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5 Untapped Methods to Monetize Your Facebook Group In 2019

After going head-on into almost all the data available on the internet about Facebook monetizing, I could proudly claim that this article can be treated as a precise yet detailed guide to Facebook group monetization. There are so many methods out there to monetize your facebook group but am here with 5 methods that are dormant and has been lying there untouched. I dug a little bit deeper and found them. It all began with, big brands today, starting to see major branding opportunities with Facebook groups which later translated into bigger opportunities for those who manage these groups.

5 Untapped Methods to Monetize Your FB Group in 2019


Let’s get started…. So you are an Admin of a pretty good facebook group, let’s get you an insider on how to slay it like an actual Admin.

I know you must be feeling like there isn’t much here to even get started on, but monetizing a facebook group may seem hard and later a complete no-show.  But you can easily pick a method out of these 5 methods and start making money.

Before starting on making facebook group into a money-making machine, Let me take you through an overall outline in case you are a complete newbie here, ok,  this is that time where you gear up and become alert. Let’s begin with that question that’s on your minds right now.

Monetizing facebook page

Attract Sponsors

“Why the hell should be sponsors attracted to my  facebook group ??”, (No, am not a psychic).
Potential sponsorship partners or advertisers are on the frequent look out for a target audience. Some of them might find your group tempting or more precisely exactly their target audience.

This is why we always tell beginners to ensemble a target audience as they continue to build their facebook group.  What you need to be careful and make sure that there your group is not very noisy or there are not many spammers as this tend to wade off potential marketers. If you are trying to make a hell lot of money from your Facebook group, then you need to keep your group standard and not look like some crappy cheap place. Hence make sure you regulate and monitor what is posted on your FB group.

How do I Know When My Facebook Group is Ready to Make Money?

Though the size and the number of members does matter, the truth depends on the kind of niche that you are targeting. Some niches might only require 3,000-5,000 (if your group is highly filtered and targeted) members while some would need about 10,000 members or more.

So if you come up with a group of about 100,000 followers who are all highly targeted then you have nothing to worry because your FB group is a well maintained high warranty money making machine that tends to run for long.

So what does all this say, if a brand needs to see their product, they need a target audience, if you own that target audience then this business needs to strike a deal with the admin of that group? Yeah, that’s you! And they wouldn’t mind paying you what you quote as they will be hyped as they would get to directly connect with the most filtered and targeted audience they can have. Now that you know how important you and your group is, let’s tap the untapped…

How to monetize facebook group

Rich Content that Delivers Value

Any successful group needs a backbone. Here that bone is going to be your website. No one is going to know what your group as if nothing is put out there. So apart from your group, create a similarly branded website where you establish an “about” page explaining your group and it’s a mission or target audience.

Make Assets Downloadable

Email marketing is powerful by itself or if used with a group. Having email marketing will help you reach a large list of email subscribers. If you have a large email list, then it’s an added bonus in attracting brand partners. Thank us later!

Learn SEO and Gain Group Members

To get the right kind of traffic into your group you need to know SEO.  the client is always going to ask the permission to see your traffic numbers before starting a partnership with you. So next time when Zuckerberg changes his algorithm you can still hold on strong.

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Generate Attention to the Group

Pitch, market, send out ads- do whatever it is that you can to market your group. But do make sure just like any marketing rule- do not overdo it as this might piss off people.

Make a  Press Kit

If you have a smart looking press kit you will have better advertising and sponsorship deals. Make sure to include these while you create your press kit,

  • Facebook group stats
  • Website traffic stats.
  • Basic info or a demographic representation  about the members of your group
  • Case studies from past partnerships
  • A rate card including details of your offer on sponsorship and ad packages.

Once you are set then you can use your group to sell your own products and also get free stuff from it. Trust me, the more you invest in your group the bigger and better it’s going to get. Try these methods out and let us know what actually tapped for you.

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