for 12 months, Traffic academy & 6-week fast start program is available

The above comparison shows that version 2.0 is fully packed with features.

Inbox Blueprint Pros & Cons!

Without listing the Pros and Cons of the Inbox Blueprint course, this Blueprint review will not be completed. So, here are they;


  • STEP-BY-STEP learning: Company is providing quality comprehensive training with an organised manner. Modules organisation is very easy to follow. The course is developed by keeping in mind that the process of money making from email marketing is taught from scratch.
  • LAUNCHPAD: An all-in-one tool that lets you implement what you have learnt throughout the course. Thus making the whole email marketing process an easy piece-of-cake to digest.
  • 12-MONTHS UNLIMITED COURSE: Experts coaches as well as the LURN community, an active one with a lot of value is accessible for 12- months. That means a full support is provided during your 1st year. So learn, understand, clear your doubts and start making money within a year.
  • EXTRA RESOURCES: Not only the basic course is available but also various courses like traffic academy, 6-week fast start program etc. also add to the benefits.


  • NOT FOR THOSE WITHOUT EXPERIENCE IN ONLINE MONEY MAKING: Although, the course gives you knowledge right from scratch but money making for the 1st timers is cumbersome due to lack of experience, high price and expensive paid traffic.
  • NO FREE TRAIL AND REFUND: The company claims that you will definitely gain access to a lot of resources on enrollment, so they don’t offer any refund. Also no free trail is available. So buy it only when you are confident.

About Inbox Blueprint’s Creator

Anik Singal

Anik, an American business person and film producer hold a degree in finance from the university of Maryland at college park, graduating in 2005. In 2004, founded an affiliate classroom and later renamed it as LURN Inc. in 2009. He is widely considered as today’s most successful digital publishing marketers. The company develop only online educational programs and assistance to internet entrepreneurs, especially online marketers.

Anik Singal

He teaches people how to convert their passion to a revenue generating business. Till now, has trained 250000 students around the globe, of which many have grown to become incredibly successful and true industry leading experts.

Anik has been named a top 3 young entrepreneurs by business week. His specialties includes profit-generating product launches, building back ends and funnels, article marketing, SEO, affiliate marketing and business management consulting.

Beside this he is a film producer, author of several books including 10 website traffic tips, Driving with shambhu etc. A ground-to-earth person who believes in giving back to the society. As a result, he is devoted towards a NGO which aims at providing education to underprivileged students and also has developed schools in India.


Let us conclude this detailed unbiased review:

In a nutshell, I can say INBOX BLUEPRINT is the best course to learn email marketing. The course is perfect for newbies as well as for advanced marketers. Success will be totally yours if you implement what learnt in the step-by- step training. Implementation is also now easy with the Launchpad available. One you are on track, can run your business even on vacations. It can be a great choice for those who want to work from home. Beside this, support provided is top-notch in its market.

But everything good thing comes with something ugly and so do is Inbox Blueprint. Being an unbiased reviewer I would like to put light on that negative shadow. The course can be a bad choice for those who have no previous experience in online money making as the course is costly & no free trial or refund is available. For such fellows I would like to suggest a book by Anik – “The circle of Profit”. Read it and understand the whole process before investing such a huge amount.

For those who have experience, can learn the marketing strategy & get an ample success. Wishing all my readers all the good luck for your online money making business.


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